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The Kardashians

How to Blow $40 Million

4/26/2012 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Time to divvy up the Kardashians' new $40 million deal -- and there's plenty of cash to go around ... as long as your name isn't Lamar or Scott.

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So disgusting. I hope their popularity continues to drop and E! end up going bankrupt from this. KIM IS FAMOUS BECAUSE SHE GOT PEED ON IN A SEX TAPE AND ALL YOU PEOPLE ARE FILLING THEIR POCKETS WITH MONEY BECAUSE OF IT.

877 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

At least 50% of that will probably go towards mouthwash. Kim drinks a lot of black guy piss and needs fresh breath for interviews and whatnot. Takes a lot of mouthwash to get the musky scent of Kanye's urine off of her breath.

877 days ago


Who watches this show? I mean seriously?

877 days ago


I think that it is very sad that the majority of our youth can tell you more about this family, and those idiots from the Jersey Shore than what is going on in our own country and world. It is no wonder we have the elected officials that we do. Blind leading the blind. What sad state of affairs the US become.....(sigh)

877 days ago


Blah, blah, blah. Just seriously depressing to a long time fan of TMZ that you are BUYING INTO AND RECEIVING funds for threads on TMZ. TMZ staff, sit back and think about what is intelligent, what is not...Why are you backing these ***throats, seriously.

877 days ago


lamar is a fool, he and scott are juat props for the show and he ruined his nba job to be on this show to make that family more money. khloe and the rest of the family will always put money before lamar or (why do you think knort hasnt married scott) anyone else.

877 days ago


Nobody likes them. I hope E goes bankrupt!

877 days ago


Kim needs at least 10 million for wee wee pads.

877 days ago


One whore in the family has sex on tape to get famous, they all get rich. What a country we live in.

877 days ago


i'm going to quick commenting on them & just watch how they all fall on their ass. & when that time comes i'll be the one laughing! done with all this kardashian bull. aha those "fans" think these people really care about them . YEAH RIGHT it's always been about the $ and that's all they care for .

877 days ago


Not a one of them gets how Kris Jenner is exploiting and using ALL of them to pad her pocket.

Notice how Kris Jenner is seeing to it that her husband in their household gets the same equal share that her, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney get (giving their household DOUBLE what the other households get), while Scott and Lamar (and last year Kris Humphries) barely get peanuts.

So she is making all of this money off of her kids, now her grandkids and also makes all of her daughter's boyfriends and spouses sign her on as a manager, so then she goes around that pie circle and collects 10% from every single one of her kids, her grandkids, Bruce, and any boyfriend or spouse of her daughters?

That is messed up!!!

Her children should step out on their own, cut their mother out of the picture totally!!

Then Kris Jenner brags that her family is not a family but a BRAND?

Kris Jenner is mentally ill!

Bruce barely is even on that show, yet he gets equal to Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, while Rob, Kyle and Kendall get treated like crap?

So wrong too that Scott and Lamar get hardly anything and then that a toddler gets money on top of it all, for what, being in a few random filmings?

Why do her kids even put up with Kris Jenner? They all should tell her where to go and cut her off, and I'd not blame Scott, Lamar (or Kris Humphries) for being peeved off at Kris Jenner.

WAKE UP LAMAR, SCOTT....Kris Jenner is USING YOU! Just as she uses her own kids, but using each of you even worse because you don't get squat compared to them.

No wonder Kris Humphries was pissed off at her!!!!

877 days ago


The reasons why the Kardashian girl's relationships don't work or won't last......because of Kris Jenner treating their partners/boyfriends/husbands so unfairly is why!!!

Lamar has lost his basketball career pretty much because of the Kardashian's tainting his image and their crap shows, sex swings and immorality they promote.

Now they add insult to injury by seeing to it that Scott and Lamar get squat and Lamar is in TWO of their shows and makes even less then Rob?

Wake up guys, YOU are being used!!!!! They emasculate you on TV, ruin your images, humiliate you, then pay you peanuts to be their puppets?

Spineless creatures are the only men allowed into that Kardashian family, if a guy dares to show he has his own spine and stands up to them, he is out-casted like Kris Humphries and then smeared in headlines in a PR smear campaign afterwards while they all scream victim.

Lamar, Scott, Kris Humphries were/are the victims of the Kardashians and Kris Jenner.

What guy would want to stick around after being continually exploited and mistreated by Kris Jenner.

Until those girls LEAVE their mothers and put their partners first and a priority, no relationships will last for any of them. You have to leave your mother and put your man first!

877 days ago


The most pathetic, ignorant and downright greediest family in America is awarded $40M to show viewers how dysfunctional they are?? If only E new how dysfunctional my family was...I would make some serious bank. Seriously though, if people would stop watching them, their 15 minutes of fame would run ou and Kim would be left with her big, hairy ass...

877 days ago


Can any of them Write?... No. Can any of them Act?... No. Can any of them sing?... No. Hmmm WHY Exactly are they considered Celebrities? Why do you guys cover them on your site and TV show then?

877 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Take that money, go to some undeveloped land and start your own village. Raise some money hungry, fame whore brats and let our citizens breath fresher air. Feel free to take your whimpering ass kissers and pissers with ya.

877 days ago
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