Octomom Child Protective Services Thinks I'm SUPERmom

4/26/2012 3:10 PM PDT

The Orange County Department of Children and Family Services will NOT be taking away Octomom's children -- this according to the mother of 14 herself, who tells TMZ, they came to her house today ... and just gave her a "clean bill of health."

Three DCFS workers showed up moments ago at Nadya Suleman's Orange County home -- and according to Octo, the trio gave her a rave review ... despite the shocking living conditions in her home.

Octo called in to TMZ Live, saying, "[DCFS] said it's a very suitable environment for these children."

Even crazier, Octo claimed the DCFS workers were actually impressed with her parenting skills -- telling us, "They can't even believe that I can do what I've been doing."

Neither can we.