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Child Protective Services

Thinks I'm SUPERmom

4/26/2012 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Orange County Department of Children and Family Services will NOT be taking away Octomom's children -- this according to the mother of 14 herself, who tells TMZ, they came to her house today ... and just gave her a "clean bill of health."

Three DCFS workers showed up moments ago at Nadya Suleman's Orange County home -- and according to Octo, the trio gave her a rave review ... despite the shocking living conditions in her home.

Octo called in to TMZ Live, saying, "[DCFS] said it's a very suitable environment for these children."

Even crazier, Octo claimed the DCFS workers were actually impressed with her parenting skills -- telling us, "They can't even believe that I can do what I've been doing."

Neither can we.


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Couple of things here.....I noticed spray painted graffiti on the walls. Who is giving these children spray paint? Also, everytime she gets a write up here or anywhere else, someone rushes in and donates cleaning crew, painting crew, etc, yet this woman pays 500 bucks to get her hair blown out????? Priorites!!!! Gotta look good when the photogs show up.

907 days ago

voting rocks    

What did they think of her hair? She's good at ripping us is it that she doesn't work for the government?

907 days ago


sPaNkdEnALgAs: 6 minutes ago



Nah! It's that BANNED tw/atwho-re TeamNutjob/Kimba10/MsSarcia ... I suspect that she (and her multiple account users) ONLY defends their idol just to troll the threads and to incite amateurish fail wars. I suggest that you ignore their rants and participate in LOLWUT worthy moments.

907 days ago


#100 nof:

You say the hairdresser is a sketchy person because she has tattoos? Think about this, Nutsy herself has eight tattoos. Just that they are in her "private" areas. Maybe someone should investigate Nutsy for her tattoos.

Notamama has come out and said she gets between $4000 and $5000 in government aid and is still making money on nude pics but she doesn't pay any mortgage or rent (she scr@wed the owner of that house) so that money is all free and clear yet she'll blow more than $500 on herself, yet have those children sleep on the urine-soaked floor.

I say congratulations to TMZ and ALL the other mags/rags that put this out for the world to see. It's about time Nutsy has been exposed.

Hairdresser with an axe to grind? Where'd you hear that? I only heard she was concerned about the kids (like a lot of other people) and she had the GUTS to bring it out in the open. She didn't graffiti the house... she didn't push the little kids to sit on their potties outside... she didn't lock those tups in their room.

I've seen the graffiti for a long time now in pics and videos. I've heard her tell her daughter to "let the kids out of their room". I've seen how many times she's not at home taking care of those kids.

907 days ago

Zsa Zsa Berkowitz    

The graffiti alone shows a complete lack of supervision. If you know your kid is prone to writing on the walls it's not that hard to keep all markers and writing supplies locked out of reach except during supervised art time, and who lets their kid have access to spray paint? really? This shows she has no respect for the home owners property or herself. Who thinks it's okay to live in a house covered in graffiti.

907 days ago


I think maybe the these child protection workers need to be replaced! God help the kids in California.

907 days ago



Don't address a known troll called nof. Don't rise to their bate and just simply ignore their post.

Should you choose to rise to their bate, consider yourself on your own defence.

907 days ago


Can you say bull sh*t?!

907 days ago


TMZ I'm really dissapointed by your negative attitude. give her a break. she's busting her hump 24/7 taking care of the kids. sure the intitial choice to have so maney wasn't the best maybe but she's deal with what she has to now. why don't you visit her in her home and talk to her one on one like cps did and actually get to know her instead of being so negative to her on her page. frowny face :(

907 days ago


Having worked with CPS too many times to count, I can tell you they don't tell parents that they are impressed with what they are doing. They have to be professional. Either you meet standards or you don't. What passes as standards is unbelievably low. I've been involved in overt cases of physical abuse, and it's still taken YEARS to remove the kids.

Octoho knows she can say these things because CPS is prohibited from speaking out publicly about a particular case. They cant call her out on her bs, but believe me, they've got a very thick and active file going on her.

907 days ago


Children need individual attention from their parent{s}.These children NEVER get one on one time,there is to much to do!The older kids act out because they are old enough to really feel the loss of mommys attention.She has 8 little ones taking up her time.& guess what? these wee babes are going to be aware of this VERY SOON as well.I would go crazy if I had to do it.She obviously didn't think this gig through at all.I agree there could be a flip out in the future if she continues to do this by herself.She needs to join a hippie commune & "spread the wealth" of child rearing.No one person could ever do this!crazy...

907 days ago


That's right, America! Pop out a minor league baseball team for money, refuse to do motherly things like I don't know clean you're ****ing house, abuse the welfare system while blowing the little money you do have on expensive beauty treatments, and you too can have people cater to your every whim. Unbelievable!

907 days ago


If TMZ and other sites would just quit talking about her maybe just maybe she would go away! Yes, I feel for her kids but right now I think the only reason she still has them is her pseudo celebrity status. Ignore her and she will go away and maybe just maybe the state will intervene on behalf of her children.

907 days ago


Keep in mind this is Kalifornia!

907 days ago


What a coincidence that she is getting all this publicity now when her house is ready to be foreclosed on. Octonut wants to make sure her name is kept in the media in hopes that some sucker will step up and either pay off the house or donate a new house for her to live in. She is a complete nut job and I can't believe all the companies stepping in and just handing her stuff. She has such a sense of entitlement. Karma is a bitch and will be knocking on her door sooner or later.

907 days ago
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