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Rosie O'Donnell

I Don't Want Lindsay to DIE

... Like Whitney Houston

4/26/2012 6:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Rosie O'Donnell believes ... if Lindsay Lohan doesn't change her life ... she will end up just like Whitney Houston ... dead.

Rosie went back on the "Today" show this morning to expand on why she doesn't believe Lindsay should have been cast as Liz Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime movie ... or ANY role for that matter.

Ro suggested Lindsay is heading down a similar path as Whitney ... and believes the only way she can be saved is if she takes time away from the ruthless Hollywood machine.

Ro also explained why she feels obligated to speak out about Lindsay .... saying, "Watching Whitney Houston's funeral I remember thinking, 'Why didn't more people say what they knew?' We all knew."

She continued, "We watched 'Being Bobby Brown' ... it was like watching Sid and Nancy ... they were people in the throes of addiction. But all anyone cared about was that the show was getting ratings."

"To look at Lindsay Lohan, you can't help but feel for her ... and I do not think she's untalented, I think she's quite talented."


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This bat is about as full of 'stuff' as a Christmas turkey! It was obvious to all but an idiot that her first round of comments were critical of Lindsay herself and seemed more rooted in jealousy rather than sincere concern (although to be fair, she did say something about Lindsay needing to take time away from Hollywood). Still, what this latest slew of comments seems to be is a response to the backlash, and Rosie trying to make it seem like it's only concern for Lindsay's welfare that she cared about in making the previous comments. Well, she can try to clean it up if she wants; I'm sure there are morons that will buy her fake BS, but I'm not one of them!

875 days ago


Damn whats that clicking sound...oh it's dina's fingers dialing up lawyers!

875 days ago


Rosie should have said She doesn't want Lindsay to die like Her Career.

875 days ago


If Rosie really cared, she would have addressed it personally with Lindsay, not go on TV and treat her like everyone else byt putting her down. Rosie, cares about Rosie....and ding-dongs. She is pathetic, and jealous that Lindsay is getting a 2nd or 3rd chance and she can't fathom why. But the truth is we are all secretly rooting for Lindsay because of what the media and Hollywood has done to her. She is not even close to being a Whitney Houston, nobody has that much money for crack anymore, it's a recession.

875 days ago


Ball`s has no Ball`s: 4 minutes ago

Are you on the Today show giving an interview Douchebag???...check yourself bro!!!!

875 days ago


I believe that everything Rosie O'Donnell commented on regarding Ms. lindsay lohan is true. She is talented in her capabilities as an actress but to cast as Elizabeth Taylor is an oabomination to Ms. Taylor. She has to be turning over in her grave right about now. Lohan looks nothing like this famous woman although the boozing, swearing and being totally spoiled Lindsay could do to a "T" and NOT be acting. AND, Rosie's right about the fame venue. Lindsay needs to go away somewhere for awhile. lightened up on the booze,drugs,smoking, and trying to get a man/woman to love her. She has low self-esteem,is spoiled beyond recognition, and needs desperate help or she will end up in the grave like many stars seem to do and not just Whitney Houston. Whitney Houston was a profound performer and a lady. Lohan is a little tramp who is looking for someone to truly love her. I feel sorry for her as do many but she is still a little bitch who never shows up on time for a acting job. Didn't Jane Fonda or was it barbara Streisand who reprimanded her in a role they did together because Lohan was always late. lohan needs to grow up and face reality and stop being such a low class crybaby.

875 days ago


I agree with Sarah. What does Linsay do exactly. Whitney Houston was a HUGE talent. As for Lindsay playing Elizabeth Taylor in a movie I can't see that either. She should just try and keep her life in order.

875 days ago


go rosie! to everyone out there saying give lindsay a break, ha ha! what a joke you all are. the washed up "actress" who can't act and looks like she should stay away from the surgeon has had many chances and i will not watch anything she is in as what a waste of my money and time.

875 days ago


Will rosie go sit her ugly carpet munching a** down for good no one cares about your opinion rosie you just trying to hold on to a couple more minutes of fame sit it down.

875 days ago

Robert stone    

I understand O'Donnell has her show. How did they fit it in, her big mouth, I mean.

875 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Typical for a gay to hate on someone but then backtrack and use gay bashing as an excuse. This disgusting fat sub humanoid needs to be put down.

875 days ago


Rosie is a disgusting slob. Given that she has embraced homosexuality, it is clear that she is severely mentally ill. She has no business speaking out about anyone else. She needs to get herself some help.

875 days ago


Hey, what's wrong with one P.O.S. playing another P.O.S.?

875 days ago


If the Today Show wonders why it is no longer number 1 in the mornings, take a look at who you have on your show, and what that who is talking about. Rosie O'Donnell and Lindsay Lohan don't exactly scream legitimate journalism.

875 days ago


Rosie is correct...why are people acting like
Lohan isn't a crackhead on the a destructive

874 days ago
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