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Rosie O'Donnell

I Don't Want Lindsay to DIE

... Like Whitney Houston

4/26/2012 6:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Rosie O'Donnell believes ... if Lindsay Lohan doesn't change her life ... she will end up just like Whitney Houston ... dead.

Rosie went back on the "Today" show this morning to expand on why she doesn't believe Lindsay should have been cast as Liz Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime movie ... or ANY role for that matter.

Ro suggested Lindsay is heading down a similar path as Whitney ... and believes the only way she can be saved is if she takes time away from the ruthless Hollywood machine.

Ro also explained why she feels obligated to speak out about Lindsay .... saying, "Watching Whitney Houston's funeral I remember thinking, 'Why didn't more people say what they knew?' We all knew."

She continued, "We watched 'Being Bobby Brown' ... it was like watching Sid and Nancy ... they were people in the throes of addiction. But all anyone cared about was that the show was getting ratings."

"To look at Lindsay Lohan, you can't help but feel for her ... and I do not think she's untalented, I think she's quite talented."


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moe l.    

O'donnell should have "Crisco" tattooed on her face.

875 days ago


You know, reading about LL and Britney Spears has thinking about what the problem is. Kids should never have professional jobs--never. I'm not talking about babysitting or high school kids having a part time job at the yogurt shop. I mean pro anything--actor, singer, ice-skater, gymnast--These are full time careers, and no kid on the planet gives up ALL their play time, sleepovers w/friends, field trips at school etc. to work tirelessly at a job unless the parent makes them. Sure, they may beg and beg to be an Olympic ice skater, but what kid isn't going to eventually get tired of all work no play without a parent pushing them. "No, you can't go to the Halloween party at school because you have an audition." It is the PARENTS and the kid will be screwed up for being forced to work or being made to feel they are only good enough if they work. Parents, let your kids be KIDS!

875 days ago


Though I wouldn't wish rosie death...she does just need to shut up because no one really cares what she has to say

875 days ago


Rosie O'Donnell is no role model for anyone. She has the foulest mouth ever. Go away, please.

875 days ago


Throes not throws ya silly geese

875 days ago


First of all, it would be a sad day when Rosie O'Donnel is considered by anyone to be an authority on anything or an opinion leader in any area. Second, Lindsay Lohan has demonstrated all by herself that she's capable of moving on to great things and, yes, of course she has the talent to do it.

875 days ago


"just like Whitney Houston" ?? I would rather say, just like every other addicted skank. Lindsay is light years away from the orbit talented Whitney was in.

875 days ago


anyone thinking rosie is doing this for lindsay's well being are ignorant. rosie is doing this for her own attention just as her "fights" with donald trump. if you think someone is "ill" and vulnerable you don't go on tv and trash them. how does that help? if anything it's another blow to their self esteem, self confidence and self worth. if she wants to help, do it privately. you find out if the person needs the help, you contact the person directly, you contact their publicist or parent or friend but to do it on national television is disingenuous and reeks of self serving publicity. to think you know better looking from the outside in than the people around her or think the people around her don't care is also a very arrogant mindset that helps no one.

875 days ago


I find it funny how "celebrities" that have perfect eyesight wear non-prescription glasses during interviews in order to appear more intelligent. Sorry Rosie, but you are nothing but a piece of filth and the world would be a much better place without people like you.

875 days ago


it's the "throes" of addiction, not "throws".

875 days ago


Rosie, you were just on the Today show panel, when asked about the mother who put an X over her daughter's photo and put it up on Facebook, you were asked what you thought.

You said you would never support shaming a child or shaming someone publicly.

Then why are you shaming Lindsay Lohan for your own self promotion?


875 days ago


Rosie is right!!!Lindsay is a addict! Her mom and dad are ENABLERS and help and let the addict continue their self destructive behavior!Whitney was the greatest singer of all time, but her enablers let her drug and drink to death... Very sad!!

875 days ago


I thought some twit on here said Rosie O'Donnell was fired from the Today Show for her comments on Blohan? Look again, apparently not!

875 days ago

I Was About To Say    

A loser talking and judging another loser.

875 days ago


rosie dont need to worry about other people she needs to worry about what GOD says about being gay and start reading the bible

875 days ago
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