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Kim Kardashian

Spends a Bootyful Day in NYC

4/27/2012 7:05 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Kim Kardashian an her world famous gigantic badonkadonkWith Kanye West nowhere in sight, Kim Kardashian spent some quality time with her world famous gigantic badonkadonk while out spending her share of her $40 million reality TV deal in NYC on Thursday.

A derriere can be a girl's best friend too.



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There are some really jealous miserable b*tches on this site. I mean your life cannot be that bad that you feel the need to be so hateful and disgusting towards someone that you dont know. I think your comments says so much more about you than it does about Kim. Whatever you feel about Kim, whatever level of jealousy, hate, disdain, whatever is YOUR problem not hers, they are your feelings and your problem. I hope that you seek help for them, because hatred like that can kill you, and at the end of the day. Kim is being Kim and living Kim's life. You are hiding behind a computer trying to make your self feel good about your misery by bashing her for doing her. Get your Life!!!! Get it together fools, its a little 5'2" woman that is LIVING and you continue to hate, its so so sad and so very pathetic. I wonder how your kids would feel if they see the type of comments that you are typing? and we wonder why kids are such bullies these days? because they are being raised by cyber bullies like you all. So pathetic.

822 days ago


LMAO...girl you need to lay off the injections it's making you look like that comic book character Jessica Rabbit.

822 days ago


look at that fat ass......great face but and I mean but

822 days ago


Wow Kim looks hit when she is not photoshopped.

822 days ago


And she says she is a size two? Ya right, there is NO way with that ass.

822 days ago


holy chit that ass is getting bigger every day.

822 days ago


@Kim, Number 99. the comments I read are not just from women but a lot of men as well. So name calling and assuming you know all the cyber people also shows your lack of intelligence. Us people who like to read TMZ is sick of her plastered all over the sight with not so news worthy crap! Who the hell cares what she does with her money? I haven't even got through the rest of the articles and she has had TWO stories already. Enough is enough of this girl and yes, about 99% of the population can't tolerate her any longer.

822 days ago


Honestly, if I strike a pose like Kim does on that picture, I am about to dump (a big) one.

822 days ago


I'm so sick of it, of it's ass (that can't be real), it's family...all of it. Sick of it's stupidity and now I'm sick of it and it's new boyfriend.

822 days ago


That thing keeps growing! She must weigh 160... lbs!

822 days ago

arale norimaki    

Harvey, how much is pee pee face aka Gokkun drinker mother is paying you? each story published on tmz?


kim kardashian is famous for suck ray j dink famous for spreading her legs and dating skanky men for their money then moving on to the next. She is rich and famous but total trash.

822 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Do anyone find this to be disgusting. Who the hell flaunts a gigantic, disproportionate, very ugly, ass. Oh yeah a telntless media whore who will do anything to draw attention to herself. These KRAPDASHIANS give gypsies a good name. They are a disgrace and I for one just wish they would all go away. Wht the hell is the E network thinking. I will certainly never watch anything on E and if I could cancel it from my TV package I would. They are all losers and disgusting..

822 days ago

you know it    

badonkadonk! bbwwwaaa hahahahahaha!

822 days ago


Buzz.. yeah a brother will hit it and quit it like nick cannon, bow wow, the Game, reggie Bush, miles austin, Rayj and soon Kanye west.. thats why she faked that booty so black men will be attracted to her.. but in the real black men love real bootys not fake.. and oh yeah i forgot the infamous khris Humpheries!and her ez-husband damon thomas was black.. damn she she even look at white or armenian men!

822 days ago


Is it me or this woman is looking worst by the minute. My god she looks like a worn out shoe. So is so into herself.

822 days ago
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