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Octomom to NueveMom

'No One Will EVER Take

My Octo Title'

4/29/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman has a competitive uterus ... because she doesn't want any would-be baby machines taking a shot at her birthing title ... and she's sick of them trying.

Octo had some competition recently from Mexico's NueveMom -- who claimed to be pregnant with 9 babies. Her story might not be true, but if it is ... it could have shot Octo's record for most children delivered at a single birth to survive straight out the window.

Octo tells TMZ she's tired of all the Octofakes lately, telling us, "No one will ever take my Octo title, I’m in the Guinness Book Of World Records!"

She goes on to call NueveMom "a fraud" and says she "shouldn't be making a joke about raising a large family. It’s a serious job and takes a lot to take care of my children. She disgusts me."

Pot ... meet kettle.


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Nadya Suleman is a pitiful woman... and I mean pitiful! Trust me, there is a major malfunction with her elevator and it will NEVER reach the top floor.

With that being said, I really feel sorry for her babies... they are the true victims.

905 days ago


Does anyone really care about these circus freaks? No!

905 days ago

Fat Mike    

More Rihanna pics please

905 days ago


omg god if some one beats her - will sjw try ri win again??

905 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

octo is proud of her record obviously, She should be reminded she also holds the record for being the biggest welfare case in the world, worst mother in the world to still have custody of children, and the most record for relying on tax payers to support her selfish mistakes as a private citizen with no job. octomom has no business putting down anyone.

905 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Octo is the weirdest person in or around Hollweird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

905 days ago


That's what needs to happen. It's clear Octo is proud of her Guiness Book of World Records title. It needs to be taken away by some other dumb as* broad in some OTHER country. Let's see how well she takes care of her children then. She won't. She'll fall into a deep depression and probably die.

904 days ago


Ummm, yea, I can't bring myself to care about her opinion.

904 days ago


After seeing this... I realized that I am in hell.



904 days ago

Ginger Pail    

Her record? Maybe Guiness will list her as the first mom of 14 to serve time for welfare fraud, or school loan fraud or some other type of fraud.

904 days ago


Just so sad... i don't know what to say anymore.
Those children are not just little human who need food and be washed they need attention and individual care the more children at the same age you have the less it's possible.
I hardly doubt that she can give her children what they need. They will be totally messed up when they're grown.
But as long as you have your record dear Octomom the world keeps turning i guess.

904 days ago


Grow up you stupid woman and look after your children. Her statement shows that she only had those children to be famous and get exposure. What "disgusts" me is you neglecting your children and letting them live in filthy conditions also you spending money that's meant to feed them on getting your cheap hair extensions done and buying designer outfits and getting plastic surgery. Your the one thats disgusting the dumb bitch needs to have her children taken away from her she is a horrible mother who only cares about herself. There are so many women who would die for a child but cant have one and this dumbass has 8 children when she already had 6 she couldn't cope with just to get attention. Move away to a different state where its cheaper and go away nobody cares what you got to say.

904 days ago


Maybe they can have a beauty pageant just between themselves...

904 days ago

BB not bb    

Octomom has charisma and Nuevemom doesn't. That is the big difference. Nuevemom is just boring and ordinary, whereas Octomom sends people into frenzies over nothing. Even if Nuevemom were for real, I don't think she would cause the same stir as Nadya did. It would just be like a science anomaly and people would forget it.

904 days ago


How ironic the Mexican woman "disgusts" Octomom considering Octomon "disgusts" most of the world.

904 days ago
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