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Octomom to NueveMom

'No One Will EVER Take

My Octo Title'

4/29/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman has a competitive uterus ... because she doesn't want any would-be baby machines taking a shot at her birthing title ... and she's sick of them trying.

Octo had some competition recently from Mexico's NueveMom -- who claimed to be pregnant with 9 babies. Her story might not be true, but if it is ... it could have shot Octo's record for most children delivered at a single birth to survive straight out the window.

Octo tells TMZ she's tired of all the Octofakes lately, telling us, "No one will ever take my Octo title, I’m in the Guinness Book Of World Records!"

She goes on to call NueveMom "a fraud" and says she "shouldn't be making a joke about raising a large family. It’s a serious job and takes a lot to take care of my children. She disgusts me."

Pot ... meet kettle.


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2 nitwits!

874 days ago

Joan K    

Oh geez at first I thought that was a picture of Kim Trashian, no really. Octo Mom and carisma just don't fit together, she has about as much carisma as Kimmie has white boyfriends.

874 days ago


Octo is just seeing a reflection of herself, that is why she is disgusted.

874 days ago


I sure wish we didn't have to hear about this woman anymore. I know it will never happen, but I really don't see why it's the least bit important. The only thing I want to hear about is someone taking her kids away because she's too stupid to be a mother.

874 days ago


Who is she calling a fraud!!?

874 days ago


Is this the "New Fad"? To see who can have the most children to which you are incapable of providing for? Sometimes it's ok to just say NO! People need to stop enabling these clowns!!!

874 days ago



874 days ago


I wonder if she also holds the world record for having the most kids supported by taxpayers too? The woman is a skank who got pregnant to become famous. She didn't do it because she loved kids. She did it for fame.

874 days ago


"Nadya is proud of her Guiness Book of World Records title" and right she should be, regardless of her financial situation. She do hold the record for the longest surviving octuplets in THE WORLD! I mean the Chukwu family, God bless them held the record of having 8 but one of their octuplet passed away just weeks of being born and they were left with 7 beautiful babies. It was God wills! But still Nadya has 8 and I think that's amazing. However, didn't she say she want to slam/hammer away the name "Octo" forever? :D

874 days ago


Octocrazy is very mentally sick and she needs emergency psychological help ASAP! TMZ - Stop giving her a platform to spew her mental illness. Who is she to point the finger at another person for trying to take her octo title away. This proves she had all those kids for fame. Nadya was insane to get fertility treatments when she already had six kids and had no way to support 14 children. The state of California needs to take those children away and put them in a healthier environment. No way can one person properly parent 14 kids.

874 days ago


Pot meet kettle--perfect TMZ! Octo finds this woman disgusting? She has 14 children, no job, no husband, and after Monday, no house. And when she talks she sounds like a crazy person!

874 days ago

the real diva    

octo -idiot-mom is one to talk. she cannot take care of those kids and cares more about her hair then her kids. octo-idiot-mom is a fraud herself. she defrauded the system she can spend 500 dollars on her hair but goes to welfare for food? that nuevo mom probaly is a fake.but octo-idiot mom is the one who is a fraud.

874 days ago


I am truly convinced octomom is CRAZY...PLEASE get this woman some mental HELP!!!!!!

874 days ago


Nadya you disgust us as well. Pot meet Kettle.

874 days ago


Does Guinness have a category for "Biggest Idiot Ever To Give Birth"? That's the one Nadya would win!
They also need a category for "Most Irritating Person To Make Spam Posts for Designer Clothes and Work-At-Home Scams on TMZ." The winner is right here today.

874 days ago
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