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Suffers Withdrawal

After Going Belly Up

5/1/2012 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0501_octomom_GSIYou can't squeeze blood from a turnip  ... but Octomom can -- and to prove it, the bankrupt mother of 14 made a pit stop at an ATM in L.A. earlier today.

As we first reported, Nadya Suleman filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy yesterday -- and now claims she owes between $500,000 and $1,000,000 to various creditors. Nadya says her net worth is somewhere between zero and $50K.

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This woman is a disgrace!

903 days ago

I'm A Lawyer    

TMZ desperately trying to get people to pick up their pitchforks and torches.

903 days ago


I feel for the kids thats all not her she had better make those food stamps last

903 days ago


why does TMZ insist on follow this moron. what has she done that they feel a need to report on everything she does

903 days ago


Harvey, leave this woman alone. You are violating her civil rights.


903 days ago


Nadya, If you're reading this make yourself a Paypal Donation account, people will send donations.

903 days ago

Don Alex    

She's right about one thing: her net work is indeed worth zero.

903 days ago


Have you seen this insane, blathering, shameless skank on the air with Dr Drew? Someone needs to off her, or at least take all her kids away, its the only chance her pathetic kids have of a chance to have a real, decent life, she is totally flipping nuts.

903 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

What is she doing in L.A. She lives in O.C. Who is watching her kids while she strolls around L.A. childfree?

OMFG...this biatch would have been burned at the stake in Salem. All she would have had to do was start her mindless babbling that that would have been the end of it for her.

903 days ago


What's next Octomom uses a cell phone after going bankrupt.

903 days ago


poor kids, people donated money to 4elp octovaginamout4 wit4 4er kids and instead spent t4ousands of donations on itself, and s4e still 4as 4er 4and out for more..

903 days ago


ok this is bull**** she gets 4000 a month and foodstamps then she poses and makes all that money thats enough money to feed 50 children a month give me a frikkin break she wants us to feel sorry for her look at that house even though its destroyed its nice what is she doing with this money she needs somebody to manage that money shes a disgrace

903 days ago


octougly spent t4ousand to fix itself and found out da 4ardway t4at no amount of money could ever make it look decent. plus i believe octomonster is committing fraud,4ow can a person declare so muc4 but still be on welfare.

903 days ago

who dat    

What's it gonna take before you figure she's insane? Just listen to her ramble. She is incapable of having any conversation. Time to save the kids from her

903 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

She must have thought that the third party, post dated, out of state check I sent her cleared the bank. Is she in for a shock.

903 days ago
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