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Up to $1 MILLION in Debts

(But I Really Needed DirecTV)

5/1/2012 8:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Nadya Suleman claims she's so damn broke ... she owes between $500k and $1,000,000 to various creditors ... including doctors, lawyers, teachers ... and DIRECTV!!!!

TMZ just obtained a copy of OctoMom's bankruptcy documents, in which she claims she only has between ZERO and $50,000 to her name ... because she's blown a fortune on super important things like water and power and the ability to watch all of her favorite cable shows.

God forbid a destitute woman with 14 kids be kept from watching "Game of Thrones."

Here's the list of Octo's creditors:

-- Orkin Pest Control
-- Roberto Robles Gardening Services
-- Sparkletts
-- William F. Turner Attorney at Law
-- Kaiser Permanente
-- The DMV
-- Farmers Insurance Group
-- Verizon Wireless
-- City of La Habra Water Dept.
-- So Cal Gas Company
-- So Cal Edison Company (power)
-- Sylvan Learning
-- Superior Court of California
-- Whittier Christian School
-- DirecTV

In the docs, Octo claims she completed a debt education course -- as required from everyone who files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Octo took her course on the Internet ... though it's unclear how she paid for the Internet access.


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Any company that did business with her should have figured out from the start that they wouldn't be paid.

907 days ago


Don't you love how TMZ builds these retard d-listers like OctoMom up, then tear them down with judgemental thinking like she doesn't deserve to watch cable tv?

TMZ is the ultimate fake celebrity news site anymore these days. Just inane articles about stuff.

907 days ago


This woman made a mistake. She gambled with fame and fortune and lost. Kids aren't the way to riches, being peed on is. That's what earns you the golden gush of TMZ and your own reality show. Kids= punching bag, pee =golden human fire hydrant.

907 days ago


Enough with the kids BS. The kids are always being used.

She doesn't seem to get it. 6 little kids she could not handle let alone afford.

The public problem with her is still her INTENSIONNALY, INTENT, to have InVitro and 8 babies later. Wow, now I have 14 kids, she did this to try and get or expect a reality tv show and that will pay for everything. Backfired. Not happening. Yet, she's had a ton of help.

People just didn't and still don't like her intent to have more kids she could not handle or afford. 14 kids, 11 yrs old and under. C'MON, THIS WAS NOT AN OOPS. Maybe if it was might have been different for her expected reality show.

907 days ago


Here's the crazy part: the US Bankruptcy Code actually REWARDS her for having 14 kids. Check out the link. Also, did she have to declare the $10k from stripping in that magazine?

907 days ago


I still say the Doctor needs to take some PROFESSIONAL responsibility, he should have told her to seek medical care at a Mental Clinic!!! It is not meant to be funny, he had no right to do something so morally wrong. Doctors do not preform allot of things if they feel it is not good .

907 days ago


All the people who say someone should help her - YOU go into your own pocket and help - nobody else wants to. She used and is still using these kids to get sympathy, freebies - this was all intentional on her part - she thought she would score a big deal, realty show, the whole nine yards. Let this woman do porno or sell her soul to the devil if she has to but it shouldn't be anyone else's problem - it's all hers. She made it, she has to fix it. I'm sick of her getting so many free things and people who really try and do the right thing, work, struggle, make sacrifices get nothing for free. Believe me, I know.

907 days ago

J Brown    

The children are HERE, she loves them...i think some women need to put it to rest..they cannot fathom caring or having their own OR that the sniping continues. Obviously, people will not quit , like the media, until they manage to have them taken away from her...i , for one, am tired of this self righteous judging of her..there are more important issues to dwell on in this society...she is not single-handingly, breaking the bank.

907 days ago


Leacve the poor woman alone shes odviously way in over her head.

907 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I really don't get the people who think everybody should be helping Octoloon, who willfully impregnanted herself with 14 children....Oh, well, they're here now and just because Octolooney is a begging fame whore, she deserves a bottomless pit of "help" and free goods?

Why does Octocrazy "deserve" a huge house while homeless children in this country have no house at all?

If Nadya "deserves" anything, it's to lay in the bed she spent thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to make.

907 days ago


Sylvan learning please her kids are not even in high school how dumb is she she cant even do simple grade school work.

907 days ago


What do you guys expect? I mean she has 8 kids and she never asked for that many. Poor girl wanted one child not 8. Imagine how expensive health care and food is for 8 kids as well as daycare and the rest? Lets say she makes 20 bucks an hour working a real job, then how you expect her to pay for daycare? 8 kids x 100 bucks a week each is 800 dollars a week in daycare. Thats what she'd make at 20 bucks an hour and they will take taxes out of her check so she will actually only make about 550 dollars a week.

Now add in gas, rent, utilities, food, doctors appointments, etc and you have a lady that needs to make over 100k a year just to get by but no one is gonna pay her that. Her life is wrecked from having 8 kids and the doctor that treated her with powerful fertility drugs should have known better.

907 days ago


Why do we enjoy watching people fail. Kicking people when they're down sickens me. Does everyone feel better about themselves watching someone else hit bottom? Should everyone keep knocking her until she gives up and leaves her kids without a mother? I dont give a tinkers damn why or how she got those kids... Shouldnt we care that they need to be taken care of? Or should we **** talk her into an early grave so we feel more successful in our own lives?

907 days ago


She is a total nut job and thought having babies made her famous. Who in the right mind gave her a credit line up to a million dollars, she is an American shame !! i bet you any thing, she is not stop spending money if any one is foolish enough to let her.

907 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

I can remember being a newlywed, broke as a joke, poor college student working and going to school. No cable TV, didn't eat out, cut coupons, drove as little as possible to save gas, shopped at the dollar store, thrift stores for clothes and furniture, sold things at yard sales for quick cash, went to the dollar movie, got videos out of the library, got magazines and books out of library, etc.

I never in a million years would have considered buying Sparkletts water, getting cable TV, or putting my kids (if I had any then) in private school! My apartment was furnished with hand-me-downs, things I found in the street and things I found at Goodwill.

Life is easier now. I make good money but I'm still tight with a buck. I don't like to waste money. Haircuts are from Supercuts and I still like to stop at yard sales to see what bargains I can find cheap.

This lady needs a lesson in how to live in the real world. She lacks basic life skills that most people have acquired by the age of 20.

907 days ago
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