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Signs On For Self-Pleasure Video

5/1/2012 12:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Masterbation Video?
may be declaring bankruptcy, but she's still very much the master of her own domain.

Octo has signed on to do a masturbation video ... TMZ has learned.  She's hooked up with an online adult entertainment company and will shoot the video this summer.  It will be released shortly thereafter -- not a lot of post production, we're told.

As for how much she'll make, it's hush hush, except we're told, "It's a lot more than the $10,000 she made for posing topless."

You'll recall Octo once vowed never to do porn, but she's saying she doesn't consider a masturbation video porn, because it's a solo mission.

Jessica Simpson

Maternity Suite is Sweeeeeeeeet

for a Cool $4,000 a DAY!

Jessica Simpson
's new baby girl arrived in the lap of luxury ... 'cause the hospital she was born in offers the crème de la crème of birthing suites --  if you open your wallet wider than a birthing uterus.

We're told Cedars-Sinai offers several VIP suites for pocket heavy new moms, but it's NOT the $500k mentioned in some reports. 

The BEST suite you can snag -- a 3-bdrm, 2-bath private pad within the hospital -- will run $3,784 a day ... more than what Beyonce spent  -- $3,200 a night --  on her luxury, 4 bedroom birthing suite.

All that green goes a long way ... Jessica's suite boasts flat screen TV's, chilled juices on ice, muffin baskets, manis & pedis for wiped out new moms and a private dinner for two post-labor.

Simpson just delivered baby girl -- Maxwell Drew Johnson -- this AM, weighing in at 9 pounds, 13 ounces.

Sexy Celebrity Legs


0427_sexy_stems_launchCan you guess which sultry stars have a leg up on the competition with these incredibly gorgeous gams?

"She's got legs, she knows how to use them."

Young Hayley Mills in "Parent Trap"


Before Lindsay Lohan starred in the '98 remake, Hayley Mills played the identical twins in the 1961 original film "The Parent Trap." Guess what she looks like now!

'90210' Star Trevor Donovan

Parties with 2 U.S. Presidents

... and 1 Dalai Lama

Trevor Donovan and Bill Clinton
What does Bill Clinton, the Dalai Lama and lonely teenage girls across the world all have in common?? They all LOVE "90210" hunk Trevor Donovan!!

The 33-year-old heartthrob glad-handed some of the most powerful people on the planet last week at the 12th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Chicago ... and TMZ has the pics.

Among the high profile guests -- Jimmy Carter, former President of Poland Lech Walesa, a couple of Kennedys, Rahm Emmanual and Sean Penn.

So why was Donovan there? Trevor recently told TMZ he's tight with the Kennedy family and has become very active in the political scene as a result. Plus, he's really, really good looking.

Got more questions? Trevor is ready to spill his incredibly sculpted guts about the party later TODAY when he appears on "TMZ Live" at 1:30 PM PDT.  

Kardashians Meet "Kardashians"



Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were recently skewered on "Saturday Night Live" ... but they clearly don't hold a grudge against their SNL doppelgangers!

See what happened when the girls came face-to-face with their doubles.

What's the Big Frigin'


You know the deal... now get to huntin'!

**HINT -- There are three differences in the above photographs!**

Massive New Tattoo


He may look like a clean cut kinda guy, but this star of one seriously huge movie also has a massive tattoo!

Know who it is? Click to find out!

Swingin' Stars


These stars are giving a whole new meaning to the term clubbing. Check out which celebs have hit the links and left it all on the green.

The Cast of "7th Heaven"


Barry Watson celebrates his 38th birthday last week -- and to celebrate, we're taking a look at what the cast of the feel-good family show "7th Heaven" looks like today!

Who still looks great ... and what are they all working on now?


No Avatar


Octomon's children will really be proud of her someday.

905 days ago


How about going to school and getting some training for a real world skill? What? too dumb for that? that's a foregone conclusion. she had those babies, now she has no way to support them. what was she thinking? nothing, apparently. but she's a good conservative muslim girl. And a major mental case.

905 days ago

Don Alex    

Im not sure which is more disgusting, this woman masturbating on camera, or the repulsive sort of man who would actually get off on such a sight. I hope they are in the minority of perverts, if not, then I hope the Mayans were right about December.

905 days ago


despicable trash, her children don't stand a chance in life with this horrible ho for a mother. If she makes money then how will that effect her welfare checks? bankrupcy? food stamps? she's a fraud....

905 days ago


She is gross to look at..let alone watch her finger her fishy gap. Yuck.

905 days ago

Sinsational Delights    

All of you "bad-mouthing" Octomom should shut up and leave her alone!!!

You people are hypocrites; you praise The Duggars and Jon and Kate ("The Duggars, X kids and counting" and "Jon and Kate, Plus 8") who had most in their brood one-by-one! Octomom did not ask to have that many children growing inside of her at one time - fertility treatment sometimes lead to the mother having numerous embryos.

If she was given a show, like The Duggars and Jon and Kate, she would not have to resort to other means of making money to feed her children!

905 days ago


These kids should be taken away immediately and the doctor who allowed the eggs to become them should be sued for everything he has. This type of behavior will led to drugs next and these children are in danger, just as they have been from the very beginning. All she has ever wanted is attention. SHE'S NUTS!

905 days ago


Sad. Very, very sad.

905 days ago


First of all, she(Octomom) is on Welfare, and CA should have been grabbing the money she's been making posing topless. Now she is making a Federal claim (bankruptcy)and she should not be allowed to keep any of that money on new deal.
Now that being said...I could no be drunk enough to actually want to watch her "masturbate" She is a skanky slimy piece of human refuse. So..when will Ca grab her kids for such immoral behavior and endangering the welfare of minors ? I feel dirty & in need of a shower just seeing her pic on here.

905 days ago


OctoMom has had her 15 minutes of fame she needs to get a real life. With all the money she has made showing off her kids she should have been set for life. Besides she is really fugly.

905 days ago


I'm blind stated al Bundy.

905 days ago


had a pretty good day until i read this. octo is a slut & always has been out for herself. i fear for the future of her children. what kind of example is she setting for them? SHAME ON YOU OCTO!

905 days ago


its all bush's fault (note this line works on every blog site)

905 days ago


Kaleah, don't waste your pity on Octo-Mom. She has been given loads of help and opportunities. As for healthcare, she recieves welfare for herself and kids (Medicaid) so that is taken care of. She has a huge house practically donated to her. Before this, she took over her parents home and left them homeless. She has spent a fortune on cosmetic surgery to maintain that Angelina Jolie look-a-like obsession. (this was a deciding factor in having all those kids). She is not interested in her children as people, she thought she would be the next Kate Goslin with her huge brood. She said this from the beginning. You know who should take care of her? The foolish doctor thay made it possible for her to have all those kids with no way to care for them and a Mom that is mentally challenged and unable to make sound decisions. Maybe she is able and she is just so self-absorbed and narcissistic that she is delusional

905 days ago

Mr Rat    

Why don't some one put this woman out of her misery

and lock up all the feature Charels Mansons

905 days ago
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