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John Travolta

Accusers' Lawyer Says

More Masseurs Will Sue

5/9/2012 7:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The lawyer for the 2 masseurs suing John Travolta for sexual assault says other masseurs have come forward with similar stories and some of them will join the lawsuit.

Okorie Okorocha, who reps John Doe #1 and John Doe #2 (he says he's kept their true identities secret because they're victims of sex crimes) claims he tried settling the case involving Doe #1 discretely, telling Travolta's lawyers they could go to a private judge and keep everything confidential, but he says they shut him down.


Okorocha also says Travolta's lawyer, Marty Singer, is off base when he says Travolta was not in L.A. on January 16 -- the date the first incident allegedly occurred.  Okorocha says during their initial discussions, Travolta's lawyers conceded the actor was in L.A. on the date in question.


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The government should outlaw lawsuits that uses John Doe or Jane Doe as the plaintiff. In our lawsuit obsessed culture, we are no longer sure if the accusations are real or not. La Cucaracha meet Gloria Allred

863 days ago


They are victims of sex crimes but no one has filed a criminal charge? Seems odd that they go straight to a civil suit. Suing someone is the last thing on a REAL sex crimes victims mind. They just want the person in jail.

863 days ago


This is a story tmz can milk.

863 days ago


John has been very careless, for a long time. I guess he feels that masseurs are close to being prostitutes and obviously he has had lots of success with that approach. But every so often, he tries his routine with the wrong guy. The problem is that the Scientology lawyers are a very punitive bunch, so the only way he'll ever get any sense that there are consequences to his actions is if they lose this case and have to pay and/or go to court.

863 days ago


okorocha is a BS attorney w/ unethical practice's...I've been to his office and dealt with him and dropped him after I learn who he really is "A THUG"

863 days ago


re: suke madiq,tWhen John was on Letterman he out of nowhere talked about all the sex he had with women, Will Smith did the same thing. People do not that unless they are trying to convince people they are straight, mean talk about sexual conquests all the time,Lisa says: I work with men and they constantly do that!!! that statement is means nothing!!, he could be talking to lettermen about all the sex he has had with women, because maybe he has had alot of sex with women, makes sense to me

863 days ago


IF IT WERE TRUE, you press charges, NOT sue for money! What is really sad too is how many of you people want it to be true because enjoy watching people you are jealous of, fall. John is a nice guy and people who wanna believe this without any proof are as sick as the people who make up this stuff to get rich instead of earning their own money.

863 days ago


well i really hope this isn't just a few people trying to cash in on someone rich, wouldn't be the first time, and these are very serious charges. If it turns out he is innocent these accusers should suffer the full extent of the law, sexual assault is not to be taken lightly and a lot of people who have been assaulted have a hard time proving it, so cases where people are lying make it more difficult for those who have suffered. That said, if it turns out he is guilty, he should also be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

863 days ago


Looks like somebody got rubbed the wrong way.

863 days ago


The only reason they went "john doe" is for two reasons. 1. it ain't true number 2. they don't want to lose their licensing and their business clientele

863 days ago

Betty B.    

Whether or not Travolta is gay is irrelevant. At most, this is a case of him "servicing" Travolta and now wanting more money. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a blackmail scheme going on. Pay me $$$ and we'll drop the lawsuit before it causes you more embarrassment.

Sexual assault my BUTT. That's a crime. Why didn't they call the cops at the time?

863 days ago

Enough Already    

Truth is, it doesn't matter if John is gay or not. If he is indeed gay, what is sad that he felt the need to "hide" this all these years, have a sham of a marriage, and try to pull this off to his fans/public. But he's not alone here. All these stars, at one point or another try to pull s**t over on their fans. Look at Beyonce and her fake pregnancy. It's amazing what kind of coverup money can buy you!!!

863 days ago


Dancing, dancing, dancing...he's a dancing machine

863 days ago


Cok-O-roach manages his own reviews online. He ensures neg reviews are removed. Try IT! google his name and find out. Maybe Travolta is a closet freak but this cokOrocha is just jumpin' on the opportunity to make a name for himself. His practices are unethical and the state needs to disbar this thug.

863 days ago


Remember the pics TMZ took of him kissing a man on the lips?

863 days ago
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