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Travolta vs. Masseurs

Who's Really Got Proof?

5/9/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


John Travolta's trying to prove there's NO WAY he sexually assaulted a masseur -- but does his proof hold up? We break down the photos, the receipt, and also ... how the masseur says can prove his side of the scandal.

Plus, Dean Cain is on with us to talk about picking up chicks ... on TV. You gotta hear the big surprise he got while shooting a new dating show called "The Choice." Also, everyone sounds off about Obama's gay marriage announcement -- and the creepy clown stalking kids, and getting away with it!   


(0:00) A set of photos could prove John Travolta didn't sexually assault a masseuse in L.A. -- but the alleged victim's attorney says there are bunch more accusations ... for different people ... on the way.
(11:05) The Tanning Mom ... banned from tanning salons!
(12:30) We finally got to the bottom of Christina Aguilera's beef with fellow Mouseketeer (and "Voice" contestant') Tony Lucca ... thanks to an insider at the Mouse House.
(16:45) The Beastie Boys allegedly ripped of the beat in one of their classic songs ... take a listen and decide for yourself.
(19:20) "The Choice" -- a new dating show in the vein of "The Voice" -- is about to come out ... and one of its stars Dean Cain joins us via Skype to give us the lowdown.
(25:40) President Obama -- the first sitting POTUS to support gay marriage ... but there's a catch.
(35:57) Kobe Bryant's sweaty mask pulls in $67k for charity.
(37:12) Want to literally scare the crap out of your kids? Just hire an evail clown!
(35:33) There's a crazy show on TV called "Bait Car" -- in which cops leave a car with the doors open and the keys left in it and wait for people to steal it. Is it entrapment?
(39:40) Billy Joel's sick, $14 mil mansion is for sale ... and we have photos.
(40:40) We take your calls!

No Avatar


Who cares about the tanning person? TMZ move along who gives a **** about this tanning woman my god.

898 days ago


Re: John Travolta allegations...if there wasn't at least a grain of truth to the first John Doe's allegations, don't you think that JT's attorney would have papered TMZ with proof? An airline ticket? A hotel bill? It seems paps would be a able to produce a couple of photos if he was in NYC that day as well. I hate to say it--but the defense isn't passing the smell test.

898 days ago


nice camera shots

898 days ago


TMZ stop muting behind the scene, you said we where going to be able to see and hear what go's on behind the scenes.

898 days ago


without the chairs allows great shots

898 days ago


First, who was the girl with the glasses speaking about one of the stories (I already forget what story. I was too distracted) Wow. Gorgeous. Second, why Mr. Moustache have a bottle of BBQ sauce on his desk? That's terrible. I suppose he's going for the "who-can-be-the-first-diabetic" TMZ contest. Dude. Dump the BBQ sauce.

898 days ago


Gotta get the daily Kardashian plug in huh Harvey. Geeze you must get kickbacks from them or something.

898 days ago


I think perhaps John Does lawyer made a mistake adding John Doe 2 and looking for more to add. It's like he doesn't think he'll win with just one, the more the merrier. It doesn't much matter the second story is much like the first, the details were all out there, I would expect every other John Does that will be coming out of the woodworks story will be much like the firsts. Take the first story make it your own, add a little here, take out a little there.

If Travolta does the reputation among masseurs these guys knew what they were getting into. They could have hightaileed it out of there, ( they weren't held at gunpoint), they chose to stay and collect their fee. As for internet man, well I am sure he doesn't exactaly get the clients of choice. He probably runs into lots of so called John Travolta types and he isn't suing them for emotional distress etc, but then of course not all have the fame and money John Travolta does.

What's next a bunch of masseurs coming out of the woodwork to sue claiming emotional distress because they provide their massage services to John Travolta and he didn't get excited.

898 days ago

No comment    

Just came over to watch the show, but now that you are going to talk about the TrashKlan I am leaving.

898 days ago


Why don't you have a counter on here to show how many folks are watching and how many MUTE it when you yap about the Kardashians or when the two Ryans open thier pie holes?

898 days ago

who dat    

One of these days a Kardashian is going to rush a car thinking they are gangster tough, and get taken down hard. They have too much attitude for their skill level

898 days ago


Harvey standing up doesn't make him look taller. Mike wearing black every single day doesn't make him look slimmer. It has the opposite effect, it makes you notice their hang-ups even more.

898 days ago


WOW, that clown would totally freak me out!
How do I hire him to do that to Ryan....heeheehee!

898 days ago


Wow, big sand storm rolling thru AZ

898 days ago


I would buy Kobe jockstrap. be wild

898 days ago
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