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Bobby Brown

I Wanted Bobbi Kristina

on MY Reality Show!

5/12/2012 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Bobby Brown didn't sound too supportive of Bobbi Kristina doing a reality show with Whitney's family ... it's because Bobby wanted his daughter on his upcoming reality show ... sources close to BB tell TMZ. 

According to our sources, Bobby has no problem with Bobbi K doing a reality show ... and he has been trying to get her to appear on his show for months. But our sources say that was NEVER going to happen. 

We're told Bobbi K has cut off all lines of communication with Bobby, so he's been calling Pat Houston (Whitney's sister-in-law/manager) in an effort to reach out to Bobbi. Our sources say Bobbi never even considered doing her father's show and the rest of the family feels Bobby was only trying to use her to make his upcoming show more marketable.

Our sources say Bobby found out about the Houston family show yesterday like everyone else did.


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Lol, using her. Uh... family, what are you guys doing right now then?

897 days ago


I don't see how either of these ideas are marketable. Does Bobbi still play with her brother? Is this what the shows about? I never even knew Whitney had a daughter until she passed. Please no more Kardashian show type crap.

897 days ago


He has always had to ride on Whitney's coat tails as he really does not have marketable talent. Now he is trying to use their Daughter. He is a loser and a user. I am glad she is avoiding him as she does not need the free loader to suceed. But, the bottom line is that he needs her. The same goes for his other children.

897 days ago


Good for her.

897 days ago


Enough of these stupid reality shows. Celebs are always crying please give me my privacy but then they all get on these stupid reality shows and give way TMI. Kardashians,Eastwoods,Houstons,all of you just say home and away from the one cares.

897 days ago


As if the Houston family isn't using her to market their show! Gotta keep that money rolling in somehow huh? Sad!

897 days ago


What network is giving this bum another show? It tanked with Whitney on it so why would it be more interesting with the pimp alone?

897 days ago

robert chowaniec    

They give any a-hole a reality tv show.

897 days ago


bunch of leeches everyone of them is more pathetic than the other a crack addict daughter a sold out mother everyone of them trying to get their piece no wonder whitney was back to drugs and died with this kind of family she's in a better place

897 days ago

robert chowaniec    

they put any a-hole on tv

897 days ago


What a completely pathetic bunch.

897 days ago


Since Ms. Brown is obviously not going to do anything worthwhile with her life (go to college/get a job), I guess the only thing for a no-talent child of two infamous people is to go on a silly reality show.

Nice way to piss away the resources you've been handed on a silver platter instead of actually making something of yourself.

897 days ago


She may be better off with her father. I know that he has his problems also, but it would get her away from the whole Whitney Circus. And I don't think Bobby Brown is nearly as dysfunctional as Whitney was. I just have a hunch he probably has her best interest at heart and wouldn't harm her. But one thing is for sure. If she does become involved with him, he has GOT to lay off any booze and drugs.

897 days ago


Man thats one U G L Y girl, fix your teeth and big ass ol' nose.

897 days ago


why do any of these people need a reality show? most have no talent, have made a sex tape, or they have a criminal background! Or you slap yourself on the forehead and wonder who the hell they are. Kardashians=$40 million are you kidding me. Count me out, I won't be watching any of them!

897 days ago
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