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Britney Spears

In NYC for 'X Factor' Announcement

5/14/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

051412_britney_spears_launchBritney Spears is getting all gussied up for the big announcement today -- that she and Demi Lovato will join "X Factor" as the new judges.

Negotiations went right down to the wire between Britney and "X Factor" honchos. Her fiance, Jason Trawick, who you also see in the video, along with daddy Jamie Spears (not in video) signed the deal since they are Britney's conservators.

Britney didn't talk as she walked around her hotel -- the swanky Mandarin Oriental, but she did faintly nod affirmatively when asked if she was excited to work with Demi.

One funny thing ... In the clip you also see "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson, who says the additions of Britney and Demi to "X Factor" are "hot." Randy clearly knows where his bread is buttered.

FOX will make the announcement at the Upfronts today. Britney and Demi will be front and center.


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Jim in Cali    

I wasn't ever going to watch regardless who the judge is but hopefully she won't be a fat cow with her boobs hanging out on the commericals like Xtina is for the other singing show.

893 days ago


Will the conservator's also be telling Britney what talent to vote for? A microphone in Britney's ear and strings attached to her limbs so the puppeteers can master her? Britney is so fragile she can't think or speak for herself how is she going to be able to contribute anything to the show?

893 days ago


Somrone please tell how in the hell these two are qualified to judge on this show. What credentials do either one bring?

Neither of them have produced anything, wrote anything, played anything. I'm pretty sure that Britney wouldn't know if a singer was pitchy or not.

Hell, just based on my age and having roadied in the 70s and spent lots of time in studios, I could bring more objectivity than they ever will.

893 days ago


she will be good at judging the lip syncing part of the show.

893 days ago


This woman is such an attention whore and always has been. Even when she's clearly sick, and fame supposedly drove her crazy (it was the METH for everyone who knows her personally, though her team is great at keeping that secret), yet she has not taken ANY time off from the Spotlight. You would think she would finally want a break but in classic Britney, all attention on me ya'll. Talentless hack.

893 days ago


Britney Spears and some girl I have NEVER heard of? Stupid me for thinking Simon knows what people want.

893 days ago


ANY woman who gives legal authority of her $$$$ to a boyfriend (yeah, boyfriend) is too stupid to judge anyone for anything at any time!!

893 days ago


Spears hasn't done squat in over 10 years. She had a couple of teeny bopper bubblegum hits that was hyped and promted to the hilt. She was popular with the kids for awhile but when that faded away she didn't have the talent to get passed the 8-16 group on her own. Hell, she can't even lip-sync well. The same dance moves everyone else does.

Miley Cyrus the same thing. The Disney Hanna Montanna show was done and Cyrus hasn't been able to get passed that tenny bopper group either. Her concerts tanked.

Granted they made a ton of money but that's it.

892 days ago


First of all the people saying she will have a break down and fail..blah blah etc..I must remind all of you that she has a mental illness..and this is surely nothing to laugh at or joke. Secondly, That was in 2007..can we not all just get over this and let this girl come back without the critical judgements. Clearly she is a hit, she is a legend and an icon hense why the X factor is paying big bucks, furthermore..she has sold more than Madonna in her albums sales and tours, Im pretty sure thats somebody with staying power. She has earned her leave her alone, Get over it. It's Britney Bitchez. And finally to all the poeple who say this is xfactors last year..lmao..guess we will be having the last we watch the ratings sore, everything that Britney touches turns to gold! I speak facts not opnions.

892 days ago


Britney i love you ♥ PERFECTNEY

892 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

So the judges so far are this kook, some chick who dont write her own music and cuts herself and who else? Whats charlie Sheen doing?

892 days ago


I will NOT be watching...Britney is as fake as her singing, and shouldn't be judging anyone!

892 days ago

Nathan S Smith    

This is so awesome! She is gonna be so hot and has been in the biz for a long time so will be an asset to aspiring new talent!

892 days ago


Will she be allowed to talk on the show, or just nod and look . . . uh . . . pretty?

892 days ago


Hey she is 30 years old, hasn't done squat in over 10 years. Spears could never break away from the kiddy teeny bopper bubblegum group. Once the promos and all the hype stopped she didn't have the talent to do it on her own. She can't really sing, can't play an instrument, doesn't write songs, same dancing everyone else does, bad lip-syncing.

No it's not being mean. It's a simple fact. But, she's getting 15 million dollars to judge talent. Great gig.

892 days ago
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