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'Hunger Games' Star

The Mystery of the

Broken Nose

5/14/2012 2:59 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Josh Hutcherson and his broken nose
With his face bruised and bandaged up, "Hunger Games" star Josh Hutcherson was spotted leaving a doctor's office in Beverly Hills on Monday ... after suffering a mysterious injury to his nose.

Hutcherson first tweeted about the injury on May 9th ... saying, "Just had surgery to fix my broken nose" ... and later his rep told us the actor had been diagnosed with a deviated septum.

But there's one big question -- how DID the 19-year-old movie star break his nose? 

Josh isn't saying ... and neither is his rep ... who told TMZ "no further details will be released."



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omg. you really are losing things to talk about. So sad.

869 days ago

jimmy d    

Deviated septum is Hollywood-ese for getting elective rhinoplasty or more commonly known as a "nose-job". A surgical procedure to fix a deviated septum for better breathing, technically known as a osteoplasty, can be performed with no noticeable difference in appearance after swelling subsides. If he looks different in 6 months or so, then it was for vanity and not necessity. My guess is vanity. Also watch for actors who suddenly wear hats/beanies all the time (ex. Jude Law) that is to disguise growth of transplanted hairs after cosmetic surgery hair replacement.

869 days ago


Somebody's finally invented a product that makes it easier to blow your nose.

869 days ago


Broke it smoking on a sausage how he getting them roles Bc he sucks at acting

869 days ago

darcy hill    

He probably got wasted on the bottle of whiskey he bought and fell over and broke his nose. You know what they say bout karma.

869 days ago


Chicago coke head busted it in a deal gone bad.

869 days ago


I only know one way to get a deviated septum and that is alot of yayo!!!

869 days ago


It's actually a disposable sneeze guard.

869 days ago


You guys are mostly all ****ing idiots and *******S. Do you not know how to read: Josh broke his nose. And while they were fixing that, or doing prep or whatever, thats when they noticed Josh had a deviated septum. His nose isn't even huge or anything he'd have no reason to get the surgery for cosmetic reasons. Also he looks like he wants to CRY in that picture. He did not plan to ****ing get this surgery.

OH AND he is supposed to start training for Catching Fire soon. Now with this recovery that will inhibit some of his training. Even if he wanted a nosejob, THIS would not be the time.

Stop hating for 2 seconds and use your BRAINS people.

869 days ago


All I got to say is I feel he broke it playing basketball, or maybe partying. If he got a nose job to just make himself look better then I lose all the respect I have for him. He is good looking man and there is no reason to get a nose job other then letting fame get to his head. I guess we'll find out in a month or so when his nose is healed up and we see what it's like... I hope he didn't let the fame get to his head.

869 days ago


PS: If Josh CARED what he looked like, he would not go out in public looking like that^ !!!

869 days ago


Don't think you get a deviated septum from breaking your nose ... the term is usually used as an excuse for getting cosmetic surgery.

869 days ago


I just read a thing.. probably some crazy rumor.. and it certainly sounded that way- considering nothings been confirmed.. but it said that some crazy fan broke into his apartment and attempted to cut off his leg, since he didn't lose it in the THG movie... but his roommate woke up and restrained her until the cops got there.. and all that resulted was a broken nose

869 days ago


Standard excuses for a nose job. Funny how he and his rep didn't have the same story.

869 days ago


Nasal septum can be caused by an ulcer, trauma due to an inserted object, prolonged exposure to welding fumes 1. or cocaine abuse 2.

869 days ago
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