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Bret Michaels

Settles Head Banging Lawsuit

5/15/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The lawsuit over a smack to the head that nearly caused Bret Michaels his life has settled.

The mishap occurred during Bret's Tony Awards performance back in 2009, when a set piece whacked him in the head. Bret suffered a busted lip, a broken nose and brain bleeding. The following year, Bret nearly bought the farm after suffering a brain hemorrhage and warning stroke.

Bret sued producers of the Tony Awards as well as CBS. The terms of the settlement are confidential.


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I'm not sure how I feel about this lawsuit. I'm a HUGE Poison/Bret Michaels fan... always have been... and I feel bad that he had the brain hemmorage and nearly died and everything but I'm a little disappointed he felt the need to sue the producer's of the Tony's for it. The rest of the band made it off the set just fine so I think the blame for the accident should lie with Bret... chalk it up to sh!t happens! Hopefully, whatever money he got from this settlement will be donated to JDRF since that's a cause that's near and dear to him!!

889 days ago

Cheryl A.    

I hope he won a boat-load of $$$$ He was smacked in the head and terribly injured and nearly died BECAUSE of the injury that was caused by a malfunction at the Tony awards.

889 days ago


COST him his life, not caused.

889 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

They shouldn't have paid him JACK! If Bret hadn't hung back looking for applause like he was playing some sold-out arena, instead of lip syncing at the Tony Awards, his dumb AZZ wouldn't have gotten clubbed with the scenery!

It's HIS OWN FAULT he got hurt, and he is lucky that CBS was dumb enough to pay him a settlement.

889 days ago


"The lawsuit over a smack to the head that nearly caused Bret Michaels his life has settled."

Should read "cost", not "caused".

889 days ago


Whatever money they had to pay it was worth it. One of the best videos ever.... the lady sining at the end puts it over the top!

889 days ago


I thought doctors had said his hemorrhage and other problems where caused by his diabetes and had nothing to do with being knocked on the head? That's what I remember when it happened.

889 days ago

BB not bb    

A headbanger got banged in the head. Well I think he shouldn't have trusted the scenery guys that much, but what ever happened to just lowering a curtain? Then no one gets hurt. If you are going to lower giant metal props, you should choreograph the act so that they don't get knocked out when it is lowered.

I wonder if maybe they were even trying to kill him. Why would they lower a giant heavy prop on someone who is still unstage and apparently unaware of it coming down? Couldn't they tell him in his earpiece or coudln't a stage director yell out heads up to him?

These awards shows are kind of creepy.

889 days ago


Don't need nooooothin'....but a goooood can I resist...

889 days ago


Bret should have made his 'exit stage left' instead of straight back under the stage prop...... ooopsie :-/

889 days ago


"settled" does not mean he walked away with a boatload of cash, so settle down. they may have just decided to pay his hospital bills and a little hair replacement therapy to make his lawsuit go away. it's almost always cheaper to settle, regardless of blame or guilt.

888 days ago

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