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Howard Stern

Penis Jokes on

'AGT' Debut

5/15/2012 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Howard Stern's first night on "America's Got Talent" started off with a bang ... he was articulate ... he was funny ... and he totally made fun of a male stripper for having a small wiener.

Howard entered the "AGT" studio in Los Angeles to a thunderous ovation ... impressed with a series of real, thoughtful critiques. He even had a touching moment with a father-daughter act ... praising them after an emotional performance.

But not everyone got a piece of Howard's nice side -- some stripper magician guy tasted some of Stern's wrath after what could only be described as a terribly disappointing performance.

"I had a lot of hope for you ... I was really rooting for you ... I wanted to see some magic and all I saw was a guy with his pants off ... and a rather small package."

After ripping on the dude's "man boobs" ... Stern added, "Don't feel bad, I'm in the same boat my friend."


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porter joihn    

who ever picked stern to be on this show should go to prison this show will fail.

893 days ago


stern was fantastic. silly when he had to be and thoughtful when it mattered. i always found that show to be boring, now i love it.

893 days ago


Whats with the contestants nipples? I know their pierced but the one on his left looks like its been bleeding!

893 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

He got his teeth fixed, but in some ways they're even worse than before, and before was gross.

I used to listen to him back in his NBC radio days, but he's still doing the same stuff he did 30 years ago.

And he still has a face made for radio. Good hair, though, you fugly freak.

893 days ago


I found Howard to be entertaining and honest.

It wasn't his fault that the guy had a small package ;) Howard just stated the painfully obvious. That was a lot tamer than some of the jokes in today's sit coms!

893 days ago


I didn't like Piers and Sharon Osbourne is the most irritating woman on earth. I quit watching a couple years ago because of them. I'm not going back to see Howard Stern. The show should be about the talent and it isn't. The only winner who has actually made it was the ventriloquist.

893 days ago


This is why our family won't be watching this year--he is disgusting. My 9 yr. old daughter doesn't need to hear his crude comments. I can't believe they even picked him, he's always been so disrespectful to women.

893 days ago


That male stripper/magician (two of the most douchiest occupations on earth) was a real jerk. It was a deserved insult after infecting Howie's ring with "Douche Juice".

893 days ago


Pure trash and idiots watch this pathetic person and he laughs all the way to the bank. He has always been nothing but a human garbage can and it's time to dump it, it's overflowing and starting to smell.

893 days ago


I used to HATE AGT, but I love the new and improved version with Howard Stern. I plan on watching it every week now. It's much more entertaining now.

893 days ago


"WHO WHO..I invented americas got talent, tell em Robin WHO WHO..." F'n phony a$$ stern!

893 days ago


I'll have a Howard Stern (lite) and half a rice cake, please. What's the draw here, waiting for Stern to be Stern every week? How long before we start hearing 'bleeps'...

893 days ago


Stern has always made fun of men for penis size, women for breast size.
Would this have aired on TV if Stern insulted a contestant based on her breast size?
Feminism has persuaded society to regard men as expendable pieces of meat to be used as targets on the battlefields of war, as targets in the home invalidating their spousal and parenting skills, and as targets in society to be insulted and humiliated.
....."Catherine Kieu Castrates Husband, WOMEN LAUGH".....on Youtube....

893 days ago


I watched AGT and Howard is great. The man is funny!! NBC money was well spent; on the other hand, X-Factor, Fox and Simon Cowell waste $15 mil on Britney. The girl can't sing, dance and is unattractive, no plans to watch X-Factor this season. In regards to the first act, on AGT, the guy was hot and had pretty nice nipples. I didn't understand why the judges didn't complement him on his body.

893 days ago


He might have a small penis who cares u born with what u got but I'm just wondering why he was looking at the area in the first place, through the years if come to find that people that talk about how small ones penis is, is the one packing the smallest

893 days ago
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