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I Support Gay Marriage

5/15/2012 8:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Jay-Z says he STRONGLY believes gay people deserve the right to get married ... claiming discriminating against a gay person is the same as discriminating against a black person.

Jay -- arguably the most powerful person in hip hop -- discussed the issue with CNN ... saying President Obama's decision to come out in support of gay marriage was "the right thing to do."

“I’ve always thought it as something that was still holding the country back. What people do in their own homes is their business and you can choose to love whoever you love."

He continued, "That’s their business. It's no different than discriminating against blacks. It’s discrimination plain and simple.”


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Then I hope Jay-Z puts his money where his mouth is and stops any rappers under his label from performing any homophobic songs. That covers 90% of all rap songs so I'm not holding my breath.

893 days ago

Sandy Cianelli    

The President has the most power however he does not always use it. President Obama needs to stay strong on his words.

893 days ago


He was shown in a photo with Toothy Tile on another site in a well timed photo op for this topic.

893 days ago


Dick Cheney came out publicly supporting gay marriage in 2004. Where was the historical hoopla then? Oh, it didn't fit your agenda? I see...

893 days ago


I guess now he'll stop using the term ***got in his raps? Nah...

893 days ago


Governments have no business recognizing marriages of any kind anyway, they should only be recognizing citizens as they relate to "one individual in the public as a whole". Marriage is a religious ceremony, and should stay in the church, because it is one method whereby governments divide and conquer the population, so they are fighting amongst each other, and therefore, not challenging government as a combined power.

893 days ago


"What goes on in peoples homes is their own business." Uh ok smart guy its just not in their homes, people often kiss and hold hands in public. How many gay slurs has GAY-Z used in his "songs" A LOT, only IDIOTS care what he thinks.

893 days ago


I do not believe that Barack Obama, personally, supports gay marriage, but I believe that Barack Obama, the President, supports gay marriage. That is how you separate your personal opinions from your employment responsibilities, and Obama is a class act in that regard. Obama 2.0

893 days ago


Hell Folks,

I am not sure if any of you good people on this website have actually read the latest news about Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Jay Z and Beyonce.

Here it is:

Subject: Kim Kardashian: Kanye West calls it Quits"

On April 16, 2012; You had recently reported by Celebrity Talk with "Q", The Super Celebs." Here is the full report. "Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Relationship is "Over" already". "Yes, Kim did something". "What did she do"?

According to You "Jay Z and Kanye West are scheduled to go on Tour in the coming Months". Since Kim and Kanye West made their Relationship public, they were seen together". In our Last show about them, the couple were seen together at the movies, "Hunger Games", according to "MTO", Kanye was going to take Kim on Tour with him and Jay Z was going to take Beyonce and Baby Blue". "Without Kanye's knowledge, Kim was going to take her film crew from "Keeping Up With The Kardashian's with them on tour". "Kanye wanted this tour to be a romantic thing". "He wanted him and Kim as well as Jay Z and Beyonce to be as a couple". "Once Kanye found out that Kim had publicity on her mind, he broke off their relationship, "Via text". "Wow". Kim Kardashian strikes again".

According to the via text message from Kanye West to Kim Kardashian it stated this, "Our romance is Over". Quote, unquote. "Wow". Well folks, I guess Kanye West can be Cut Throat if any woman causes problems with his Music Industry business which by the way, folks is a HUGE Industry. And there is of course a lot of BIG Time $$$$$ Money involved, and sometimes it can also be a dangerous business; if you step on the wrong toes. Let your imagination run wild. Perhaps, KIm Kardashian didn't look at the WHOLE entire picture, nor did she do her research, nor does she seem to even have a clue to what that means being involved with someone as HUGE and BIG as a SUPER STAR!!! like KANYE WEST; if she steps on the wrong toes. Folks, somebody had better seriously reach her, and talk to her, and or her Mother, Kris Jenner; real fast like yesterday.

Folks, as we all know by now that the music industry is NOT like the NBA basketball league, and or the NFL National Football league; whereas any Professional Team can trade an athlete, and or an Athlete whole career just like that by NOT simply picking the athlete up, nor signing the athlete, and or the athlete gets injured. The music industry is much more INDEPENDENT. For instance, KANYE WEST and JAY Z are both so incrediblely POWERFUL!!!until they both can actually BUY themselves an NBA Team, and or an NFL Team. That is how RICH!!!, WEALTHY and POWERFUL!!! they are both, foks. Lets face it. Don't hate, participate. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Now getting back to what the Celebrity Talk with "Q" just recently reported that Kim Kardashian wanted to get her own publicity", her own "shine". "So what did KANYE do"? "He text her, and told her their romance relationship is "Over".

In addition, do you all remember Kim Kardashian; estranged Husband, Kris Humphries once told us all that being with Kim Kardashian is more like business than pleasure. In other words, she is Not genuine. So, therefore, she is Not genuine in this relationship with KANYE WEST. I guess, "Q" is right, after all. This looks like just another brief encounter. Stay tune folks.

Now since April 16, 2012; to present. We have all been seeing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West together at the recent LA Lakers Playoff game. Perhaps, these two individual's have resolved their differences, and reached a reconciliation since April 16, 2012; to present. Now folks, we are all grown on this website; whereas we do know that sometimes people breakup and then all of a suddenly they makeup. After they have both sat down together and worked through some things to establish a mutual respect and trust for each other such as in this case.

Nevertheless, I wish them both good luck in their relationship.

893 days ago


Great for him to speak his opinion on this.

893 days ago


While I actually believe in gay marriage.. I also realize poster from page 1 ---St James--- has a point.. Jay-Z gave a pretty lame explanation. If you want to convince people to change their mind on the subject ~ this is NOT the way to go.


Does he also think it is okay for adults to have sex with children, because "What people do in their own homes is their business"... Is okay to beat and kill your children and/or pets and/or spouse, etc?


And this part: "you can choose to love whoever you love" ... well, what if the adult "chooses" to "love" a child in an inappropriate way.


While I do agree with gay marriage... To change minds - you need to explain yourself better.

893 days ago


Do you all think Jay Z actually cares! It's all about money. If you stand up and voice your opinion/ beliefs and piss off the G&L right groups you might as well cut off a chunk of your sales. There's nothing that hurts a rich person more than losing money. How dare he compare being gay to being black, when was the last time you heard a gay person being told to sit in the back of the bus, drink from a different fountain, have a pool emptied after swimming in it so straight people wouldnt swim in the same water, get pulled out of their house and hung from a tree, or be told they could not vote! Demand equal rights but don't ever say they are the same....

893 days ago


How is this news? If some random celebrity says they support gay mariage, they get a headline? BREAKING NEWS, no less. Must be a slow day.

893 days ago


Why does it have to be the same as discriminating against a black person..why can't it be the same as discriminating against any race?? Why is it that black people think that racism only effects them??? Or happens to them?? Drives me crazy!!

893 days ago


Go Jay Z

893 days ago
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