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Floyd Mayweather

I Support Gay Marriage

... Unlike Pacquiao

5/16/2012 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Floyd Mayweather is squaring off against Manny Pacquiao ... and once again it's NOT in the ring -- this time they're fighting over gay marriage.

With the media still buzzing over Manny's controversial condemnation of gay marriage ... Pretty Boy Floyd released a counter-statement on Twitter ... saying, "I stand behind President Obama & support gay marriage."

He added, "I'm an American citizen & I believe people should live their life the way they want."

These two can't agree on anything ... so we gotta ask ...

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I dont get it, Didnt manny already come out and say That he supports Gay couples but doesnt support marrige due to religion, In my opinion this is fine, Hes not slagging off Homosexuals he is just admitting to what he belives in. Just sounds like Floyd is runnin his mouth stirring the pot Or maybe he's just saying he supports it not because of Obama but because hes off to jail and may find a "life partner" out of it?

898 days ago


2 worlds and the 1st world which Christians believe is the heavenly world were God's laws is respected thru faith.

It has always been the Heavenly world were this type of degenerate behavior will NEVER be tolerated or let in period, the gates are closed and those souls will be rejected to Hell.

The Earthly world has always been Satan's domain, so do what you will you atheist secular Satanists but be assured you have no entrance unless you leave you degenerate behavior at the door.

Good job Manny and we applaud you, imagine yourself ascending to heaven with every behavior God appalls, do you really believe your getting in.

Please don’t make us laugh and you can keep this heap of trash called Earth.

898 days ago


Why do we need to keep on changing the definitions of words because of gay people?

898 days ago


the racist wife beater isnt a homophobe...good to know

898 days ago


I was a big fan of Mayweather until I read he supports gay marriage. Gay marriage is an abomination against God. I will not support anyone who believes that it's okay for ment to be with men and women to be with women. Clearly they are all Luciferians and
belong to the illuminati.

898 days ago


Think of it this way. Obama was very adamant that marriage was between a man and woman during the first election. Now that it's an issue this election he's suddenly for it. Mayweather was suspiciously quiet until it was not only popular but his rival came out against it. That's all this is... they don't believe this crap they're saying... it's all about being popular and getting the vote.

898 days ago


here's a problem with Gay marriage. Religiously, marriage was a union between a man and woman to go forth, be fruitful and multiply. 90% of religions, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc... will not only not perform Gay "marriages" they are not recognized by the churches. In fact... in some Christian religions, Straight marriages done by a JP is not recognized as a true marriage. In Catholicism, marriages outside of the Catholic church aren't considered true marriages either. My point... Gays will still need to be married by a JP... a marriage by a JP whether gay or straight is considered a civil union. so thus, Gays will only be able to have what amounts to a civil union, which is already legal. So we're fighting for what exactly?

898 days ago


Hey TMZ, you wana call Manny out for flip flopn, yet you dont call Ovomit, I mean Obama out for flip flopn himself..kinda hypocritical huh?

898 days ago

dodi gonzalez    

Floyd is going to have his own same sex marriage in a couple of weeks. Go floyd.

898 days ago


he also supports beating women

898 days ago

dodi gonzalez    

Floyd is going to have his own same sex marriage in a couple of weeks. Go floyd.

898 days ago


gay community logic....... we want tolerance wait what you dont support gay marriage.you are s*** we wont tolerate your view.but we expect you to tolerate our lifestyle bunch of literally butt hurt hypocrites

898 days ago

Loretta Pitts    

For those who are ignorant about the Bible, it isn't just Old Testament. Try Romans 1:24-27 "Therefore God gave them over . . .even women exchanged natural relations for unnaturnal ones. . . men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion. "

898 days ago


The reason Pac is ducking may is because, he is a bag. Anyone who has heard Punkman speak knows that he can barely form a sentence let alone speak anything logical. Hey Punkman, worry about the ring you tool. Lastly, Mexico isn't that far away do us a favor and run like you been running from money may.

898 days ago


I don't care what they have to say, I just want them to finally get in the ring and fight each other. If they don't they will each have an * by their records. If you don't fight the greatest opponent of your era (i.e. each other) then you don't deserve to be called one of the greatest boxers of all time. The winner of that fight would have that claim at least for their weight class.

898 days ago
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