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Jennifer Hudson

Murder Jury Finds Her

... Incredibly Famous!

5/16/2012 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Hudson batted 1.000 with the jurors on the William Balfour murder case ... because every single one of them admitted they knew who she was BEFORE the trial began.

TMZ obtained the juror questionnaires -- filled out by all of the prospective jurors before they were empanelled on the jury to determine the fate of the man accused of murdering Hudson's family.

Of the final 12 -- 5 of the jurors admitted they had seen Hudson in "Dreamgirls" ... and 6 said they recognized Jennifer from her days on "American Idol."

The lone juror who didn't see Jen's Oscar winning performance or "Idol" said he knew Hudson from television ... but didn't specify which show he recognized her from. 

One legal expert tells us ... Hudson's level of celebrity probably didn't hurt the case against Balfour ... because jurors tend to identify with famous people.

It also didn't hurt that Balfour couldn't have been more guilty.

As we previously reported, he was convicted for murdering Jennifer's mother, brother and nephew and is due to be sentenced very soon.


No Avatar



Why would TMZ want to obtain the juror's things like this that turns celebrities against TMZ!!!!

892 days ago


I know her from Weight Watchers doing her awsome Nina Simmone tune.

892 days ago

Drk Gntlmn    

IMHO I dont think he did...he was set up.

892 days ago


her sister lost a mother and a son...yet by reading about this in the media you would swear that jennifer was an only child who lost her mom and was attacked by the guy who did it and got away.they act like jennifer is the only one who is a victim with this

892 days ago


Even if they didn't know her before the murder, that story would have been all over the news in Chicago to the point where anyone not living under a rock would have heard about her and the crime.

892 days ago


I feel sorry for her sister Julia.....This woman she's so selfish...Can she ever let her sister talk?!.

892 days ago


I really admire Jennifer Hudson for attending the trial each day having to see Balfour's ugly and evil face--showing no remorse. What really took the cake was when Balfour's mother made a comment to Jennifer Why are you looking at me like that? That is not in quotes or exact words but it very close in context. What kind of a family is this from Jennifers estranged brother-in-law?

892 days ago


So he goes to prison for life on little to know evidence because the jurors know her as someone who can't act or sell records. SMH

892 days ago


All I know is that if I see another one of her annoying Weight Watchers commercials, I'm gonna knock over a bakery.

891 days ago


Great Book

891 days ago

Ernest De Brew    

Whether she is famous or not, I still would not side with that lowlife piece of trash William Balfour anyway.

Jennifer has suffered enough thanks to him. She deserves total justice.

891 days ago

A Real Human Being    

I can't believe that people can be so cruel. She can't help the media coverage received after the incident. She can't help that her brother-in-law decided to kill her family after she achieved stardom. She can't help who has seen her on television. How is she being selfish? I'm quite sure she is there for her sister as they have both lost the same amount of family. I'm sure her sister is not seeing things the way ignorant commenters on this page are. Why can't people just be respectful?

891 days ago


I hope this young man gets life in jail, so he can thing about what he did every day of whats left of his. How its time to move on and let jennifer hudson and family have time to be with a family. I feel so sorry for this young man because life is not free any more. So you young people out there thing you can say what you like, do what you like to other people in life ( YOU SEE YOU CAN"T) . Go to school get a job and make thing better in your life.

891 days ago


Balfour was indicted despite the lack of evidence. It's possible he is the fall guy. Jennifers brother was a drug dealer, selling crack cocaine out of the family home. They all knew it and benefited from his illegal activities. A week or two before the murders, Hudson's brother was in Stroger hospital with gun shot wounds from an attempt on his life. Where there are drugs and gangs there is danger.
Jennifer had liposuction and tummy tuck, not just Weight Watchers. Jennifer did not give money to help her family move out of Englewood, the most dangerous, drug infested, crime ridden area neighborhood in Chicago. Jennifer doesn't help her sister emotionally or financially, she still drives a bus for a living and lives in the ghetto.
Jennifer went to trial everyday as advised by her handlers to bring attention to herself as a strategy to sell more albums, book more shows. Clive Davis is trying to fill the void that Whitney Houston left with Jennifer Hudson, but Hudson does not have the talent or interest of the public. How long will they keep trying to peddle her bland wares?

891 days ago


Jennifer Hudson is one of the most Beautiful, Fascinating Young Ladies I've seen. From her time on American Idol until now, she has maintained her down-to-earth personality. I think her presence benefited the Prosecution's Case and, in the end, The Guilty Verdict!!! .

891 days ago

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