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John Travolta

I Didn't Pay Off Accusers

5/17/2012 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta
didn't cough up a red cent to the two male masseurs who accused him of sexual battery -- despite the fact that both dismissed their lawsuits just days apart.

Travolta's lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ, "Not one penny has been paid nor do we have any intention to pay any money for these ridiculous and false claims."

As we reported, the second accuser fired his lawyer -- just two days after the first accuser filed papers dismissing his lawsuit. The second accuser is also expected to file papers dismissing his lawsuit.

It's unclear why accuser #2 is ending his Travolta war.

Accuser #1 called it quits after TMZ posted photos proving his story was bogus.


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I believe him...but I wouldn't care if he did pay off the accusers.
Rich celebrities have to pay off liars all the time, the liars know it that's why they make up lies and threaten to sue.
Celebrity has to maintain their reputation in the public eye, or their career goes down hill.
There are hundreds of lawsuits filed every year against rich celebrities, we don't hear about most of them in the mainstream media.
Because the celebs pay the people off to shut up, they have to, or the liars keep yappin' and chipping away at the celeb's reputation.

886 days ago


Sure... next he'll say that's his real hair...

886 days ago


So tired of the extortion lawsuits, carefully using "unnamed accusers" and unproveable charges.

I hope every celebrity starts fighting back -- I know it is costly both financially and emotionally -- but how else can they be stopped?

Don't care if there have been rumors, unpopular religious beliefs, etc. Stop the extortionists. Didn't Travolta and his family file against one group trying to claim something about their son's death already?

If any of these are refiled, if the allDead one is involved, we know absolutely it is some kind of scam.

Sick of this nonsense, MAC

886 days ago


Well.... according to Radaronline [and if the National Enquirer says it, it must be true] John Doe #2 and Travolta went into a private mediation...
Just say'n..

886 days ago

Delaware D    


886 days ago


While wealthy people are targets for extortion, they make themselves targets by engaging in lewd behavior that they don't want the public to know about. They also become very arrogant about it and assume that any person would be thankful to be proportioned by a "movie star". Not buying it Marty Singer and Chirch Of Scientology!!! This is a pay off.

886 days ago


Are we also supposed to believe his marriage to Kelly Preston is not a sham? Games up Revolta.

886 days ago


C'mon John, just admit that you are a ass-pirate! I am surprised that the gay activist groups are not going after him for not coming out and joining in the gay parade.

886 days ago

Asian 101    

Yes and we all know that lawyers NEVER Lie.

886 days ago


the may be false..MAYBE, but ridiculous, John Travolta is a homosexual who feels he has a lot to lose if there is confirmation which is sad. He could go a long way and helping save people who are struggling yet he hides in his closet. He will always be a great star even if he went public but I will always remember him as the homo who watched his fellow gays take beatings or fight the fight for equality while he hopped in his plane and took off, or hired lawyers to keep his well known secret.

886 days ago

buzz kill    

They just had a change of heart because they realized what they were doing was wrong, yeah right. I suppose they just said so sorry, my bad, paid their lawyer and went away empty handed. Give me a break.

886 days ago


some people do take pay offs because celebs have money but not all will. Look at those kids that were roasted at the Jackson trial. They went for it to show what Micheal really was and justice wasn't served. Stupid cases like LL hitting a pap is a payoff scam but I will say that celebs can hire lawyers to destroy an accuser. Look at Kim Kardashians rep, he almost killed himself after all the threats from the kardashians when he was going to reveal the inside workings of those scam artists. Sometimes, a payoff is a small price to pay to maintain your privacy and dignity. I would love to see a case where someone refuses the payoff and wins. Hopefully this will be the one.

886 days ago


Hey, you lie about your sexual preference, you lie about being a sexual predator, you lie about creepin' and cruising, you'd probably lie about paying off people who know these things and accuse you of them. Wonder how Xenu feels about lying? Is that covered in Scientology?
The media is relentless, JT. You know it's all going to come out (pun intended).

886 days ago


Of courseeeeee you didn't. Scientology goons showed up to their houses in the middle of the night and took care of the problem.

886 days ago


It's funny Marty will make a statement about this, but not about how his client loves sucking c0ck.

886 days ago
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