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John Travolta

Accuser #2 Drops Lawsuit

5/17/2012 9:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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That was fast -- just two days after John Travolta's first accuser filed papers to dismiss his sexual battery lawsuit against the actor, the second accuser is following in kind ... dropping his own lawsuit.

According to CNN, the second accuser -- also a male masseur -- just fired his lawyer. The accuser will reportedly file new court papers in an effort to dismiss the lawsuit in the near future.

The 2nd accuser had claimed Travolta assaulted him on January 28th at an Atlanta spa resort, grabbing the masseur's penis.

It's the last remaining sexual battery lawsuit against Travolta. The first accuser -- who had claimed a similar incident occurred on January 16th at the Beverly Hills Hotel -- dropped his lawsuit on Tuesday.

Attorney Okorie Okorocha -- who repped both accusers -- claims he doesn't know why his second client called it quits.

TMZ posted hard photographic proof the first incident couldn't have occurred on January 16th -- but so far, proof against the second incident hasn't surfaced.


No Avatar


Sounds like they are getting "under the table" payoffs to go away.

827 days ago


Somebody is getting a nice fat check of shhhhhhhhhhh

827 days ago


Paid off............................

827 days ago


Things that make you go ummmmmmm

827 days ago


No more ...Up your nose with a rubber hose! Vinnie Barbarino ...Its now up your azz with rubber fist

827 days ago


You people are a bunch of idiots with your stupid comments about payoffs and such. Not one of you have ever met Travolta and spew out venomous comments as if you were there. None of you know the real story so STFU!! I hope all of you get in some kind of legal trouble someday and tell your own stories to deaf ears.

827 days ago


he still guilty...i bet he has payed off or threatened him...if JT wasnt gay he would be in the media defending himself and getting pissed off and counter suing the crap out of them...if he just lets it slide the hes gay as the man kisses hes been photographed doing

827 days ago


John touched my dumper in a Applebee's mens room. Give me money.

827 days ago


John touched my dumper in a Applebee's mens room. Give me money.

827 days ago


Oh, please, TMZ. Why are all the other sites reporting the real story -- that Travolta settled with them for hundreds of thousands of dollars. I miss the days when TMZ wasn't censored.

827 days ago

buzz kill    

I guess the rich and famous have friends and resources that will do what it takes to protect them. I doubt anyone in their right mind would make a false claim and leave themselves open to a libel suit. If Travolta doesn't sue these guys and make an example of them then maybe he has something to hide.

827 days ago


The accusers were either paid off or they were threatened by the Xenu.

827 days ago

Uh Huh    

We don't know the reason the accusers are dropping their lawsuits, it could be one of two reasons. John could pay them off, but somehow it feels ugly and by that I mean that maybe they have been threatened and I know I sure never want to have Scientology breathing down my neck. They protect their rich and famous members. They will do whatever it takes, and I'm not thinking pay offs are one of the options. Scary stuff. Carrie Fisher let it slip... rumors have flown forever... now people are accusing him. It seems he is another Tiger Woods, just not after the female persuasion... No, I don't care what he likes sexually. But if he came out of the closet, he would be free to grope the guys, pay them for their pain and suffering, and move on to the next guy. Everybody would know that is what he does and they would just think, "that's just John being John" They might even think, "the pervert" but it would stop there. Of course when you deny it all and have the wife and kids, it's kind of harder to come out. So many lies. I would respect him more if he stopped living a lie. Not that I matter, but his own life would be easier too if he came out. Any movie he would make in the future would be a great success. Everybody would go and see it. Those that don't CARE and those who want to check him out anew to see if they can see any signs.... It wouldn't hurt him a bit. Not his wife either because she knows, has always known. Like everybody in Hollywood knows.... Just like they knew about Rock and Liberace.

827 days ago

And thats the truth    

TMZ reported that flight records show that John was in New York at the time when the first person accused him. The others jumped on the bandwagon to get money. I will bet that if John was not a Scientologist people would not be judging him so badly.

I actually read a post that said John must be gay because he is a good dancer......really? Fred Astaire was a good dancer. There are a lot of good male dancers that are not gay. I have a 22 year old nephew and a 40 year old nephew who are gay and they can't dance to save their lives.

827 days ago

Fools Rush In    

I seriously doubt Gloria Allred will just settle with a payoff without getting LOTS of camera time in carefully orchestrated press conferences. I could be wrong but that's what she does and it's her hallmark, I don't see that changing.

827 days ago
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