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Donna Summer

9/11 Gave Me Cancer

5/18/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donna Summer was convinced -- inhaling toxic air after 9/11 gave her the lung cancer that eventually killed her ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the singer tell TMZ what we were hearing this morning -- that Donna was in New York City during 9/11, living at an apartment near Ground Zero.

Donna became almost paranoid about breathing the air, which was heavy with a rancid odor. 

In the months and years following 9/11, Donna's feelings intensified.  One source tells us when he was around Donna, she would constantly spray some sort of disinfectant in the air.  Deney Terrio, the host of "Dance Fever," tells us ... when he was around Donna post 9/11, she would hang silk sheets in her dressing room to prevent dust from coming in.

And one source says ... Donna, who was a fervent practicing Christian, believed 9/11 was an attack on Christianity and in some metaphysical way Christians like her were targets.  She somehow felt that her illness was a byproduct of the attack.

And, we're told, after Donna was diagnosed with lung cancer, several people told her that cigarette smoke may have been the culprit -- she was a smoker, and she also frequented clubs where people smoked.  But Donna simply didn't buy it.


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Could have been the toxic air. More likely it was the cigarettes.

851 days ago


It's a well kept secret that cigarettes can cause lung cancer... isn't it?
why should someone who smokes and end up with lung cancer believe this is the cause?
maybe if you could read the warnings on the cigarette boxes... they're not just decoration i guess.

851 days ago


There is no way to know. Believe it or not, some people smoke a lifetime and never get lung cancer. Not saying it wasn't the smoking, but a whole lot of first responders in New York that were involved with 9/11 also got cancer.

851 days ago


It was probibly the smoking, but... I think it could be possible. I mean a lot of rescue workers on ground zero were smokers but their lungs freaked after inhailing the dust.

I still can't believe that some goverment officials said it was okay to breath that air. And that some people believed them. With all that died because of exposure to this air... It makes me wonder what the death toll of 9/11 actually is. We will probibly never know.

851 days ago

Blue Lake    

Good voice but not too brainy.

851 days ago


So will I get lung cancer? My window screens were replete with human remains. I watched the towers fall. I watched the loved ones call.

851 days ago

Michael C, Teniente    

I believe it. All that smoke after 9/11 going into her lungs. Just look at video of the attack and that huge amount of smoke from the crash...that looks like a cancer causing thing to me.

Plus, Islam was targeting "the Christian" nation and their target were the inhabitants of that nation. Put two-and-two together.

mike t.

851 days ago


Poor woman we'll never know it of been both. When she inhaled the toxic dust it could of been worst when smoking too and put her at higher risk to get lung cancer I dont know. She seemed like such a lovely woman and its sad to see her go. RIP Donna

851 days ago


I'd like to know where Ms. Summers lived in September of 2001. I watched the towers fall, my window screens were filthy with dust (likely human remains), and I lived with the smell of burned material, of all sorts, for at least six months in Manhattan. I haven't suffered any physical maladies from the aftermath of the slaughter, so far. Of course, emotional and psychological trauma have both taken their tolls.

851 days ago


RIP Donna.

851 days ago


So what do you want us to say? She was a kook? If she believed all that, then why didn't she move? Come on. She's dead and gone. Let's leave it at that.

851 days ago


Some disinfectant sprays and deodorizers are carcinogens.

851 days ago


Yeah, it was 9/11 rather than the smoking. Ok, whatever belief gets you through the day I guess.

851 days ago


STOP IT. New York City was covered in soot and building and human debris. Of course it was a hazard. So was smoking. But TMZ gets a f*ck of a lot wrong anyway, do not take this reporting to the gospel, and for f*ck's sake TMZ has no ground to be smug and smarmy

851 days ago


wow, smokers are dumb! I'm not saying that the cancer couldn't have been caused by 9/11...but how could she think that the smoking had nothing to do with it!

850 days ago
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