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Donna Summer

9/11 Gave Me Cancer

5/18/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donna Summer was convinced -- inhaling toxic air after 9/11 gave her the lung cancer that eventually killed her ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the singer tell TMZ what we were hearing this morning -- that Donna was in New York City during 9/11, living at an apartment near Ground Zero.

Donna became almost paranoid about breathing the air, which was heavy with a rancid odor. 

In the months and years following 9/11, Donna's feelings intensified.  One source tells us when he was around Donna, she would constantly spray some sort of disinfectant in the air.  Deney Terrio, the host of "Dance Fever," tells us ... when he was around Donna post 9/11, she would hang silk sheets in her dressing room to prevent dust from coming in.

And one source says ... Donna, who was a fervent practicing Christian, believed 9/11 was an attack on Christianity and in some metaphysical way Christians like her were targets.  She somehow felt that her illness was a byproduct of the attack.

And, we're told, after Donna was diagnosed with lung cancer, several people told her that cigarette smoke may have been the culprit -- she was a smoker, and she also frequented clubs where people smoked.  But Donna simply didn't buy it.


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If Donna had an intuitive sense that something she was being exposed to was detrimental to her... Who am I to argue with her?? She knew her own body & personal being better than any of the rest of us. Perhaps she knew on some inner level that what she was being exposed to was inherently bad for her. The Islamic attack on America & on Christian values was meant to be bad for all of us. God bless you for even being there on 9/11 Donna, to try to offer help. RIP...& thank you for all of the great music I used to love to sing along with as a kid. You lived a good, respectable life.

825 days ago


Why does Jesus make people so facking stupid?

825 days ago

terrie hall    

dear TMZ. I was watching last night when you were telling us about Donna Summers passing. I found most of the comments made by your very young and inmature staff, not only to be tastless, but very disrespectfull of the person who passed away.I and my family usually enjoy the show,but not last night, us some common respect and compassion when someone has passed away. we all have problems or are sick. thank you very much.

825 days ago


To Jody: Your compassion is overwhelming. Sickness can happen to anyone, anytime, anyplace. There is no 100% perfect lifestyle regarding one's health. We ALL can and do get sick. I hope you do not get sick. But if you do, I hope someone gives you more compassion than you just gave. RIP Donna & God Bless every cancer patient

825 days ago



825 days ago


1) She was never a smoker
2) She left NYC immediately after 9/11

TMZ... this is bull****.
You're too quick to listen to your sources.

825 days ago


It was the cigarettes but she still should have been treated for post traumatic stress disorder. RIP

825 days ago


3) she never blamed 9/11

825 days ago


IT NEVER OCCURRED TO ME that all that dust and debris from that dreadful attack on 9/11 could cause cancer in humans. Makes sense. Something to think about.

825 days ago


it lessens how huge this disease is and how ANYONE can be affected by it to believe the MISINFORMATION that she was a smoker. Non of the details about her in NYC are true.

NONE of them

825 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

...and she also got large by 'driving by McDonalds' ...

825 days ago


The government should have evacuated the city after the buildings went down.....insead they lifted all the bridges, and did not provide proper equipment to the first responders- Guliani sucks and so does bush/cheney.

825 days ago


Get your facts straight she died from smoking cigarettes. Also after breathing in sanitizing agents on a daily basis may have aided with her demise as well

825 days ago

Mickey B    

Some in heaven or Hell must have been having a boring time to put a call in for this HOT babe!!

Donna Summer Diva for four decades, in her music she will ilve on

825 days ago


Typical conspiracy theorist thinking. Why accept the most logical and straightforward answer when you can make up a dramatic and off the wall one?
In saying this I do believe that ground zero clean up workers may have gotten sick from the debris, but not someone in their apartment somewhere in the general region of the attack.

825 days ago
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