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Mark Zuckerberg

The $20 Billion Smile

5/18/2012 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So this what it looks like to make $20 BILLION in one day.

28-year-old Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg surfaced moments ago outside his home in Palo Alto, CA -- just hours after his Facebook IPO earned him an extra $20 billion -- and he looked happier (and richer) than ever.

But everyone else wasn't so lucky -- Facebook's stock was originally priced at $38 and finished the day at $38.23 ... not bad, but not great either.

To put it in perspective, Google's stock was priced at $85 during its IPO in 2004, and finished its first day at $100.34.


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nipples mugee    

The problem I see with facebook is they don't produce anything but facebook.

The stock is way over priced and they really don't show any big profits for anything but a bunch of silly adds.

I mean look at apple, microsoft and goole. Each one has a hundred things in the pipeline but facebook has ????

Very bad long term stock. Might be able to make a few quick bucks but if nothing changes and facebook doesn't branch out soon they will be gone soon...

889 days ago

News Flash     

Does he give anything to charity? I'm sure he does but I've never read anything about it. The Micrsoft king gave generously. Just sayin...

889 days ago


Google had a clear and proven way to generate revenue (AdWords). Facebook has hypothetical ways to make money. The big time investors aren't stupid (greedy & reckless, but not stupid). They know questionable IPOs when they see them.

889 days ago


Pathetic video. That videographer has no shame by belittling himself like this. Shouting to a billionarire through a car window - I hope you're proud.

889 days ago

who dat    

The only reason FB price held up today is the under-writers stepped in every time the stock hit $38, to support the price at that level. The insiders can't sell their shares for 6 months. There will be mass exodus when that time comes.

FB is a fad. Google on the other-hand, is a useful tool that serves a highly necessary purpose. FB shares are highly over valued. At $38, that's 100X projected earnings. Good luck with that.

889 days ago


Dream on broke MF's...Dream on...Me too!

889 days ago


Kids outside in the neighborhood playing and laughing having the time of their life in the Summer weather.
They don't have a million bucks or maids and butlers, just gratitude for life and desire to have fun.

889 days ago


LOL...He would have said...Thank you than ignoring the pathetic camera loser.

889 days ago


He didn't make 20 billion in one day. He worked hard on this site for years. Typical TMZ, thinking the rich just become rich without putting forth effort.

889 days ago

G. Howie Belches    

Isn't TMZ worth billions?

888 days ago


How much money does one person need? Start handing that **** out geek boy.

888 days ago


I say, "Destroy the Computer!" It has GONE to Far. No wonder people are OBESE and STUPID!

888 days ago

Joe Edo    

Mark, call me 6264976653, I've got some business proposals.

885 days ago
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