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Will vs. Kissing Reporter

The SMACK Down!

5/18/2012 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Will Smith delivered the slap heard 'round Russia after a reporter tried to kiss him -- sparking a huge debate: did Will overreact or was he justified? Someone in the newsroom thinks he should have punched the guy!

Plus, Clint Eastwood's wife and kids are trying to turn him into a Kardashian! At least that's Harvey's take on their new reality show. Speaking of Kim Kardashian ... is she really a bigger star than Kanye West? Ugghh ...

(0:00) Will Smith bitch slaps a reporter in Russia who tried to lay a wet one on him -- some people in the newsroom think he went to far ... others think he didn't go far enough.
(9:46) Facebook hits Wall Street -- and makes billionaires and millionaires out of a whole bunch of nerds. (13:00) "American Idol" finalist Phillip Phillips is one tough cookie -- he's postponing surgery for chronic kidney stones until after the show is over.
(19:00) Donna Summer blames the September 11 attack for her lung cancer.
(22:20) David Letterman and Conan O'Brien take shots at Jay Leno while reminiscing over the "Tonight Show" fiasco.
(24:30) Harvey can't stand the reality show based on Clint Eastwood's wife ... but not everyone agrees..
(30:30) Is Kim Kardashian really a bigger star than Kanye West?
(34:10) Sarah Jessica Parker is the new George Clooney ... at least in President Obama's eyes.
(36:15) "50 shades of Grey" sparks huge sales ... in sex toys.
(40:10) Did Gloria Allred break any laws when she swooped up the John Does accusing John Travolta of sexual harassment?
(43:40) We take your calls!

No Avatar


That reporter was lucky Will did not smack him harder,tecnicly that was sex asult.

887 days ago


Are they late or am I early???

887 days ago


REPORTER? thats a joke more like a shock jock,no one makes out with the stars as reporters.HARVEY remember next time not to lipp lock BIG WILLY ot you`ll get your clock cleaned

887 days ago


I think Will overreacted to that. The reporter was obviously kissing cheek to cheek and brushed his mouth as he was going to kiss the other cheek. That's what it looked like to me.

887 days ago


That Will Smith hit was a tap.

887 days ago


if a male reported kissed a female star like that security would break it up.Will kisses in dha moviolas not with shock dude reporters.Bonas will be broke inn two weeks aftre his faces fall

887 days ago


I have absolutely NO problem with Will's reaction. Non-issue. The slap I would have given would have been MUCH harder.

887 days ago


In this day and age when both sexes and all preferences are supposed to be accepted, then so should this reaction be accepted! This is no different than ANY unwanted advances. It is VERY obvious that this guy is trying to kiss his mouth over and over again!!

887 days ago

who dat    

Planning on mentioning the Jeff Conoway story?

"Travolta’s steamy Early Morning Fever session happened in the 1990s at Conaway’s home, Conaway’s former fiancée, Vikki Lizzi, told the National Enquirer.
The late Conaway allegedly said he was so dismayed to wake up and find his friend giving him oral sex that it ended his long relationship with Travolta.
Lizzi told the tabloid that Conaway made the claim in a suicide note he left after a failed bid to kill himself in 2006."

887 days ago


a backhand push away with no force isn`t a attack it`s a sane normal defence from a PR money shoot seeking A HOLE.A female would file a law suit of xual harrassment will was being nice he should have cold clocked him to the cement??? no concrete

887 days ago


Will Smith has long came off as gay to me, this kind of just reaffirms that. And what is with the way he always lowers his voice? It comes off as so fake sounding.

887 days ago


I'm sorry....give it a break! So straight people are now NOT supposed to be offended or protect their own space??? Diseases can be transferred from kissing and this is supposed to be okay???? You guys are sick!!!

887 days ago

No comment    

No one has the right to violate your space like that. If a man did this to a woman charges would be filed.

887 days ago


Will Smith is completely homophobic (dare I say why), but his reaction to it was fine. He should have cold caulked the guy. If a woman was on the receiving end of that forced kiss, she would have slapped the crap out of him.

887 days ago


Nobody got hurt, Will's slap was a very light slap...slightly harder than the Lane Garrison slap....not enough to harm a fly.
I don't really see any homophobia here, just a reaction from Will in an uncomfortable, sudden situation.

887 days ago
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