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Will vs. Kissing Reporter

The SMACK Down!

5/18/2012 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Will Smith delivered the slap heard 'round Russia after a reporter tried to kiss him -- sparking a huge debate: did Will overreact or was he justified? Someone in the newsroom thinks he should have punched the guy!

Plus, Clint Eastwood's wife and kids are trying to turn him into a Kardashian! At least that's Harvey's take on their new reality show. Speaking of Kim Kardashian ... is she really a bigger star than Kanye West? Ugghh ...

(0:00) Will Smith bitch slaps a reporter in Russia who tried to lay a wet one on him -- some people in the newsroom think he went to far ... others think he didn't go far enough.
(9:46) Facebook hits Wall Street -- and makes billionaires and millionaires out of a whole bunch of nerds. (13:00) "American Idol" finalist Phillip Phillips is one tough cookie -- he's postponing surgery for chronic kidney stones until after the show is over.
(19:00) Donna Summer blames the September 11 attack for her lung cancer.
(22:20) David Letterman and Conan O'Brien take shots at Jay Leno while reminiscing over the "Tonight Show" fiasco.
(24:30) Harvey can't stand the reality show based on Clint Eastwood's wife ... but not everyone agrees..
(30:30) Is Kim Kardashian really a bigger star than Kanye West?
(34:10) Sarah Jessica Parker is the new George Clooney ... at least in President Obama's eyes.
(36:15) "50 shades of Grey" sparks huge sales ... in sex toys.
(40:10) Did Gloria Allred break any laws when she swooped up the John Does accusing John Travolta of sexual harassment?
(43:40) We take your calls!

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I cant stand that Ryan with the short hair. ugh... stop putting him on!!

889 days ago


We tell our kids not to tolerate this sort of thing and to tell an adult or someone who can help. Why should Will have to put up with that sort of sexual harassment? I am a woman and I have been attacked in the street prior and if that guy would've tried that on me he would meet Mr Taser real right qwick. SEXUAL HARASSMENT IS WRONG PERIOD! WORD

889 days ago


They have to stop putting straight people on the spot like that. Just because someone is heterosexual does not mean they are homophobic. Homophobia is an excuse that is used when they encounter opposition to their lifestyle. In Will's case the reporter was trying to force acceptance onto Will for publicity, and Will made his point clear without resorting to violence. That tap on his cheek was not to knock some sense into him but to wake him up of his behavior...probably didn't work though.

889 days ago


An interview with reporter who wanted to kiss Will Smith..

889 days ago


don't the greet people like that is some part of the world like in France I seen Johnny Depp do the same thing

889 days ago


I do not see where the man kissed on the mouth at all. It could have all been planned.

889 days ago


I can't believe you dissect this drivel. With the exeception of Harvey and anyone who makes real money off this ****, what the hell?!

889 days ago


Will just had a knee-jerk reaction to someone being stupid. Handled the situation better than I would have.

889 days ago


Thats nothing, will did nothing to him that smack was less then a girl smack.... What the f... do u expect when u try to kiss a guy. U can clearly see will have problems avoiding the the kiss and he do the right thing.

when ur a stright guy u get freaked out when a gay try to kiss u.

889 days ago

Keith Richard Radford Jr    

pretty much proves Mr. Smith would never make it as a envoy to France or most other countries for that matter. In China women and girls hold hand and kiss and so on but in America we have gone freak~a~violent over intolerance GPS sex Im so afraid cowards blooding our neighbors and now we want to take this dog and pony show on the road world wide? Shame on you Will! remember the award went to France, go figure ,,, huh?

889 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

I wanna know why he's not being charged with assault and being run through the mill for homophobiness.... a white guy would be...

888 days ago

Laura szelagiewicz    

Sorry but Will Smith was right. You just don't go around kissing people. Someone I did not want to kiss me would get smacked too! personal space!

888 days ago


If some random guy grabbed a female star, Madonna or the like, and tried to kiss her, her guards would have stomped him into the concrete, and no one would have complained. It was a violation, and the guy had that pointed out to him. Besides, it was a tap not a slap down.

888 days ago


Look at the grin on the reporter's face! He obviously enjoyed humiliating Will! The guy had a fraction of what he should have got. Look at Will, he is a nice guy and if he really wanted to, he could have done some real damage to the reporter. He barely even tapped the guy. Will should have punched the guy in my opinion...

888 days ago


Will was completely in the right, I'm no homophob I have gay friends but I don't want any guy kissing especially a stranger in another country

887 days ago
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