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Will Smith

ATTACKS Kissy Reporter

5/18/2012 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Will Smith just slapped a Ukrainian reporter across the face at the Moscow premiere of "Men in Black 3" -- and it was all caught on tape.

The Ukrainian reporter tries to kiss Will on the lips on the red carpet and the actor angrily pushes him away and then backhands him across the face.

You can clearly see that Will is incredibly pissed that the guy showed overt affection toward him.

After Will slaps the guy, Will says, "He's lucky I didn't sucker punch him."

We're told the dude who kissed Will is a television reporter who often kisses celebrities -- it's his schtick.

For the record, Will just came out in support of gay marriage.

A source on scene tells TMZ, the reporter's mouth brushed up against Will's and that's why the actor reacted so violently. Despite the incident, Will stayed positive ... and happily continued to sign autographs for fans and do red carpet interviews.


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Will portrayed a gay man in Six Degrees of Separation so I really don't think he has an issue with the gay community. I don't think he overreacted, he reacted to an unwanted kiss. He seemed to be ok with the hug and the initial greeting until the reporter took it too far and tried to go for the lips. Then the reporter has the nerve to look like his feelings are hurt.

854 days ago


Well done Will! Maybe the guy will think twice next time!

854 days ago


No one should have the right to touch you without your permission. The reporter was wrong and stop making more of it that it was. It was obviously a tap not a slap. Being in favor of same sex marriage does not mean you are gay or bi and also does not mean you invite strange people to touch you in a sexual way. Especially people you do not know. He has the right to the privacy of his person and does not need YOU to blow it up and make more of it than it was.

854 days ago


@MrHarryBawl..are you sure you know who you are speaking about? Will Smith is a gifted actor, and charismatic personality, friendly, open, family man, handsome. So, what's your problem? In "Seven Pounds" the pain he expressed was incredible. In lighter fare, he is nothing short of completely entertaining. Jealous much?

854 days ago


Guess if you are going to interview American Actors you should leave your "schtick" at home. Idiot! Go Will Smith!

854 days ago


"For the record, Will just came out in support of gay marriage"
What does a stranger trying to kiss a person without consent and invading their personal space have anything to do with gay marriage?

854 days ago


I think Will Smith was totally justified. That guy is lucky that was all that happened to him. I also want to add I do not think this was a homophobic moment. That moment was about boundary issues.

854 days ago


what a stupid headline for this article. Will didn't attack him...looks like that punk was attacking will....

854 days ago


good for will and that bastard should have gotten it worse.

854 days ago


Supporting gay marriage and having a man you don't know try and kiss you are 2 completely different situations. Will supports gay marriage, it doesn't mean he's going to openly kiss men. He's CLEARLY not gay xD.

854 days ago


I think Mr. Smith overreacted. Walking away and laughing about it would have been enough. The reporter was definitely out of line but Mr. Smith should know that being a celebrity means you have to deal with things like these all the time. Just take them with good humor as they don't mean anything.

Americans are strange in general ...... especially AFRICAN Americans. They're intensely homophobic.

854 days ago

The Voice Of Reason    

people complain that this is homophobic??? it doesnt mean he is against gays but he isnt gay and doesnt want to be involved in gay actions. i have gay family members and i am very supportiv of gay rights and of anyone who is gay but if a guy tried to kiss me id be pretty pised too. people complain too much.

854 days ago


I like to apply the reversing roles scenario.
If it was a girl who was being forcefully kissed and she suddenly slapped him, would we be calling the actress on it?
I'm not homophobic, but that's because I respect people.
Forcing yourself on anyone like this is not respect.

854 days ago


I don't care what the reporter's shtick is; sexual assault is sexual assault. Will was well within his rights and was merely defending himself. Doesn't matter if a person is gay or straight, we all have the right to defend ourselves when we feel we are threatened, that includes sexually.

854 days ago


Wow! Is that what you call ATTACK? And I can see how Will VIOLENTLY REACTED.
How dare he. He was like an out of control animal wasn't he? OMGosh he should be locked up. Violently Attacked my butt.

853 days ago
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