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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Mary's Suicide was

NOT My Fault

5/20/2012 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert F. Kennedy Jr
. is ADAMANT the suicide of his wife -- Mary Richardson Kennedy -- was not his fault ... but apparently Mary's siblings aren't buying it.

During Mary's funeral -- held Saturday at St. Patrick's Church in Bedford -- RFK Jr. publicly proclaimed that a friend told him not to blame himself for Mary's death, saying, "I know I did everything I could to help her."

The memorial -- which was boycotted by Mary's 6 siblings -- came just one day after a colossal legal battle erupted between RFK Jr. and Mary's biological family -- each side wanted to claim Mary's body for burial.

RFK Jr. won the battle courtesy of a judge  ...  which allowed him to retrieve Mary's body from the medical examiner -- just hours before the wake.

Mary hanged herself Wednesday.  She was 52.


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Freddie K    

i would be more impressed with his sincerity if he offed himself, but hey thats not the Kennedy way.

852 days ago


Of course it wasn't Bobby's fault. It caused by global warmi... errr... climate change. Please buy Al Gore Carbon Credits and help stop Kennedy Family Suicide today. (This message was brought to you by the Left Rev. Al Gore of the Carbonology Church, LLC.)

852 days ago

Freddie K    

her blood is on your hands ass clown!

852 days ago


He's as guilty as if he put the noose around her neck. (and can he prove he didn't?). His cheating went on for years. Isn't he the one who effed the babysitter years ago? He emotionally and verbally abused her for years. Of course he's guilty. I hope he rots in hell with his grandfather.

852 days ago


Cheryl Hines and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. both had an affair while married to someone else. Do you think that it was a coincidence that they were photograph together (2009-2010), and both file for divorce from their supposes in 2010, three mounts apart?!
There is a photograph on Getty images, from an event in NY -2010, in which Cheryl Hines, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, and his late wife are standing almost next to each other....can imagine being his wife and founding out that your husband not only cheat it on you , but he humiliated you in public?!?!
It is a tragedy that a human being didn't see a light in the future, and that life was not worth living....but no matter how depressed she was , I'm sure what her husband did to her contributed to her decision...

852 days ago


My heart breaks for the Richardson family. Not only do they rightfully blame Bobby for Mary's death, they are forced to give him her body so that he can bury it in the Kennedy graveyard in Hyannisport -- far away and private from the public, where they will not even be able to visit her grave and pay their respects! Bobby's behavior goes beyond cruel and insensitive!! He's a pig!! He deserted Mary completely (financially/emotionally) and had no problem continually humiliating her by flouting his latest girlfriend/conquest, by refusing to take her calls, by refusing to have anything to do with her; he is a CAD and a PIG!

851 days ago


My heart breaks for the Richardson family. To see your loved one completely humiliated by a pig of a man - and then to have him STEAL her body so that he can bury her in the Kennedy graveyard is OUTRAGEOUS!! Bobby checked out of his marriage YEARS AGO -- SO WHY DID HE FIGHT IN COURT TO GET MARY'S BODY??? Oh...right...because how would it look in the press? BOBBY...YOU'RE A PIG AND AN ADULTERER!!

851 days ago


Oh....and Bobby. Newsflash for ya! Those of us who know you and Mary know that IT IS MOST CERTAINLY YOUR FAULT THAT MARY IS DEAD. You can't spin your way out of this one. Your actions, deliberate, calculated, cruel, indifferent, calous and self-serving - DROVE HER TO THIS! I HOPE SOME DAY YOU GROW A CONSCIENCE BECAUSE THEN YOU'LL ACTUALLY HAVE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MARY'S DEATH AND EXPLAIN IT TO YOUR CHILDREN!!!

851 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

Stop making Jr. the villian. Maybe he's guilty of being a crappy husband, we don't know since we are not privy to their private marriage secrets. We do know that Jr. had to call the cops on on numerous occasions because Mary was acting erratically and threatening to hurt herself. Put yourself in Jr.'s shoes. Here is a man who leads a public life. He needs a strong female partner, not somebody who crumbles when life does not turn out to be a fairy tale. It seems that Mary was the girlfriend who he got pregnant during his first marriage. Jr. could have left her holding the bag but he "did the right thing" and married her before the baby was born. Life in the public eye is not easy and Mary couldn't cut it. It seems that Jr. stuck it out for as long as he could but who needs an alki for a wife anyway? He was dating a horse faced actress after he was legally seperated and had filed for divorce. People are free to date after a legal seperation.

People always want to blame somebody when these things happen. The sad truth is that this lady took her own life and left four children motherless. This lady is responsible for her own actions and the choices she alone made. People get left everyday. Husbands pack up and leave, some don't even bother to see their kids again. Most people find a way to cope. Sadly, this lady could not.

851 days ago

vitore vulaj merhige    

people get divorced all the time and dont committ suicide, everyone is blaming bobby kennedy ,the people that should be held responsible are the pharmaceutical companies ,fda and doctors that are prescribing anti-depressants and mind altering drugs like there candy.I believe mary kennedy suicide was a direct result of these drugs.I hope that the kennedys and the richardsons relize that mary was controlled by these drugs. so stop blaming one another and get to the truth for marys honor! I know it happened in my family . if you want to know more go to

851 days ago


It takes a special mindset to marry into the Kennedy clan and subject yourself to the machinations of the Kennedy family's persona and their "believed" personification of power within America.

849 days ago


AS A BORN AND BRED NEW ENGLAND YANKEE, which I am proud of being, I am having a problem accepting RFK Jr"s comment , "Mary's suicide was not my fault." I would respect him a little more if he, at least, had taken partial responsibility for his wife's death. Very cowardly on his part and not at all "manly." The Kennedy family has contributed much to our beloved country which cannot be denied, but, as stand up "men" with the exception of JFK Jr, , they missed the boat on a personal level. RFK Jr must have ice water in his veins to actually flaunt his "new love" Cheryl Hines, in Mary's face, who was fighting her own demons resulting in her tragic death. Suicide or murder, we will never know. Perhaps Mary's revenge will be for her "husband" and his paramour to have lively and vigorous nightmares for the rest of their miserable lives. One can only hope!!!

845 days ago


so in the same funeral you say you are not to blame...what a piece of garbage. Everyone in retrospect find something that could have done differently but not you. You strapped her financially, wanted the house wanted the kids while making her look like a crazy woman and an alhoclolic. The whole Kennedy machine in motion. Even your sister said the devil won the battle...that is you but wait and see this aint over.

830 days ago

S Dobbs    

Mental illness, depression, LIFE, is a rough meal to swallow and difficult for the person suffering as it is for the people involved in that person's life. It is sad that this woman reached the point of suicide without someone from her life realizing she was in bad shape. Her mental illness and her death will haunt those she left behind, and it is too late to do anything but remember. May she find peace now. May her family members, her former husband, her children be able to go on
with their lives and recall this human being in a happier light in happier times.

803 days ago
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