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Billboard Awards Showdown

Whitney's Family Demands

Ray J Move ... Or Else

5/21/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ray J
was almost physically removed from the Billboard Music Awards last night after angry members of Whitney Houston's family ordered their security to get him away from them ... TMZ has learned.

Pat Houston's blood was boiling because she, Bobbi Kristina and other family members were seated next to Ray J, the person Pat believes was a very bad influence on Whitney. Minutes before the tribute to Whitney, Pat asked her security to remove Ray J from his seat, but he refused to budge.

Our sources say ... Pat's security summoned hotel security, along with several uniformed officers to physically remove Ray J. 

Just before push was about to come to shove, security warned Pat that things would likely get physical and it would almost certainly be caught on video, just as Whitney was about to be honored.  Sources say Pat then grudgingly recanted and Ray J kept his seat.

For his part, Ray J groused to friends, "Pat ruined what was a great opportunity to honor the woman who I loved."


11:40 AM PDT -- A rep for the Houston family tells TMZ ... Pat's assistant DID ask for Ray J to be moved from his seat ... but only after an official from Billboard told the family they needed to move to the seat that Ray J was already using.

Since Ray J had a ticket with the proper seat number, he refused to budge ... so Pat's assistant called for security to help sort out the situation.

The Houston family rep insists Pat does not have a problem with Ray J.


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Straight Talkin Texan    

What a mess! These people sound like control freaks...and they lack dignity.

884 days ago


Kids, did you forget to take the trash out again. How many times have I told you.

884 days ago

London Vik    

Why couldnt she move?... too fat?

884 days ago


Pat needs a reality check. Whitney was a grown woman with her own demons to fight.

Blaming Ray J is petty and symptomatic of the inability and refusal of certain persons to hold Whitney accountable for her own actions.

Stop playing the blame game, Pat! Use this opportunity to teach Bobbi that ultimately each person is responsible for the decisions they make in life, good or bad.

884 days ago


This Pat really needs to get over herself. Does she really need a security team? Her only claim to fame is being an (ex) sister-in-law to Whitney. Her career is to hang on the Houston's. And she was with Whitney all the time...why is she blaming others for her death?

884 days ago


Jebus Christ Pat, so which one is the bad influence Ray J or Bobby? Whitney was a big girl her made the choice to use. Get the Eff over it and yourself.

884 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Whitney Houston's family is blaming EVERYONE for her drug use and abuse except the way she was raised. Whitney herself explained that she was doing drugs when she MET Bobby Brown. Now Ray J. was a bad influence. I am sorry she died, not because we lost a great talent, but because her daughter grew up almost parentless and now has no mother in her life. Cissy Houston, look in a mirror. She did drugs under YOUR watch,

884 days ago


i dont like ray j, but he was already seated. why should he have to move? they should have moved to a different location.

884 days ago


Gary Walked them up on the stage and went to sit down, why didnt he stay on the stage to honor is sister. The only people that should have been on that stage was Gary, Michael (her brothers), Cissy and Bobbi Kristina. That lady Pat is not even a blood relative, always trying to insert herself into something. She needs to stop worrying about where Ray J is sitting and worry about herself mooching off of Whitney and her family so much.

884 days ago


Pat is fat! Thanks Whitney for leaving us ur ghetto family to deal with.
Brandy killed a person while texting.

884 days ago


I'm sick of this woman. Blame everyone and may the next headline on TMZ be, Pat Houston dies of massive stroke.

884 days ago

head bussa    

Why does that family blame everyone but, the addict for her death? Eveyone knew Whitney was on drugs why didn't the family stop her and put her in rehab?

Stop blaming Bobby and Ray J and look in the mirror!

884 days ago

Kelly Kelly    

Although I can not stand Ray J, he is a douche in every sense of the word, he didn't force Whitney to nothing she didn't want to do or probably hadn't already done.

884 days ago


Pat probibly didn't want to chance the camera's cutting to Ray J during the tribute instead of her.

Relax Pat, you were next to Bobbi Kristina, you got your tv time.

Ray J is a :bleep: , Pat doesn't seem to be much better, judging from yesturday. Relax you two. You got your publicity out of the tribute of the person you both "loved".

884 days ago


I don't have an opinion on Ray J, Whitney's family ..because I don't know them. However, it seems the family wants to blame everyone for Whitney's choices, except Whitney. At the end of the day, she was a grown up who made her own decisions. And with our decisions, comes consequences. Sorry, I refuse to put her on a pedestal now that she is gone. She WAS talented but certainly not someone who should be put on a pedestal.

884 days ago
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