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Dr. Phil's Son Sued

You Told Me Your Dad

Was a Marketing God

5/21/2012 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Dr. Phil's son wants to be the next KING in the world of female bodybuilding ... with a little help from daddy ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Phil's kid -- Jay McGraw -- is being sued by a hot blonde fitness instructor named Holly Holton ... who claims she created a gym program geared towards women called Pink Iron.

It's kinda cute ... her L.A. gym has pink weights with hearts on the barbells.

But we digress ... point is, Holly claims Jay approached her and wanted to license her brand for next to nothing ... in exchange for a TON of publicity from his world famous father.

According to the suit, filed in L.A., Holly claims Jay promised, "My dad will market the sh*t out of Pink Iron."

Holly claims she agreed to the deal ... and was all set to become the spokesperson for the product ... but Jay backed out and partnered with a different company, which is named P.I.N.K. Method.

To make matters worse, Holly claims the spokeswoman for P.I.N.K. Method bears a "striking similar resemblance" to herself ... blonde, hot and toned.

Holly is suing for breach of contract ... and wants a ton of cash to make things right, though she doesn't specify an amount.

We reached out to Jay's camp -- so far, no comment.


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887 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Let me guess... a clown put on her make-up.

887 days ago


Yeah, my dad will mention you on his show alot. For nothing, really! Did I mention my Dad was Dr Phil? Yeah, we have money. Lots of it. You want to see where he lives? Yeah, I sometimes stay there in the basement. No, he knows we're coming, really. Oh sure, he'll make you famous. You are single right?

887 days ago


blondes are dumb, huh?

887 days ago


He just gave her what he promised. Publicity due to his father, right here on TMZ. Case closed.

887 days ago

Pudding Tang    

don't be so gullible McHolly

887 days ago


Holly is a slut.
Jay is an idiot.
The lawyers have dollar signs on their eyes.

887 days ago


Don't all the gay gyms have pink weights with little ass-shaped hearts on them already?

887 days ago


I have never understood why these women who are suppose to be into fitness and HEALTH, would turn around and put a bag of silicone in their bodies just to have bigger tits.

887 days ago


Dumb beotch. A guy used his famous dad as a pickup line and the girl fell for it.

887 days ago


If this is true, he moved in, learned her business model and techniques...and ripped her off as thieves tend to do. I mean, he did this before, you will all recall Oprah's famed Dr. Oz segments, right? Well, she was grooming Oz for his own show, but Jay and Phil moved in and stole the concept based upon those segments and presented it as The Doctors well before the Dr. Oz Show had a chance to launch in syndication, by at least one season--so it looks like these two are up to their same old scam. There are people out there who are not creators, and have no creative bone in their bodies or the mental capacity for it, therefore they feel that they have to steal others ideas. They see what you have created and see people's positive reactions to it, informing them that you are onto something great, so they move to copy it, and steal it. She should ask for an immediate court injunction, to block him from going forward with his Pink Method company and any related products as it is theft of her intellectual property rights...based upon the fact that he broke the contract. With the contract broken, she is making the claim that she retains exclusive ownership of the original business model and intellectual property therein.

887 days ago


"blonde, hot and toned" ... oh please... get in line. Next time try to end that sentence with brains... but that isn't happening, is it?

887 days ago


she might have to go on his show and discuss her delima!!

887 days ago


"striking similar resemblance" to herself ... blonde, hot and toned. "

Hahaha, Isn't that like every other FAKE woman in LA? Dumb Bimbo!

887 days ago


Weird, she looks a lot like his playboy bunny wife.

887 days ago
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