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Travolta Masseurs' Lawsuit

Lawyer #1 Suing Gloria

5/21/2012 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

3:53 PM PDT -- Gloria just released a statement ... insisting she will file a counterclaim against Okorocha for defamation.

Allred adds, "Doe #1 and Doe #2 contacted me seeking representation, and we have the evidence to prove it."

"Mr. Okorocha's lawsuit will be dismissed, and we will ultimately recover a judgment against him."

The lawyer who filed a lawsuit against John Travolta on behalf of two masseurs is suing Gloria Allred for allegedly stealing one of his clients, calling her an ambulance chaser and claiming "She ain't been in a courtroom in 20 years."

Okorie Okorocha just filed the lawsuit, claiming Gloria approached the second masseur -- John Doe #2 -- asking him to fire Okorocha and hire her.

As we reported, Okorocha dropped the first masseur -- John Doe #1 -- after TMZ broke the story that Travolta was in New York -- not anywhere near Beverly Hills -- on the date the alleged sexual assault occurred.

In his lawsuit, Okorocha says Doe #1 hired Gloria, and then she made her play for the other masseur. 

Okorocha attached text messages to his lawsuit between himself and Doe #2, in which Okorocha wrote, "I can't believe f**king Allred called you."  He added, "She ain't been in a courtroom in 20 years.  Just doing stupid ass press conference side shows."



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Yep I said that    

I hope this guy goes head to head with Allred that will be some thing to watch he looks like she doesn't faze him one bit LOL

853 days ago


Can't you all see what happened here with John Travolta. First, how long has it been since he's done a hit movie??? So he is losing income. So, he goes to the Scientology Church and either asks to get out to be on his own, to save the extra income he pays them, or he went and asked for a discount on the fee for church, and the church got *** off and scheduled him for "re programming" which he refused, so they let all that info on his massage stuff out! It's that simple, don't mess with the Scientology Church!

853 days ago


Gloria is an attention whore!

853 days ago

get a life ho    


LAWYER v LAWYER leaves me no one to root for .,.lol

853 days ago


The Church of Scientology always will use their vast wealth to cover up any scandal for their big roller celeb converts. Tom Cruise is a perfect example. Also, Kristie Alley would never have gotten on Dancing with the Stars if she was not with Scientology. And Lisa Marie Presley is most probably thinking exactly like John Travolta, since her album and singing appearance (i.e. American Idol) were horrid, she wants out of the church so she won't have to pay that hefty fee. She needs to save money, or put it in another project. That is why this happened to Travolta, he tried to get away from paying the fee, or the church itself, and with all converts like him, the cat will be let out of the bag. Sorry but true!

853 days ago


dont know who is right, dont know who is wrong. dont care who is right, dont care who is wrong. Gloria Allred is a piece of garbage !

853 days ago


Gloria ALL DIKE.

853 days ago

go home!    

Good for him! It's time someone takes her to town for her unethical behavior. She should have been disbarred a long time ago.

853 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

This is when the dogs start turning on each other.

853 days ago


Allred is just another Jewish attorney that's connected... This is the stuff that went down in Germany before the big-one. But they don't get it.

853 days ago


I understand the lawyer has a very exclusive clientele...anyone who can say and spell his name without making a mistake or laughing will get him as legal counsel. So much easier to pronounce HAR-VEY LEV-IN!

853 days ago


He's the black version of Allred. Who is going to hog the camera and mics first. Both talk out of their ass.

Hey Okorie, how come you had no problem blasting Travolta and his lawyer on camera. Hey you had all the accuations and no proof with john doe1 But still blasted Travolta. Travolta was in NYC having dinner, reciepts date and time to proove it. FAA flight plan to further proove it.

john doe 1 said he must have gotten his dates wrong.

853 days ago

buzz kill    

Didn't Allred have a part in the Wizard of Oz, the wicked witch of the west.

853 days ago


up her butt, no she might like it. how about bullet between the eyes. trash is her venue.

853 days ago


This big mouth lawyer mouthed off too quick on camera. His clients can't back up their accusations against John Travolta. Charges dropped.

853 days ago
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