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'Idol' Winner Phillip Phillips

Movin' On Up ...

Fam Dumping Pawn Shop

5/24/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" winner Phillip Phillips' family has reason to celebrate, now that the "A.I." winner will be rolling in the dough ... and the first move is selling the family pawn shop.

Sources close to Phillip’s family tell TMZ, Phil's dad Donnie has been mulling over the idea of selling the Albany, GA pawn shop ... but apparently Phillip's success made the decision a no-brainer.

Donnie is banking on a bidding war, now that the shop has the "A.I." cache.

Before Phillip's "Idol" run, Donnie planned to sell the place for $200,000. Onward and upward, he hopes.


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I think history has shown us that most American Idol winners end up losing soon after. I definitely don't think anyone should be giving up the family business because of this.

884 days ago


Where do they think they're gonna be getting money? Do they not remember some of the past contestants? Taylor Hicks, Ruben, Lee whatever his name was...... yeah... just because you win does not mean you're set for life.

884 days ago


Are they going to buy their own trailer park?

884 days ago


Dumb move, unless he was losing money hand over fist. The kid will make good money this year, but it's HIS money... what about afterwards, when people forget his name (well, technically, names).

884 days ago


They might want to look at the success record of AI winners. The only big successes were Carrie Underwood and Kelley Clarkson. Jordan Sparks has had a little success. Otherwise the rest have flopped. He's just the next in a line of AI winners we'll have forgotten by next year.

884 days ago


I still can't believe this hillbilly won. He should of did a duet with Jennifer Holliday. another one with the WEIRD faces. omg they are SCARY... Jessica definitely got ROBBED.. How could anyone vote for this creep, seriously HE HAS ABSOLUTE NO TALENT< He is always off pitch...WAKE UP AMERICA> So another pretty white boy wins Idol...THIS SHOW IS SOOOO PREDICTABLE>>>I for one, will not watch this show

884 days ago


Who says he's going to be "rolling in the dough?" I just read an article about past idol winners. Some have quit the biz altogether, one was actually homeless for a while, few have made big $$, one went back to working at Subway to survive. Don't count your chickens before their hatched.

884 days ago


The "A.I. cache" would be the place Randy Jackson hides his Twinkie stash. The "A.I. cachet" would refer to the supposed extra prestige and glamour attached to being momentarily famous via association with this I am sure that added cachet will mean EVERYTHING to a potential buyer of a redneck pawnshop..........

884 days ago


Actually, I think this is a very shrewd move. What with Memorial Day upon us, they can roll over the proceeds from the Pawn Shop Division and focus on the Live Bait consortium. Summer's close at hand and people will be fishing more. This is exactly what Zuckerberg did.

884 days ago


Wow! Maybe they can afford a couple more "I"s for the sign. I looks like they're a couple short!

884 days ago


Err.. the son won, not the parents, and not the family. Any money Phiilip will be getting he will be working to earn, so if his family thinks there is a gravy train in their future, well, there might be one available immediately, but it won't be there for the long haul.
Now. if they are selling because their property is hot because of the son's win, then I applaud them. Take advantage of the opportunity, because those are few and far between. Sell the business for as much as you can and then reinvest it into a better location. That makes sense. But if they are only selling because they assume that their kid is going to support them from now on, that's dumb, wrong, and it will not work out for them. I guarantee that!

884 days ago


I don't think Phil is going to make himrich

884 days ago

mac the knife    

zso.. I thought this family was supposedly so down to earth and they are already doing this??

at least, they should have aited until he rwcorded his first disc & see if it'll be a hit.. then again that's no gage.. he could be a onhit wonder..

884 days ago


I'll give you... $25.

884 days ago


You people are morons. First off, his parents could easily be well off for retirement. Do you realize how much money is in pawn shops? Have you seen the reality shows? Selling it for 200-300k just gives them more for retirement. They obviously know what they are doing as they raised a great kid. By the way, I can tell most of you know ZERO about music are probably in the J LO area of smartness when it comes to knowing what songs Phil was singing and who the original singers were. J Lo should be ashamed of herself. She knows ZERO about music. Phillip is a rare act that will 100% make it. It is called, GOOD MUSICAL TALENT. None of the other idol winners had what he has. NONE of them. Do you understand me? NONE. Phillip is a jam band type guy- this is the best type of music out there. He has his own spin on it and it's pretty cool. I have never liked 1 idol winner- i watch the shows and am always bitching about how bad everyone is but finally someone who picks good songs and takes crappy songs like Usher's and Billy Joel's and turns them into something pretty damn impressive. I am the biggest music critic out there, but Phillip is going to make it. I bet he will be sharing a stage with some impressive musicians (DMB, Panic, Avett Bros etc.) that appreciate what he did, how he handled himself, and how he changed AI from this pop garbage show, to a true talent finder. Phillip did great and his last song was the song he will put on the radio and it was great. NO other Idol winner did that. And he received the most votes EVER in AI history. So keep running your mouths about his parents riding coattails and him not making it.. his parents did a great job raising him and have owned their own business, and it is time for them to relax it seems. Good for them. All of you jealous morons, just sit back and watch what he does. The only thing he can do to better his career is get in touch with me as I would make him way more money then anyone that he has bumped into at that crap show. Tyler, J Lo and Randy Jackson did not know what jam band music was...j lo said he sounded like nobody on the radio which is crap he sounds like Avett, Dave, John Mayer, Damian Rice, etc.. Steven wanted to hear the other boring contestants sing crappy songs from the lion king soundtrack over phillips original sound...very frustrating. Steven gave in at the end of the show because he realized everyone in the world liked Phillip and he didnt want to be wrong on who would win. Steven, you should be kicked off the show. j lo should be fired right away. It should be Randy Jackson, Simon, and Dave Matthews. Get rid of all these damn hip hop and country acts. IT is garbage!

884 days ago
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