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X Factor to TMZ

'Play Nice'

5/26/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Simon Cowell and Britney Spears want TMZ to know ... despite our stories about Britney having a tough time judging "X Factor"  ... they couldn't be happier. Let's be real -- Britney says she's talking to Harvey in the video, but she's really talkin' to you.

As TMZ first reported, Britney walked off during shooting on Thursday ... leaving four contestants to sing to an empty chair. Yesterday Britney took one short break during taping, but was otherwise much more outgoing than on Day 1.

We starting poking around late yesterday because we heard rumblings that Britney might be having second thoughts, but she and Simon want to make it clear -- Britney is going nowhere.

We gotta ask ...


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Maria Fernanda    

Demiii so funny hahaha

879 days ago


Heyvguusbif you didn't already know but check out viddy britney is on there being filmed and scripted by someone, but even more interesting is her partner fiancé - manager whatever has also got a viddy account and left her a congratulations message from HIS BED!!!!! Check it out :-)

879 days ago


If I was Simon p.s.

I'd assign a writer just to Britney.

So as to co-create rumors.

"She was seen in the ladies room -

With a white-powdery substance -

Thought NOT be be talc or baby powder."

879 days ago


If I were Britney?

And Simon?

I'd want this -

I'd play into it.

Feed it.

Turn it into a beat-down.


Could only help the X-Factor.

If this is what they want?

Brit should storm out each show.

879 days ago


Rumor mill p.s.

"Three grips and a lighting dude?

Were seen DOING Britney -

In full view of Day Six contestants."

879 days ago


"Pregnancy rumors swirling about The_Brit."

And a picture.

Of Simon looking down at Britney's stomach.

S**t like that.

879 days ago


Why does she look so swollen?

879 days ago


They need to start a rumor that there's tension?

Between Brit and L.A. Reid.

-That L.A. wants her off the show:

(allegedly) Calling Brit a "Cracker."

Then Brit should tell a black contestant?

That he or she is not marketable -

In that they're just, well ... way too Black.

879 days ago


Poor girl looks awful. She's not aging well.

879 days ago


Take a tip from a pro:

You gotz to givez the public whatz the public wantz.

To wit:

When it became clear to me?

My public wanted to hate-on-me?

I said, fine, got it, no problem.

Had my team send out story after after -

How I shot a newborn puppy in the backyard.

So as to grill it, fry it up.

You'd be surprised at how easy -

And effective.

this can be.

Pretty soon?

I gotz the whole world talking...

879 days ago


Britney is doing what she's contracted to do: MORE BUZZ ABOUT X FACTOR. People will sure tune in. I love Britney Spears. She is a big star. She's really the only star out there that we care so much about that even how she breathes we make a story of. She doesn't have to do much to make news, unlike some of purposely do something just to get a headline. That's why (oopps..) she will do it again (and again and again).

879 days ago


Simon is a very smart businessman. He knows people will watch this show not because of the so called talent but because people want to see a Spears meltdown which be a huge ratings jump.

879 days ago


Rumor Mill Theory p.s.

Next I'd start something along the narrative?

"L.A. Reid's gay and into male hustlers..."

-Posing as Hollywood "masseuses."

-Then pay two masseuses to step forward.

-Get Gloria Allred involved.

Ye gotz to be creative.

It can't seem contrived ...

Contrived the public smellz from a-mile-away.

879 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

For a minute there I thought that was Gerard Depardieu in drag.

879 days ago


Poor Britney, even in this short video she looks uncomfortable, like she was pushed out there against her will.

879 days ago
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