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Madonna to Lady Gaga

I Can Steal Your Songs Too

5/29/2012 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The shoe was on the other foot in Israel Friday -- Madonna performed a cover of Lady Gaga's hit song "Born This Way" ... the same song Madonna called a rip-off of her earlier work ... but it's unlikely this was an homage to L.G.

Madonna was rehearsing for a concert in Tel Aviv -- singing her own song "Express Yourself" -- then seamlessly transitioned into Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."

Madonna famously criticized "Born This Way" when it was released last year, calling the song a "wonderful redo" of "Express Yourself." Madonna then called it "reductive."

Gaga called Madonna's comments "retarded."

So we gotta ask ...


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this video made me realize that lady gaga and beyonce both stole from madonna and she aint havin it lol that drum cadence before born this way is the same one from destiny's child lose my breath lady gaga is madonna 2.0 but she needs to stop lying and admit to being the nicki to madonnas kim

855 days ago


Watch SNL (or some sketch comedy program) do a "True Fairy Tales" skit....Madonna as the evil Queen, Gaga as Snow White, Christina as Rapunzel (Aka Hair Extension Queen) and Brittany as "Loopy" the lovable dwarf nobody cares about.

855 days ago

Rude Boy    

Yes, Lady Gaga stole from, paid homage to or was influenced by Madonna.

And Madonna stole from, paid homage to and was influenced by Marilyn Monroe, the gay community dance fads, electronica, Latin music and other places.

If it's being ruled as plagrism, that's another matter.

All art is derivative in some fashion. Why this is news, I have no idea.

855 days ago


Wow, the two sound exactly the same when you put them together. She even sings towards the end "She's not me". If I was Madonna I would do the same thing, just because I could.

855 days ago


a lot of little monsters are reading the comments and disliking all pro-madge! hahahah wattapity!

855 days ago

Victoria Nicole Thompson    

That is so stupid what Madonna did. It sounds like she's bitter to Lady Gaga. I mean why would she do that? That makes her so irrelevant. Madonna gurl, you are comical!!

855 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Reductive?? REDUCED: Queen Esther??? Leave MY ancestors out of your tired act.

Who's that Goy?

Daniel Twelve;1 is HERE,
Zechariah Twelve; 8 is NOW,
St. Mark Twelve;36 is NOW,
Psalm2_012 is NOW:
The Most Blessed Christ King YESHUA reigns!
ALL, for The Greater Glory of The True and Living YAHWEH!

855 days ago


Who cares what goes on between them? They're both irrelevant to the real world.

855 days ago


Why isn't "AHAHAHAHA!" an option?

855 days ago


Who cares? But it’s not that difficult to see that she was being sarcastic… Further making her point about the song.

855 days ago


Those are annoying broads. Magde is a has-been and I can't wait for Caca to disappear.

855 days ago


madonna is an insult to herself. she sleeps w/ children half her age. her public image sets no example for her children. her star has risen and fallen; and she needs to accept that.

855 days ago


AWWW Look at the Gaga fans all mad.
What did you expect? Gaga has copied multiple looks from EVERY Madonna era.
You expected her to sit by while Gaga's fans call Gaga "original" and give her credit for things that MADONNA was the first to do?
If Gaga wasn't so ARROGANT and gave Madonna the credit she deserved for the song, then Madonna would have been nicer.
Sorry, but if I worked hard building a successful 30 year career and some newbie came in copying literally EVERYTHING I have done and basically trying to Single White Female me, while her fans try to abuse me, I would have been a lot less gracious than Madonna has been.
It's about TIME Madonna called out Gaga's ass. BE YOURSELF.
Stop building success from LEECHING off of Madonna's and pretty much every single person that has ever been in the Industry.
Good for Madonna.
You Psycho Little Monsters need to stop denying the truth.
Gaga is a fraud in every way.
From lying about her past to her aesthetic in music.
Funny thing is she's completely mediocre in every way. Mediocre singer, mediocre piano player and a HORRIBLE writer.
So glad people see her for what she is.
Overrated and a complete COPY CAT.
Stop Swagger Jackin Gaga and the Queen won't come for your ass. Point Blank..

855 days ago


LOL Gaga didn't say "That's Retarded" to Madonna's comments, she said that last year about everyone else who was saying it sounded like Express Yourself. She didn't actually say it about Madonna's comments.

855 days ago


Gaga didn't say "That's retarded" about Madonna's comments, she said it over a year ago about everyone else saying it sounds like Express Yourself. And Express Yourself sounds like Respect by Otis Redding but do we hear about that? No.

855 days ago
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