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Kathie Lee to Martin Short

How's Your Wife ...

Who Died 2 Years Ago

5/30/2012 10:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It might be the most cringeworthy few seconds in TV history -- Kathie Lee Gifford asked Martin Short how his wife is doing ... one small problem ... she died 2 years ago.

Martin appeared on "The Today Show" this morning to promote his new movie, "Madagascar 3" -- when Kathie asked, "And you and Nancy have one of the greatest marriages of anybody in show business. How many years now for you guys?"

Martin doesn't know how to respond, saying, "We ... have ... married ... 36 years."

Apparently Kathie didn't get the memo -- Martin's wife Nancy Dolman died in August 2010 from ovarian cancer.

The clip gets even worse -- you have to watch.

Kathie later apologized on the air -- saying, "I feel so badly ... my apologies to him and his family."


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First, a little research by not only Kathy-Lee but her staff who are probably the ones who came up the the questions would have been nice. Second, I hope the Today show makes a nice big fat donation to a charity of Martin's choice in HIS name for the screwup. Yes he handled it like a pro on tv but how did the rest of his day go after having that memory brought up first thing in the morning.

821 days ago


Re: Gifford .... I can't understand why NBC keeps this moron on their network! She's always been a shallow lightweight ..... she was even was too clueless to know that Kristen Wiig could sing rings around her (Gifford's singing is like chalk on a chalkboard.) At the very least, NBC should give her the day off and bring in someone professional to interview a class act like Martin Short.

821 days ago


Would anyone expect anything less of the bimbo KLG???

821 days ago

John dowser    

she's a dit'z and yes she should put down the wine glass.

He's a stud. Whata nice man.

821 days ago


No one ears their huge salary less than the drunken fool, Kathie Lee Gifford. When they hired her in the first place, I was floored. WTF? She's lazy, doesn't do her homework, and this is the result.

821 days ago


He looks great for 62
Totally crazy . Why wouldn't she do her research before asking about his private life . He could have been divorced or speperated . She should have at least take a look at his wiki page and she would have known about it .
Sad but the history repeats itself
He lost his mom with 20 and his son lost his mother with 20 sad and confusing at the same time

821 days ago


Hoda used to be one of the most respected interviewers. Then they paired her up with that
big mouth Kathy Lee, and now she is as stupid
acting as ever on tv. I can not STAND watching
these two idiots on tv. Neither of them are one
bit FUNNY...but they try to be. They both look
down their noses at everyone. They need to
fire them BOTH. One is a drunk, and the other
looks like a man in a womans body. I will start
watching again when they are both GONE!

821 days ago


If NBC doesn't do the right thing and fire her immediately for this, what would she have to do to be fired? Pull her pants down and fart?

821 days ago


Kathy Lee was trying to make people think she had a connection or was good friends with his wife when they were distant. Kathy Lee was washed up years ago.She is the Joe Biden of broadcasting.

821 days ago


Send her home to the Husband. Never could understand why people were so in love with her. What a horrible thing to say to such a wonderful actor. Off with her head!!!!!

821 days ago


Wow, props to Martin for staying there. I Don't think I could have been so cool about it.

821 days ago

Fifty Shades of WTF    

Martin Short = CLASS ACT

821 days ago


It is her job to know! Put her out to pasture and hire a person who wants to do relevant interviews.

821 days ago


Kathy should have known. Where was the research team? If they are friends or know the same people.... she should have been advised! IDIOT!

821 days ago


This poor man. He was visibly shaken. I cannot believe how unprofessional some people can be who get fat cheques.

821 days ago
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