Matthew Fox Assault Accuser DROPS Her Case

5/31/2012 11:15 AM PDT

Matthew Fox Assault Accuser Withdraws Her Lawsuit

Exclusive Details

Matthew Fox is officially in the clear over allegations he assaulted a female bus driver in Cleveland, Ohio last year.

Heather Bormann -- the bus driver -- has dismissed her lawsuit against Fox with prejudice, meaning she cannot file it again. 

Her lawyer, J. Norman Stark, tells TMZ, Fox did not pay Bormann a penny by way of settlement. In fact, Stark tells us he actually dropped Bormann as a client recently because she was difficult to deal with.

For his part, Fox dropped his countersuit against Bormann -- in which he had sued her for defamation, claiming Heather made up the whole story.

The dismissal comes the same week Dominic Monaghan claimed that Fox had a history of beating women, something we're told Fox vehemently denies.

Stark, ironically, tells us he believed his client -- that Fox punched her in the vagina -- and says Bormann dropped the case because Fox and his lawyers frightened her with his ability to wage legal war against her.