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Archie Comics

Gay Green Lantern

Took Our Lead

6/2/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Green Lantern isn't the gay pioneer everyone thinks he is -- at least according to the people over at Archie Comics, who claim THEY created the first ever gay comic book character.

The gay doodle is Kevin Keller (right) -- an active U.S. military officer who married his partner in the January 2012 issue of Archie Comics.

DC Comics followed suit Friday -- announcing The Green Lantern would be be rebooted as a gay character.

Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater tells TMZ, "We love the fact that everyone is following Archie's lead. We broke new ground. We have led in so many areas. We are proud we are first."

But the real reason Goldwater's so excited -- he tells us, "The more people are supportive of this cause, I think it's only going to be helpful in making gay marriage legal in as many places as possible."


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875 days ago


I'm not a comic book fan, so I went looking around. Apparently the first gay comic book charecter was "Northstar" an x-men charecter introduced in 1979 by marvel comics.

Apparently gay comic book charecters have been around for a while. They are just making a main charecter gay now with green lantern.

875 days ago

pink floyd    

the bible say's adam and eve. not adam and steve. now get back in the closet.

875 days ago

Gloria Unread    

No wonder this went completely unnoticed, as nobody reads Archie Comics anymore.

875 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Also, If I were gay, I'd be insulted by these obviously cheap ploys to boost comic book sales. They're using the gay community for a quick buck.

875 days ago


Is the whole world out of the closet or what?

875 days ago


Green Lantern comes from the back and he's super gay.
Every imaginable intruder can be generated by his Lantern-Powers.

875 days ago


This is starting to get ridiculous. Do we really need gay characters in comics. I sure don't want my kids reading these comics.

875 days ago


There are tons of Green Lanterns. The Green Lantern that everybody knows is Hal Jordon - Hal Jordan is not GAY.

This is just a poor PC stunt by DC to please the GAYS.

875 days ago


gays are trying to change history instead of building themselves a future. no one can change the past , archie never went out with jughead the green hornet was not a homosexaul. that just was not the intent when these things were popular. it seems the gays want to trampple on all things hetro sexual. i'm offended at your ability to redefine my america and mock hetrosexualism. please be gay anything that makes you happy. but all of this resentment of all things, hetro makes me more concerned with people's spirit than who they sleep with, relax.... we've come a long way in making every body matter,.but rome wasn't built in a day so i would appreiciate it if you don't mock my hetrosexuality.

875 days ago


It wasn't news because just any comic book character came out. It was news because a superhero we recognize by name did.
Get over it Archies.

875 days ago


Pandering for $$$$.

875 days ago


Green Lantern, makes me think of all that Green Energy (lol) and that green stuff on his teeth?? "Gay" dosen't mean Happy!!! Comic's are a joke, no pun intended.

875 days ago


It's the daily gay indoctrination. Everybody isn't gay, it's just you.

875 days ago


Rght now I'm on holiday in Toronto, Ontario close to the gay village. It seems they're gay men everywhere.They don't have to promote the cause at TMZ every day. Gay people are out there and right in your face anyway.

875 days ago
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