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Jenny Rips Jim ...

Fair or Cheap Shot?

6/6/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Jenny McCarthy put Jim Carrey on blast for not staying in touch with her 10-year-old son -- but there's a lot more to this story. We have new details from insiders, and we gotta say ... it's looking like Jim got the shaft.

Plus, our super-heated debate over ... John Mayer and Taylor Swift?? John's pissed 'cause he thinks her "Dear John" song was a double-cross, and for some strange reason ... everyone's fired up about it.

And "Glee" star Josh Sussman shaved down his fabled jewfro -- did he lose his Connect 4 powers too? The new low-pro Josh returns to TMZ for a rematch against Shevonne!

(0:30) Turns out Kris Humphries is actually knocking boots with that chick he was hanging out with at the beach -- and it looks like she's got a little obsession with his ex's family. You know, the Kardashians.
(5:05) Jenny McCarthy slams Jim Carrey for not keeping in touch with her autistic son after they broke up ... Harvey and Charles have a big problem with this.
(10:00) Harvey RIPS Taylor Swift for writing a break-up song about John Mayer ... and Charles RIPS John for bitching about it.
(16:00) A Miss USA contestant claims the pageant was fixed -- and now Donald Trump is going after her .... guns blazing.
(18:32) A 14-year-old radio host launches a full-scale attack on gays -- you have to hear him explain why President Obama is supposedly causing people to be gay ... and you have to hear Harvey blast the kid for having bad grammar.
(24:15) Miley Cyrus gets engaged at 19 -- Harvey and Charles think it's a recipe for disaster.
(27:45) An "America's Got Talent" contestant claims he was injured as a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan -- and it caused him to stutter ... except when he sings. Sounds like a great story ... if the guy's not full of crap ... and he just might be.
(32:10) Melissa Etheridge's ex is getting HALF the royalties of a bunch of songs M.E. wrote ... but not the one everyone knows.
(34:30) It's the rematch of the century -- "Glee" star Josh Sussman returns to retain his "Connect 4" crown against Shevonne ... but this time he doesn't have his trademark fro. Will his drastic haircut kill his mojo? Only one way to find out...
(41:15) We take your calls!

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Why do all these rich and famous celebraties continue to help President Obama raise all this money when every president turns his back on California as soon as the electioons are over. Why not donate that money to our suffering schools and bring back PE class and the fine art programs.

848 days ago


That fatso in the black shirt SHUt your mouth you must be in love with k whoredashian OR he's on her payroll

848 days ago


Jim is a good guy, Jenny should leave him alone.

848 days ago


Walking tall

848 days ago


superb blog..

848 days ago


She should leave Jim alone.

848 days ago


I'm betting there are enough men going in and out of her..... home that one or two more or less isn't going to make much of a difference.

848 days ago


Harvey needs to be ashamed of himself defending that douche John Mayer. He is a huge hypocrite since he made personal details public about Jennifer Anniston and Jessica Simpson which was wrong. He certainly did not give them a heads up beforehand so he needs to stop bitching about that song Taylor did. If you can dish it out you have to take it! I think Harvey defended him because he has a crush on him! ha

847 days ago


I do think Jim should have made an effort to spend time with the child since it is not the child's fault they broke up and he is hurting over it but I also don't think she should have mentioned it on Howard Stern. What was worse than that though was saying all that sexual stuff sounding like a slut when her child will find out she said that stuff and it will embarrass him! Not cool.

847 days ago


There are always 3 sides to every story. No one should comment or judge unless they know the full story.

846 days ago

Penney Snyder    

Jim Carrey doesn't have an obligation to Jenny McCarthys Son. It's unfortunate that his biological Father doesn't want a relationship with him but why should Jim be his subsitute Father?

843 days ago
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