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Lindsay Lohan's Wreck

Who's To Blame?

6/8/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan's umpteenth car accident landed her in the hospital -- she says it wasn't her fault -- but our photos from the scene of the crash (and her track record) might tell a different story.

Plus, Mark-Paul Gosselaar from "Saved by the Bell" calls in to set the record straight -- he doesn't hate the show that made him famous ... and he says he can prove it. And as long as we've got him ... MPG judges Shevonne's performance of a classic "SBTB" scene.

And, Will Smith remixes his classic "Summertime" -- so we got DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie on the phone to reveal how they got Big Willie back on the mic. You won't believe how many takes it took him to down the perfect track.

(0:00) Breaking news! Lindsay Lohan was just involved in a NASTY car accident -- totaling her Porsche ... and have photos of the damage. So who was at fault?
(8:02) Kris Humphries is taking extra steps to make sure his new hookup doesn't blab her mouth about what's going on behind closed doors ... and Harvey knows why he's so paranoid about it.
(12:12) Ex-Miss Pennsylvania isn't backing down from her claims that the Miss USA pageant was rigged -- but one of the pageant's judges -- Marilu Henner -- calls in to explain why she's full of it.
(17:30) Mark-Paul Gosselaar calls in to set the record straight -- he's got no problem with his "Saved by the Bell" roots ... and he isn't afraid to show it. Plus ... Shevonne re-enacts her favorite scene from the show.
(24:40) Breaking news -- Kim Kardashian just bought Kanye West the sickest ride ever for his birthday.
(25:40) Vivica A. Fox says President Barack Obama smells amazing -- we have a theory about why he wears cologne.
(28:00) DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie call in to talk about Will Smith's new remix of "Summertime." You won't believe how many takes it took Big Willie to nail it down.
(33:01) This is just crazy -- a model sitting next to married actor Brian Presley live-tweets his alleged pick-up lines ... but he denies the whole thing went down.
(38:10) WARNING -- this segments is about a new vagina bleaching system ... and quickly gets way out of hand.
(40:25) We take your calls!

No Avatar


Mary Lou Henner's memory just had a failure. PricewaterhouseCoopers does the tabulating for the Academy Awards, not Ernst & Young!!!

766 days ago


Oh stop everything there goes the TMZ Tour Bus! (Sorry can't add the lisp) Give me a freak'n break Harvey does everything but skip over to the window!!!!

766 days ago


@Harvey Kardashian (I'm a Sellout) - What are the odds Mophead will be the primary commentator on the upcoming Will Smith story?

766 days ago


RE: Obama smoke. I am more concerned about smokers breath than whether or not he wears cologne. Smoking is YUCKY.

766 days ago


they plan all this stuff out and try to act like it's off the cuff...the ghetto girl didn't even know what cologne she was saying...she messed up the name of the cologne she'd been told to say.

766 days ago

Flying Blind    

i just went to a website on a different browser for a minute looking at a golf grip, now every ad i get on tmz is of the golf grip i just looked at. so i'm going to buy it from another cite when i quit watching tmz in a minute.

766 days ago

Flying Blind    

someone has been putting trakers on my hard drive, i think i just found out who. if i run my AVG and have new traker cookies, this will be my last stop to TMZ.

766 days ago


I completely believe the model....WHY are you guys so quick to not believe her and trash her?? That is the question. I have no idea who the guy is, but he looks totally like someone who would do something like that and 9/10 those types who act all perfect are exposed for being hypocrits and liars.

766 days ago


Harvey, you just rolled your eyes at the guy who called in for no reason at should keep in mind that it's these people who keep your site going, maybe you should show some respect.

766 days ago


Could this site be any more slanted in favor of the Kraptashians and against Kris Hump?

766 days ago

Flying Blind    

sure enough i run my AVG in my User file and had 5 Ad Trackers. I just ran a scan yesterday. I'll do more research next week, but they could be running ad trackers in the live stream. I watch just about every day and read other websites at the same time. after a month without checking i had 160...0 ad trackers in my User file.

766 days ago


They need to show Shevonne more. She is so damn cute.

766 days ago


You all know how busy and sometimes scary that portion of PCH is in santa monica. These types of accidents happen all the time there because you are hauling ass at 60mph, then there's a suddenly a dead stop because of a stoplight a mile away that has RIDICULOUSLY long waits.

766 days ago


Sorry, LiLo, but, most all rear-ends (and, no one rear-ended you) it's pretty much - YOUR FAULT. Somebody take her PRIVLEDGE TO DRIVE away, Yes?

766 days ago


Come on, do you really expect us to believe Donald Trump in this situation? Harvey, your lies are becoming insulting. First you want us to believe your bull**** about John Travolta; you spend an inordinate amount of time trying to convince us that Juliana Hough and Seacrest are "the real deal" -- and now you want us to believe Trump about this? Please. You should be embarrassed at how obvious your lies are.

765 days ago
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