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Lindsay Lohan

Truck Driver Is


6/9/2012 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0609_lindsay_lohan_gettyLindsay Lohan is calling BS on the truck driver’s allegation of bribery ... and everything else he said about the aftermath of their accident is a flat out lie ... sources close to Lohan tell TMZ. 

As TMZ previously reported, James -- the guy driving the 18-wheeler Lindsay crashed into on Friday -- told TMZ her people tried to offer him money to keep quiet. He also claimed Lindsay and her people took a mysterious bag out of her Porsche and told James not to mention it to police. 

According to our sources, Lindsay says the whole tale is made up -- there was no bribe attempt and no bag removed the car.

We're told Lindsay says the whole story is fabricated and she is (once again) just chalking it up to someone out to make a buck off her.


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So predictable.

830 days ago


Stupid criminal segment--Always demanding the spot light..
Lilo shut up! You are inflaming things more than they need to be & are in enough trouble already but you are dumb & never learn doing the same things over & over. This car crash may be your Waterloo, I hope!

830 days ago


Areader, apparently you didn't read the whole story. The driver stated he called 911 because he THOUGHT she was trying to flee the scene when she hopped into the SUV. He didn't say she actually tried.

830 days ago

Pony Princess    

****, she has to say "the whole story is fabricated and she is (once again) just chalking it up to someone out to make a buck off her. " because it's the only way to keep the delusional going on in her mind. Plus she was raised by lying con grifters so she has to call liar on the one who's telling the truth.

But she's still screwed. She caused an injury accident in a RENTED porsche, when she should have been riding in a chauffeured car. She just can't comply with what's expected of her.

Someone is going to be killed by this bitch at some point. Scary.

830 days ago


I don't believe you, Lindsay. Your track record speaks for itself. You're a drug addicted, self-serving liar. You've tried to avoid responsibility in the past with the same tactics. Enough is enough. You've had too many accidents with or without paparazzi. You're a moron and a horrible human being.

830 days ago



Ever wonder how much is too much when it comes to the Lohan Filth? Lindsay’s attorney must be wondering WWJD, eh? With the tidal wave of sh!t heading towards a Brother, it would make sense for a little soul searching this weekend. I am hoping Ms. Holley draws the line in the sand and says “Enough!” Clan Lohan is clearly well into Gloria Allred Territory now, with the stench rising like a tsunami and headed towards a truck driver trying to make a living until Linds crawled up his a$$, eh?

Johnnie Cochran will be spinning in his grave if she becomes a part of this circus side show of low life freaks! Enough is enough, indeed; she has done her best! And a job well done too! I hope she sees this is a bridge too far! Or she opens the slammer door for Linds…eh?

830 days ago


I believe him.

830 days ago


EVEN if she were telling the truth she will suffer from "boy who cried wolf" syndrome. So she needs to just be quiet if she is in fact innocent, and let the legal (LOL in CALI) system work.

830 days ago


yo know what is going to happen now when it is proved true - she will say she was in thew suburban and didn't know anything the driver told this guy - and it was all behind her back - so...(every one say it together)... it's not her fault!!

830 days ago



The spin began yesterday with a text saying “Gavin was driving” the rented Porsche Panamera to all of her Twitter Fans/Idiots! Aside from not being insured as required by state law, her rental agreement does not allow other drivers who are not specified. Linds covered her tracks and has made herself unavailable to the crash investigators. Blood inside the car proves she was behind the wheel when the crash occurred.

Whatever the arrangements are for the rented Porsche, someone is going to be on the hook BIG Time to pay for the wreck, right away. And Linds may be going for new legal woes!

You may wonder what she was doing on PCH, eh? Locals say she was on a drug buying trip. That was the reason she did not take the ambulance to the hospital; she had to ditch the drugs.

The spin will continue BIG Time today!

830 days ago


Is this the pink bag? It's Prada and I've seen her photographed with it several times.

830 days ago


This didn't take long. She is such a moron. She was not suppose to be driving in the first place. Her classic attitude I'll do what I want and looked what happened. Who cares work around me.

Not even a week into the shoot and she's already causing and costing production delays. She hasn't even started pulling her no shows yet.

Lohan put your flavored socks back on because you always put your foot in your mouth. Yeah, eveyone just wants money. Cut your crap once again she's caught dead to rights.

This man calles 911. He did the right thing. Lohan did not. So why didn't Lohan exchange information and anhow did she get to the hospital? Did the cops tell her she could leave? or did she leave before the cops got there?

Lohan burned near 10 years of primetime career never to get back and now pull this crap. Lohan as usual burnes everyone who is trying to help her and cutting her a break and she kicks them right in the teeth.

Lohan after this she can kiss her re-starting her career goodby.

830 days ago


Lindsay had the Escalade following so we know she has at least one witness maybe more.

830 days ago


She's strainin' to do some explainin'. Can you imagine the rage from this self absorbed beyotch when she heard the truck driver's account? Typical MO....everyone always wants her dirty money and the new sickening term "15 minutes of fame." The only thing that could have made this story better is if Sautner was driving the drump truck. Look at the damages. She was following too close behind this truck in the right right lane, then hit it to go around him and crashed into the back side, left rear of the truck. She's always driven wayyyyyy tooooo powerful cars for her anyhow. She is more of a a Toyota Yaris girl. Total menace to society. She is NOT a non violent criminal.

830 days ago


I believe you Lindsey. Your a good driver and a wonderful actress. That truck driver is obviously lying. Well I gotta go. My sarcasm improv class is about to start. Love ya Lynds!

830 days ago
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