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All Four Judges Walk Off!

6/9/2012 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

All four "X-Factor" judges just pulled a Britney and high-tailed it off set, TMZ has learned, after witnessing the worst audition in the history of auditioning.

Sources at the taping in Kansas City tell TMZ ... Britney, Demi, L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell's stand-in, Louis Walsh, couldn't stomach one more second of a certain wannabe superstar's "singing" and were so disgusted by it ... they walked out mid-audition.

We're told it all went down because the guy auditioning walked on stage, claimed to be "better than Chris Brown," and then turned his back to the judges to sing with his eyes closed. After a few bars of melodic torture, the audience started booing and the judges peaced out.

The judges all eventually returned, we're told, but Britney need a little extra time to get over what just went down.

Our sources say the wannabe singer was later escorted out by police after he allegedly tried to swipe a microphone. That's no way to win favor with the judges.


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no i just saw it and britney isnt interested to the show at all and chews gum the whole time she is about to leave the show in my opinion

869 days ago


Oh God, give me a break. This so damn staged it is painfully obvious. Even without seeing it. All four of them are not going to walk off just because of this. Maybe one of them would in a really, really quirky moment. But come on. Get your heads out of your asses, people. This reality crap is far from real.

869 days ago


Instead of walking off, a simple hand gesture to stop singing, would have been a lot more professional.

869 days ago


Britney needed more time probably to swallow a couple more Valium and anti anxiety medication...

869 days ago


So because it drew publicity the first time, they all decide to do it...and apparently it worked to get more publicity. This show is so gimmicky and tries way too hard, not to mention it's the worst of the singing competitions on network television.

869 days ago


If they can't take it I will gladly do it for a fraction of there salary.I would say I lost all respect for these judges but I already had none,I actually only heard of guys should have your Hollywood fame card revoked and clean tables the rest of your life

869 days ago


they are all spoiled over paid trash that needs a beating with a bat so they get back to reality.....millions to sit there and do this job....who are they again? 1990's has beens thats who

869 days ago


Stupid stunts all to get more people to watch. Sad thing is most people think they actually didn't plan it. People are such suckers.

869 days ago


I'd love to see Britney and Demi get it on!!!

869 days ago


How long until you think reality TV is a thing of the past.Maybe it can go away and we can get some nice sitcoms or dramas,real shows like the good old days before MTV ruined it all.I live in Brooklyn and we are down to 2 out of 10 that watch these not real reality craps.

869 days ago


no excusing the judges action, but how did he make the cut??

869 days ago


By the way I don't watch network or almost anything that is not NON FICTION, bros and bimbos ain't entertaining.

869 days ago


Enough is enough TMZ! You are OBVIOUSLY being being paid to run these stories that are being handed to you by the X Factor people themselves. I've seen you do this on other stories, but this is particularly blatant.

869 days ago


They would have just left early for their normal break. Everyone's commenting on a contrived story.

869 days ago


Oh please, judges, get over yourselves already!

Its not like any of you are doing important work to help save mankind. You are on a crappy talent show that no one gives a sh!t about.

Who watches this crap anymore?

869 days ago
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