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Paris Jackson

I Am a Victim of Bullying!

6/10/2012 6:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610_paris_jackson_videoParis Jackson says she is going through the things every teenager goes through ... which unfortunately these days includes being the victim of bullying.

Michael Jackson's only daughter sat down with Oprah Winfrey for an interview on tonight's episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter." Paris is no longer being home-schooled and she says the girls at her new private school have tried to bully her ... but she says, "It doesn't work."

Paris also says she (much like her father) is very wary of people trying to use her. She told O, "If I feel someone is being fake to me, I will just push away."
She's definitely learned a thing or two from dear old dad.


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The Neko Nation    

The Jackson family will stoop to any level to get attention. She is complaining about bullying and trying to act the victim? What a joke. Her own father bullied and molest young boys. This entire family is going to burn in hell like the drug addicted pedophile Michael Jackson.

830 days ago


She is beautiful! But seriously Oprah you act like because she had a famous dad that shes not gonna get bullied. It's a fact of life, if you're not doing the bulling you're getting bullied. No one is excluded

830 days ago


Winning winning

The rabid fans are disappearing,

Winning winning

The pedo queen is decaying

Winning winning

The children are safe and without fearing

After MJ died
The world is winning winning!

Funny how the rabids have no clue what we are

Winning winning

830 days ago


And the bullying continues with all the ignorant comments on this article. If you don't like Michael Jackson then why are you commenting? Just stop and open a new window. FYI, MJ was proven innocent... We shouldn't even have to discuss the issue when it's no where near related to this article. However, if you actually did your own research and followed the trial instead of listening to journalists (who's job it is to create sensationalism) and tabloids you'd see there is no evidence that labels him a "pedophile".
This girl is well spoken and as normal as you can be when you're MJ's daughter. I feel bad that she has to see such disgusting comments from STRANGERS. Do people not think before they speak anymore? Smh.

830 days ago


Smart girl! This is a characteristic of home schooled kids. Great self-worth and the ability to see through the little things, like bullying. Say what you will about MJ, he raised his kids to be smart and self-possessed, a great attribute in this fake world we're moving towards!

830 days ago


Many like to say that MJ was a victim. A victim of his fame and the media. A victim of his "lost childhood". A victim of many things. MJ did not have to be a victim but he either made himself one or at least allowed himself to be one. There were many other hugely popular people that carved out a life for themselves away from the public eye without hiding, a life of doing for others, raising a family and being creative. Of course they will always have people that are fanatical about loving and hating them but without victimizing themselves or asking for pity and understanding. To name just a few, Paul McCarney, Madonna and even Bill Gates. Fans may be outraged because he was considered a freak, that's because that's what he put forward. Don't dress like Ronald McDonald and become upset when you are considered a clown. Don't hide yourself away and complain of isolation.
If you don't want to be seen as a freak, don't act like one.
Sure people wanted to exploit him, and get his money, that's what happens to every rich person. Every single one.

MJ chose to live his life they way he did, no one should be surprised every time it came to bite him in the a$$. If the stress of my job caused be to drink a bottle of scotch, smoke two packs of cigarettes and eat McDonalds three times a day, can I blame my job?
about an hour ago

This post isn't exactly correct.

Michael Jackson truly was a victim. The press never in music history or since has gone after another human being the way they did Michael Jackson.

Michael didn't choose for them to go after him. It was dead wrong to go after his looks and every aspect of his life and call hi8m strange and weird.

Michael was BIGGER thann Paul McCartney. Don't believe me. Paul could never sell out anywhere 50 times over.

Madonna, Bill gates no one gernated the love and fandom that he did. He simply was bigger than these people.

Michael was a victim None of it was his fault.

He did the best he could with the cards that he was handed.

There is no celebrity on the planet who could have been compared to him. People try but outside of Princess Diana there was no comparison.

And even she was a paparazzi fixation. She never had thousands of people stand outside an airport for her. Outside of her wedding the public next showed up to greet her in mass amounts anywhere.

Michael was bullied for no reason at all.

830 days ago


well, maybe I have been a little too harsh on mj. After all, a lot of what happened basically because he was not educated.

So rabids, take a lesson and get an education. Before it is too late!

830 days ago


Thing is she isn't even that pretty though... :s People only say that because she's famous. Not a celebrity. Just famous because of her FATHER. That stupid Paris Jackson needs to face the real world and stop being so big headed. She's so annoying and she has done nothing worthy of credit, therefore she shouldn't be treated like a star.

830 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

JM50 and bigfanmj,
You are saying that Paul McCarney wasn't as big as MJ? Didn't have as many fans? Are you kidding me? Have you heard of The Beatles? Even if it stopped there, the influence far out shadowed anything MJ ever did. Since then, he has had a very successful 40+ year career. Sure, at one time 20+ years ago MJ could have out danced him but he never could claim the musical accomplishments of writing, performing, and being excellent in playing many instruments. Oh, and by the way, Sir Paul is still selling out arenas on a regular basis, and he actually performs those shows. Stop looking at MJ with 1988 eyes.

Yes MJ had success with J5 when he was young but the others didn't have that opportunity. MJ didn't have to pay the dues Sir Paul or Madonna did to make it. MJ and his fans like to point to his childhood as a tragic event but in actuality he owed any future success to his childhood. He never would have had the opportunities without it.

MJ's illness didn't come into play until later in life. Vitiligo is not a debilitating condition and lupus didn't come around until MJ was in many ways far gone. The only illness he was dealing with was mental.

830 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Why do the fans have a need to keep on saying how pretty she is. That, in itself is starting to get creepy.

As far as MJ, if you blame many of his faults on his fame, wouldn't the fans be partially to blame?
It isn't right to blame the media for seeing him as a freak, he walked, talked, dressed and acted like a freak. The press knew every time they got a chance to witness him he would give them something freakish to report on, and that's their job. If he acted in any way normal, they would have gotten tired and left him alone. MJ was a victim of MJ.

830 days ago

Martin Pagels    

She's a strong girl and very pretty

830 days ago

What I Think    

Michael Jackson's "daughter." Don't make me laugh.

830 days ago

What I Think    

One more thought. She sure didn't waste any time following in her "father's" footsteps by labeling herself a victim.

830 days ago

Katie B    

She is one of the most privileged children in the world. She chose to go to school rather than be homeschooled. Most bullied children do NOT have the luxury of such a choice. I feel absolutely no pity for her. She is doing a disservice to children who are truly suffering at the hands of bullies.

830 days ago



Well there ya go! I was waiting for the first idiot to clone me. Again, same idiots posting and cloning the same crap. ZZZZZZZZZZZ


Where's your proof??
I'm innocent,just like MJ!

830 days ago
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