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Whitney Houston's Family


Whitney's Death For Cash

6/10/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's mom is pulling a Joe Jackson -- cashing in on her child's tragic death ... that's what some family members think of Cissy Houston's plans to write a tell-all book.

Sources close to the Houston family tell TMZ ... Cissy's new publishing deal with Harper-Collins for a memoir is merely a lame attempt to make money -- since Whitney left everything to Bobbi Kristina -- and not at all about honoring the late singer.

One source said the book -- which is slated for release next year -- could also be a PR move for Cissy, claiming ... "She will try to come out looking like the world's greatest mom, when in actuality, she wasn't."


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I have lost all my respect for this woman. I really thought she was different and would not do something so low as to exposed her daughters life by writing a book but I was wrong. Poor Whitney never had a chance with all these leeches around her. None of them cared about her and were just using her for money and fame. These people were around her and they knew she was back on the drugs and not one of them tried to help her. Yes I know Whitney was a big woman and people who are addicts have to help themselves but all those people around her were meant to be protecting and looking after her but instead were encouraging her habit and getting her the drugs and partying with her. I think these people are disgusting and low and they have blood on their hands.

867 days ago

Who Knew    

Getto trash will always act likke getto trash. Who's suprised? anyone, anyone, Bueller.......

867 days ago


We knew this would happen at some point. Don't get mad at her. We should get mad at all the morons that will turn it into a best-seller by buying the crap. Snooki sells books too. Filth sells I guess. I won't be reading.

867 days ago


The skank doesn't fall far from the tree!!

867 days ago


If Cissy had really cared about the welfare of her daughter Whitney, she would have done what Natalie Cole's mom did when Natalie was hooked on drugs - she could have filed for legal guardianship (like Britney's dad), had her committed to a rehab facility where she would not have been able to leave, and take control of her finances so she'd have no access to her money and therefore no access to drugs. The whole world watched the most amazing voice ever be destroyed year after year with her drug abuse, and her own mother did nothing. Shame on you Cissy. Were you afraid your own checks would stop coming?

867 days ago


unfortunately this is what happens when people die.Famous or not..Death/Funerals should be a celebration of life & how they lived it ..Once they pass those left behind are left with broken hearts & wounds that need to heal. its not easy & sometimes when they attempt to do things they do so with the ones who have just passed. Not the best idea but it comes from a place that isnt the the best of ideas! That being said clearest of thinking usually isnt their strongest suit at this time either..make sense?

867 days ago


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867 days ago


Pot, meet kettle..

867 days ago


Nobody finds a mother's story that compelling and Whitney was boring as hell to begin with. GLWT!

867 days ago


Well she needs to survive she doesn't have her daughter to help her financially besides I think it is therapeutic....Best of luck Mrs. Houston.

867 days ago


At Whitney Houston's funeral on tv, you could see the mother as she was coming down the aisle, practically falling down with grief supposedly. What a fake bitch this woman turned out to be. Your daughter isn't even dead a mere 4 months, and already your selling her out. Shame on you lady.....Your a total disgrace as a mother...Whitney must be turning over in her grave. I'm glad I'm not related to you.....ewwwww

867 days ago


That's a given and sad really, but no worse than Jackson brothers and father trying to cash in on his death. That's what people who can't do their own thing do.

867 days ago


OH MY GOD,I'm so shocked! NOT.

867 days ago


There's "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG" with Mrs. Houston's decision to write a book about "HER" relationship with "HER" daughter. Whitney Houston WASN'T THE FIRST NOR WILL SHE BE THE LAST "A-LIST" CELEBRITY to be destroyed by "DRUG/ALCOHOL" ADDICTION. Whitney Houston was a VERY YOUNG "ADULT" when she became a "SUPER STAR" which would have "SIGNIFICANTLY LIMITED" what little influence she may have had on her daughter's "PERSONAL CHOICES"". Even Whitney Houston admitted that she was "HER OWN WORST ENEMY" and in the end, it was her "OWN" PERSONAL CHOICES THAT KILLED HER!!! No parent wants to see their child destroy themself but even when they are ACTIVELY "INTERVENING" to SAVE THEM -- IT STILL ISN'T ENOUGH TO HELP SOMEONE WHO'S "NOT READY" TO GIVE UP THEIR ADDICTIONS!!! Throw in "UNLIMITED ACCESS" to drugs and alcohol within an industry that routinely "TURNS A BLIND EYE" to such "EXCESSES" and you have a "RECIPE FOR DISASTER!!!

867 days ago


This is what killed Whitney in the first place, a bunch of "Yes People", who don't have her VERY BEST interest at heart waiting for her to die to cash in.
Pat Houston has a "Whitney's-dead-my-time-to-shine" attitude. I can look at Cissy & see Joe Jackson Syndrom.
Bobbi Kris being the heir to Whitneys estate. She should file a cease & desist order aganist that old $*#%&.

866 days ago
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