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L.A. Reid

Britney Spears Would Have

WON 'X Factor'

6/12/2012 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If "X Factor" existed before Britney Spears was famous ... and she competed on the show ... Brit would easily have won the grand prize -- this according to "X Factor" judge L.A. Reid.

Mr. Reid was at the airport in New York this afternoon, and we asked how Britney would have fared if she was on "X Factor" as a young teen -- and Reid replied, "If I was a judge ... she would have won."

But if Reid WASN'T a judge ... we gotta ask ...


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She's sold over 80 million albums and been in the industry her whold life practically , so I'm pretty sure she can compete with some of the basic bitches on these singing shows.

833 days ago


She has next to zero vocal ability so I doubt she'd even have got through the auditions without all the studio wizardry behind her.

How would she impress them in the audition? Dancing like a stripper ? She certainly wouldn't have got anywhere based on her voice.

833 days ago


she was on star seach...and lost lol

833 days ago

Paul B    

She would have won if it were a lip sync contest....That idiot who said she would have won X Factor is a proper goose.

833 days ago

Paul B    

Who's LA Reid anyway. He must be some C-grade wannabe singer..

833 days ago


Britney cannot sing. The only tune she can carry is auto tune

833 days ago


Is Xfactor a Lip Sync competition?

833 days ago


X Factor must be in some serious trouble for ratings if they are now claiming Britney would have won. By the way does anybody Know who won last year. Nobody cares about the winner they only care about the high paid celebrity judges.

833 days ago


No way would Britney have won. Her CD's are auto-tuned and she lip syncs when performing. She was a good performer, but singing isn't her strong suit. Much like Madonna.

832 days ago


B-SPEAR IS TRUE SEX SYMBOL more than being singer.

832 days ago


You have to be kidding me. This has to be some type of media azz kiss rodeo because if anyone knows that she can't sing, it's you! Just like that whack Paula Abdul, it you want these vocally challenged broads to shut up, put a microphone in front of them and ask them to sing. You'll find that being on these fake shows is an alternative to them carrying a tune.

832 days ago


she can't sing...she's no different than milli vanilli

832 days ago


I think you all happened to forget that when Britney Spears was a LOT younger, she was an amazing performer and could easily put on a great show. Thats what the X Factor looks for. It's not American ****ing Idol. They look for the better performer. And in case you all still think Britney is 'crazy' like she was in 2006-2007; She not only made an album at that time that was considered on of the most influential albums of the decade but also in the following few years, she performed 2 sold-out world tours and released 2 albums and put out consecutive singles. Some of which, made it to #1 on numerous charts. And in case you haven't ****ing seen her tour, which I did, she sang more than one song live and one of the songs was 100% live and she sang better than ever. Her dancing was on-key, she looked genuinly happy to be there and tp be performing and lastly, the show had a story and it was just as good as any other tour she went on. So get your ****ing facts straight about Britney.

832 days ago


TMZ purposely slams her. It's getting old.. If XFactor were a show then, ya know, when she was 16 and at her PRIME, you're going to tell me no, she wouldn't have won? She was the top selling female artist, records and tours. How can you even entertain the notion that she wouldn't have? If it were Britney today, no prob not b/c she needs the whole shebang to put on a really great show. And guess what I don't give a **** b/c she proved herself ten years ago. She's still doing it today as a seasoned veteran(just not dancing as much lol). I don't understand why people are so critical with her. If ya wanna be real, it's ****ing POP music. It's ALL manufactured. Gaga, Perry, Riana, Beyonce. It's all about the massive production, the 'artist' just gets lost in all that. I'll give it to Gaga at first, she was something else but now... she's just like Madonna.. grabbing attention where ever she can get it. Pathetic. If you're going to be critical about MUSIC why don't you pick musicians that actually write and play MUSIC. Not people that sample things to death and then put their voice on a cpu program and call it original or authentic. Seriously folks.. you're smarter than this. Pick your battles. (yes I love Britney b/c we're from the same area and I Love a good southern crazy, like myself)

832 days ago


Hmm...I thought it wasn't a lip synching contest.

832 days ago
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