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Bristol Palin

Sued By Bar Heckler

6/13/2012 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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He told Bristol Palin her mother was "evil" and a "whore" ... but now the man who verbally accosted Sarah Palin's daughter in a Hollywood bar last year is suing Bristol for defamation.

It's all over that infamous encounter at Saddle Ranch on the Sunset Strip back in September ... when Stephen Hanks shouted at Bristol, "Your mother's a whore" (clip below -- skip to 1:40).

Hanks is pissed because he claims the incident was captured by a reality TV crew that was with Bristol. Hanks says he never signed a waiver ... and was furious when his image started appearing in ads for Bristol's new Lifetime show, "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp."

In his lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Hanks claims Bristol later gave an interview to a gossip mag and blamed him for causing her to leave Los Angeles and move back to Alaska.

Hanks claims he can PROVE Bristol was lying ... because she had already purchased a new home in Alaska two months before their encounter.

Hanks says Bristol's statements to the gossip mag hurt his reputation and damaged his career.

In the suit, Hanks also gripes that Bristol accused him of being gay during their encounter -- saying she could "tell" by the way he looked.

Hanks is suing Bristol and A&E -- the company behind Lifetime. He's asking for unspecified damages.

Calls to Bristol have not been returned.


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"how dare you video tape me heckling a girl half my age, and then show that video to the world so everyone can see what a piece of garbage I am!!"

860 days ago


I'm no Palin fan but to verbally attack a young woman in a bar unprovoked is pretty classless and demonstrates who the real devil here is. And now he's gonna whine about it and sue? Puhlease! If this DB is suffering the negative consequences of his own big mouth, choices and actions then he's getting exactly what he deserved. Go crawl back into your hole Stephen Hanks. You don't know how to behave in public!

860 days ago


I'm thinking if you approach someone with cameras following them and call their mother a whore, you probably don't care much about your reputation or career.

860 days ago


This guy is unbelievable! He verbally attacks Bristol in a bar (a public place) and now he is suing her for defamation. He was so proud of himself at first. Until he found out that this encounter was going to air on national television and he would be exposed as the lunatic he is. Bring it on, d-bag! This lawsuit is going nowhere. Ask Joe McGinniss.

860 days ago


No one expects privacy in public in the year 2012...cell phones with cameras, security cams, news reporters, TMZ cameras...dude will lose in court.

America needs torte reform now.

It should be law that if you sue and lose, loser pays winners attorney fee's.

If your case is real you will go to court in belief justice will prevail.

If you are just a sue happy money grubber, you will just go away sulking. Knowing that you cannot win and would not ever take the chance in court and pay an attorney for what you know in your heart is a scam of a lawsuit.

Everyone in America should encourage lawmakers to enact Torte Reform for friviolous lawsuits now.

860 days ago


Okay - I don't care for Bristol OR any of her family at all, but it's your big frickin' mouth that made your life go south, Mister!

860 days ago


wait this clown calls a married woman a whore because of her political views and then gets mad when he is called gay.what a that is an insult to the whole gay comunity he is a whiny liberal democrap

860 days ago


so some ***got grown man bullies a girl calling her mom a whore.but then claims that she is the one who hurt his rep?? maybe next time this moron will think before he picks on a female.just because her mom doesnt agree with his gayness.typical of the gay community.they preach tolerance but dont want to tolerate others views

860 days ago


If I were in that Bar that night and heard this jackass I would have beat the living dog snot out of him. I would beat him so bad that he would have been begging forgiviness from the Palins. I am glad his life is ruined he deserved it. He has no balls for picking on a little girl. This case will get tossed for no merit. Kind of like him no merit

860 days ago


While I think he was right, there is no way this will work out for him. And TMZ - quick clarification since in that shot you showed clearly shows Bristol GOING UP TO HIM not the other way around. And for a single girl who got knocked up at as a teenager, she is the last one to talk. I wish all the Palins would simply disappear. The world woul dbe a much better and happier place.

860 days ago


Imagine the gay marriage litigation that lies ahead. Stop it before it starts.

860 days ago

Pudding Tang    

apparently Stephen Yanks it way too much!

860 days ago


Well he might have a suit, A & E should have had him sign a waiver!

860 days ago


she can countersue him and win

860 days ago


Is there really a judge out there that can sit on the bench and not laugh at this man's accusations?.
I certainly hope he has proof that he ever had a rep, and that it was damaged then the lawyer for Bristol can ask how someone with such a PRISTINE rep calls a young lady's mother a whore in front of camera crews, DRUNK OR NOT, you reap what you sow.

860 days ago
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