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Bristol Palin

Sued By Bar Heckler

6/13/2012 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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He told Bristol Palin her mother was "evil" and a "whore" ... but now the man who verbally accosted Sarah Palin's daughter in a Hollywood bar last year is suing Bristol for defamation.

It's all over that infamous encounter at Saddle Ranch on the Sunset Strip back in September ... when Stephen Hanks shouted at Bristol, "Your mother's a whore" (clip below -- skip to 1:40).

Hanks is pissed because he claims the incident was captured by a reality TV crew that was with Bristol. Hanks says he never signed a waiver ... and was furious when his image started appearing in ads for Bristol's new Lifetime show, "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp."

In his lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Hanks claims Bristol later gave an interview to a gossip mag and blamed him for causing her to leave Los Angeles and move back to Alaska.

Hanks claims he can PROVE Bristol was lying ... because she had already purchased a new home in Alaska two months before their encounter.

Hanks says Bristol's statements to the gossip mag hurt his reputation and damaged his career.

In the suit, Hanks also gripes that Bristol accused him of being gay during their encounter -- saying she could "tell" by the way he looked.

Hanks is suing Bristol and A&E -- the company behind Lifetime. He's asking for unspecified damages.

Calls to Bristol have not been returned.


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Bristol Palin is a very smart girl. This white trash Hanks can get a job

862 days ago


So lemme see if I get this straight: He was trashing her mom, calling her a whore (for which she's not), calling her other things, and he's suing thinking he's entitled to money because a camera crew got it on film?
could not hace said it better. Bristol Palin should get the $$

862 days ago


He probably started this whole thing just to try and get some easy money. Probably has a gay lawyer friend and they want to get some free easy money from the Palins. Guess getting a job is out of the question in his case.

862 days ago


Did Sara teach Bristol how to ride the Bull is that the real reason Bristol got pregnant.

862 days ago


Levi should sue this family for exploiting his kid--they are using him for being an attention grabber and money maker--and Levi doesn't get his share as a parent. Then they bash Levi every chance they get. Not saying that Levi has any class--but Palins clearly have less class and are media whores.

862 days ago


Bristol destroyed what-was-left of whatever-this-originally-was.

-Loved the way she got in his face.

-Won't stop HIM - cuz he's Ron R. Heckle.

Tony C. Frustrated of 131 Woe Lane.

Give the-poor-b*st*rd some more drinking money.

862 days ago


Bristol, you should have rolled with the verbal punches, rather than defend your mother's honor by gay hazing Stephen Hanks in a hollywood bar.

Most of the time, the hollywood crowd is barely above legal, and took advantage of bristo's mother issues against gays.

862 days ago


Apparently TMZ is STILL not going to report that this guy is a Hollywood talent agent who represented Michael Vartan. I hope this creep--who, by the way, is a friend of Levi Johnston's--loses every friend and client he ever had. However, this being Hollywood I kind of suspect this whole thing was a setup.

862 days ago


"Stephen, Stephen
Sorry Lad
His Life Is Over
Went Really Bad."

"Caught A Break
In A Bar
Heckled Bristol
-From Afar."

"She Took Him Out
For All To See
Camera Got It
And To Our Glee."

"Wants Some Cash
To Go Away
His Big Big Mouth
Has Had Its' Day."

"Victim, Victim
Sing Thy Song.
Pay Me Money.
Right This Wrong!"

"Trace Him Back.
To Eight Years Old.
Lonely Kid.
Out In The Cold."

"Clench Thy Jaw.
Shake Your Fist.
Bristol Punked You.
That's The Gist."

862 days ago


I bet Lifetime will do everything to settle out of court if they did not get him to sign a waiver for there TV show. Does anybody know what kind of ratings this show got it looks real bad.

862 days ago


"Stephen, Stephen.
What A Guy.
Cry, Cry, Cry."

"I Can Prove
She Bought A House.
I Share A Room.
And With A Mouse."

"Bus Pass City.
Walks A Lot.
Mickey D's.
Yep, Stephen's Hot."

862 days ago


"The Teeth You See.
Come Out At Night.
The 'Y' For Showers.
Celebs His Plight."

862 days ago


"Stephen, Stephen.
Griffith Park.

862 days ago


"Stephen, Stephen.
Circus Books.
Blue Boy Mag.
Doth Stephen Lurk."

862 days ago


They're both fame-whores. Remove the clip and have the guy apologize and call it even.

Also, is Lifetime trying to be the worst network on television? First they greenlight this crap and then cast Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor. Not that Lifetime ever really had it together, but they are losing their ****.

862 days ago
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