TMZ Live Kim K. & Kanye Nude Pics & Theft Victims

6/13/2012 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West -- Nude Photo Prank and Burglary Victims

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had a helluva hump day -- burglary at his house, plus a nude photo scandal! Turns out it wasn't Kim in the pic, but we've got the porn star whose bare ass DID 'cause all the confusion.

Plus, Donald Trump calls in to blast an all-new allegation of Miss USA cheating -- and Evelyn Lozada joins us to confess ... she's been a bad, bad girl. Why she and Shaunie O'Neal want to "clean up" their "Basketball Wives" act!
(0:00) Kanye West allegedly tweets a naked picture of Kim Kardashian -- but it ended up being an elaborate hoax. Turns out ... it was just some other hot chick with a great butt who's had sex on tape.
(3:15) Kanye West's L.A. home was burglarized -- and we have all the details.
(5:00) Donald Trump calls in to squash the drama surrounding the Miss USA pageant -- after a SECOND contestant alleges the competition was fixed.
(10:30) Breaking news -- John Edwards just stuck it to the Federal government ... we'll tell you how.
(11:50) Piers Morgan gets an exclusive interview with Casey Anthony -- who's publicly claiming innocence for the first time ... among a few other bizarre statements.
(16:00) Lindsay Lohan is a massive insurance liability on her new movie. So why take the risk?
(19:15) "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada calls in to explain why she's decided to tame down her violent ways on the show.
(24:00) Breaking news -- Lance Armstrong was just slapped with a ton of charges connected to his never-ending doping allegations.
(26:00) Khloe Kardashian is trying to have a baby -- Octomom style. Let's hope she gets different results.
(29:20) We asked both Courtney Cox and David Arquette about their divorce ... but only one had something to say about.
(33:45) The first photos of a post-baby Jessica Simpson come out -- sparking another argument about her Weigh Watchers intentions.
(35:31) The Stanley Cup -- been around the block too many times to drink chocolate milk out of? We go through a list of the nasty things it's been through ... and yes, poop is involved.
(38:50) Madonna shows off another body part during a concert ... and it's not getting the same positive reviews as it used to.
(40:25) We take your calls!