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Chris Brown/Drake Fight

Who's the Bad Guy?

6/18/2012 3:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0614_chris_brown_drake_tmz_gettyThe Chris Brown/Drake violent bar fight has polarized TMZ users. So without further adieu, we gotta ask ...


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They're all trash, so who cares.

860 days ago


TMZ left one question out. "Is EVERYONE doing Rihanna?"

She's more of a "fcuk for tracks" ho than Christina Milan was. That's saying a lot.

860 days ago

BB in CA    

Drake & his thugs = stanking cesspool of humanity.

860 days ago

The Atlanta Church Of Satan     

One day someone is going to kill Chris Brown. He's making a lot of people catch the rage.

860 days ago

The Real JJ    

Drake and Chris are both little bitches but Chris would start sht first. That's just how he is. Meek Mill would handle both of them but he's cool with drake. I use to respect Rihanna, but then she fcked everyone in the entertainment biz and went back to Chris. All rappers aren't violent, they have huge egos but aren't violent. And Chris will still be banging in 5 yes cuz these little girls are stupid and ride with him.

860 days ago

kim is a publicity whore    

i dont know why, but while i was taking this poll i could not stop laughing.

860 days ago


Jesus Eff Chirst! Enough with the bar brawl story. This type of thing happens in bars across the nation, nightly. Sometimes the perpetrators are GTL juice heads, sometimes it's over-intoxicated women, sometimes those frat boys bring the mutha ****in' ruckus. Is there really nothing better to report on in the world of celebrity right now?

860 days ago

just my opinion    

to the people who said rappers are inherently violent...racism per you mean to tell me every rapper is a murderer, every rapper is an ex convict...just an FYI, several rappers actually have college educations, several rappers are just selling a fantasy of glamorized lifestyles just like rock and pop stars...they talk the talk but dont really walk the walk. leave the house sometimes, morons.

860 days ago


Chris B and all the ****ing rappers are ****ing *******. I'm a corporate attorney who HAS to sit on his desk and bill 20 hours every freaking day. But, I bet you my freaking life I'll kick the crap out of these freaking so called "gangsters" any freaking day. And, I don't even wanna have sex with Rhianna as she is not really my type. Thanks and good night!!

860 days ago

two cents    

Dang, Ri must have one hell of a lay to cause so much trouble.

860 days ago


Why is one or the other the bad guy? If both were shooting off their mouths, both are the bad guys in this, and innocent people were injured as a result.

860 days ago


So much for "Team light skinned." LOL!!!

860 days ago


I just hope that this whole scuffle wasn't over Rihanna. That girl is NOT worth the drama. Out of all the gorgeous women out there, these lame ass dudes would seriously fight over RIHANNA? The girl has f_cked everyone from Chris Brown to Ashton Kutcher. At this point, her vagina would be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. Who really gives a f_ck about her? She walks around with her titties hanging out and a smile on her face. She doesn't even respect herself, why should any man respect her? She's been around the block and back twice and yet these dudes are treating her like some kind of prize. SMH.

860 days ago


who cares about these low life creatures, just a bunch of ****roaches anyway

860 days ago


Drake is overrated. he's the bad guy here. his music is lame. i wish he would just disappear. i like Chris brown but im not really a fan of his music. really, hip hop is garbage in general. sorry. that's a horrible genre. drake started it for sure....

860 days ago
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