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Rodney King Death

Cops Believe Fiancee

6/18/2012 4:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0618_rodney_king_Cynthia_Kelley_tmzPolice do NOT believe Rodney King's fiancee is hiding information about his death.

Law enforcement sources at the Rialto PD tell TMZ ... they've concluded Cynthia Kelley has been "cooperative and forthright" in her account of the events leading up to Rodney King's death.

As TMZ reported, several of King's friends tell us Kelley changed her story several times -- that she heard Rodney banging on the window at around 5 AM Sunday and then heard him fall in the pool.  The 2 friends spoke with cops, expressing doubt about her story.

Our law enforcement sources say they have no reason to question Kelley's honesty.  As one law enforcement source said, "People in the neighborhood are just speculating."

Our sources say as of now, this is still being investigated as an accidental death with no foul play.  There are no suspects or people of interest.


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Only question now is how does my sister stand to gain.

865 days ago


@ "Cops believe Fiancee"

One of the reasons I love LAPD?

They don't believe anything.

They knew it was O.J.

Three days before he even DID it.

865 days ago


So all the white coked up people who have way more DUIs than Rodney King are better right? I.E Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan. If either one of those white hoes died tomorrow no one would be posting "good riddance piece of trash."
Who the **** are you to judge any ****ing way?

865 days ago


I don't understand why she didn't jump in the pool and try to pull him out or in the least go to him after the screaming she claim she heard. Also, how can someone sink to the bottom of the pool so quickly on his own? Was he weighed down?

The police don't like him anyway so you know they won't spend too much time on this. IMO they would call it an accidental death if they found him floating in the pool with a knife sticking out his back.

865 days ago


Better luck in the next life my friend cuz you failed this one.

865 days ago


You hear a splash and see the guys drowning but you do not attempt to save a life because you are a poor swimmer even though that pool is tiny and she could have reached his body and pulled it out with no problem. Of course the cops believe her, Rodney is just another ni**er and they are happy to be rid of them after destroying their police department.

865 days ago


I smell a life insurance policy and a recently changed will here!

864 days ago


Does anyone honestly think the cops are going to take his drowning death seriously? Whenever Rodney got high, trouble ALWAYS followed.

864 days ago


Enemies of my enemy are my friend. Of course they will believe their friend

864 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

She had that figured out good, she was sayin "Man I bets dey be glad to get rid a hiz blackazzzz, dey won't check nufffin out I knowzz it!!" CHA baby CHING, baby because he blew through most any cabbage he had left, but I bet he's got a nice insurance policy... Remember how Gary Coleman was whacked by his ho and the cops bought that story too.

864 days ago


are u kiddin me the fiancee could stand up and walk n this lil pool, something fishy

864 days ago


That is just a little too quick to rule her out as a suspect. They didn't do any type of investigation. Something tells me that the LAPD is doing cartwheels and shots right now.

864 days ago


I can't help but believe "The Great Celebrity Killer" "DR. " Drew Pinksy did not have something to do with this. He has been on a mission to rid the world of "D" list celebrities after all.

864 days ago

oh holland    

Darn shame she didn't drown too ... hope she nor his grown children can't bring some big-a$$ed lawsuit.

864 days ago


Sounds like his wife may be in cohoots with the purpertrators, her story is conflicting. One minute she discovered his body, the next she is a poor swimmer, which one is it? And of course, the people he sued was just waiting for the day for payback due to Rodney King's lawsuit! Story sounds fishy just like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, etc...

864 days ago
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